Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Palin Poll Tracker;June 2009 At 17.9% December 2011 At 49.8%

Sure it is an online poll and there has to be an allowance for accuracy one way or the other. However taking all in all the trend is unmistakeable for this segment of public opinion anyway. Personally I would believe there is a large degree of accuracy as reflected by all the trends.

At the commencement of the poll in September 2008 Palin is almost at 80% popularity which accurately reflects her polling when governor of Alaska. Using that accuracy as a base line the further polling also reflects what I believe to be the Palin trend at the time.

Her nadir of 17.9% popularity in September 2009 is probably overstated but surely does reflect a trend. The interesting aspect however is the slow and steady climb since then to the current 49.8%-almost exactly balanced between those who support her and those who don't.

The latest 12 month trend reinforces the ascent going from 43.3% to the current 49.9%. This slow and steady ascent marks, I believe a growing change in the public's perception of Palin. 

This especially so as she is now being perceived as she is rather than through the hate filter of the MSM and Democrat activists. The "real" Palin,with her measured gravitas as an accomplished political commentator will see her ratings continue to climb.

The polls, with their adjustable date references are available  

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