Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Palin Only One With The Guts To Take On NAACP Reverse Racism

Once again Sarah Palin shows she is the only one in current public affairs with the guts to speak out on subjects, however controversial and possibly negative for her, when principle is at stake.

The NAACP is considering a resolution " condemning racists elements in the Tea Party movement" and calling on Tea party "leaders" including Palin to condemn and expel these purported "racists" (and for Palin in particular to do the same to her own supporters who supposedly fall into this category.)

Where other politicians are deadly silent or run a mile from addressing such inflammatory statements  Palin has publicly  and rightly condemned them and exposed them for what they are-a tactic by Democratic Party supporters to divide the nation and to take the heat of Obama's disastrous economic policies.

The first attempt at this (actually the second Obama's interference in the Boston police action was the first overt racists action by the administration) was Holder's attack on the Arizona illegal immigration bill,which is now being ramped up to possibly have a second addition, a lawsuit against Arizona's "racial profiling".

Palin has crossed the Rubicon on this subject and will now be the rabid focus of  left-wing charges of racialism.The public is, I believe, not going to swallow this rubbish and it will backfire on the perpetrators.All concerned citizens of all races should get behind Palin on this as the recognize her defense of truth, justice and a decent society which is being undermined by those, who will stop at nothing, to keep a radical agenda going even if it means sacrificing racial harmony in the process.