Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sarah Palin Leads Latest G.O.P. And Tea Party Presidential Poll

For the second month running Sarah Palin is out in front of the pack in the latest opinion poll of Republicans, and now Tea Party supporters as the presidential candidate of choice.

According to the just released Magellen Strategies poll  Palin is the choice of 28% of likely Republican voters with Huckabee second on 24% and Romney rounding out the top three at 16%. Republicans have a very high opinion of Tea Party supporters-67% expressing a positive opinion, and Tea Party supporters chose Palin above all other candidates by the same 28% of likely  voters.

Of  much interest is the fact that Palin polled best, amongst all candidates amongst female voters, a group which the MSM wisdom has categorized as being the most anti-Palin.

This poll goes a long way to negating the one off, structurally distorted poll, which the liberal MSM has touted which purported to show Palin had strong negatives and over 70% didn't think she was qualified to be President. This poll makes.of course, a mockery of the CPAC straw poll which was representative of no reality outside of the convention hall.

The other theme,which has just be launched as policy by the DCCC that Palin is a negative for Republican candidates in 2010 with an endorsement by her, or a Democratic party campaign tying a Republican candidate to her, is also exploded by this poll. Rand Paul, endorsed by Palin for the Senate polls at 44% whilst Grayson, the other primary candidate polls at 23%.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crooks And Liars Anti-Palin Screed Fails Again

Our good friends at the Texas4Palin blog advised that the people who booked Sarah for the Get Motivated seminar in Houston were so pleased with the result apparently that they have booked her again in Beaumont in March which event "will likely draw a record crowd".

This seems to be a bit at odds with what the  ultra-lefty kiddies site Crooks and Liars (sic) reported "Sarah Palin's debut as a motivational speaker: Houston attendees rate her a 'fail'.They go on to quote their correspondent thusly 'I wasn't motivated,one man said to me'.

 This is the site which ran the 'Palin wears a black bracelet' post which was roundly debunked, but didn't have  the grace to apologize for the article simply posting a 'correction' . If you can bear to read trash, especially the kiddies trying to justify the article-even when it was proven false, it is here .
Crooks and Liars   and here is the adults blog     Texas4Palin

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Shows Unerring Political Skills By Not Speaking At CPAC

Derided, mocked, called an idiot,  " not ready for the big time" by the elitist lame stream old timey (to use a Palinism) establishment commentators (from the left and right) Sarah Palin once again shows that her "from the people" political instincts are correct.

When Palin declined to speak at CPAC the media critics attacked her on two levels. Firstly her "avarice" for only (supposedly) speaking at events where she gets $100,000 and secondly for her supposed poor political judgement in passing up an opportunity to speak to the opinion makers and movers and shakers of the Republican party.

The avarice slur is of course well exploded, as one example amongst many, Palin will not be paid to speak at the forthcoming Southern Republican Leadership Conference . In respect of which it is an absolute delight to see a Palin critic having to publicly apologize for her poorly researched article stating Palin was being paid-these people are so caught up in their bias they rush into print and make fools of themselves.

As regards CPAC it is clearly understood that Palin did not speak because of the conventions associations with an extremist group-in other words she passed up the publicity opportunity to stand on principle. The MSM simply can't grasp that aspect of her character and as always looks for underlying motives which simply are not there.

Well the result of the straw poll are in and to everyone's astonishment and the complete surprise of the punditry Ron Paul ran away with the voting for most preferred candidate for President ! The media will explode and tar all attendees, especially the putative candidates, with the brush of extremism "nut jobs by association". Palin alone escapes this and at the end of the day Paul is not a serious contender for the nomination.

By not attending she was not in competition with the Paul followers in active vote solicitation and her third place ranking can be put down to the fact of her not being there. Who is the dumb one now eh?

Outstanding Analysis of The Obama Administration By A.Barton Hinkle-Palin Inference

Writing in the Richmond Times Dispatch op-ed writer A. Barton Hinkle sets out an outstanding exposition of the real driving forces behind the Obama administration .It is "Their program is premised on believing a select group of superior people should be empowered to organize everyone else’s affairs".

The article has many clear and concise expansions of this premise and is, in my opinion outstanding and worthy of wide dissemination-the final quote from Longfellow is one that will give pause for thought and reflection as well.

There is little I could ,or would wish to, add to this brilliant article except to say that in my lifetime we have been down this path once before with similar disastrous results that we are seeing unfolding in front of us. The "brightest and the best" elite ended up with PhD’s firing off rounds in the jungle in Vietnam-who knows what will be the final act of tragedy from this administrations elite.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

George Will's Ridiculous Goldwater/Palin Comparison

George Will advises that  (in respect  of Sarah Palin)  "She is not going to be president and will not be the Republican nominee unless the party wants to lose at least 44 states."

He goes on to compare a putative Palin presidential run with that of Barry Goldwater, whom he describes as a similar "maverick"  in terms of his perceived failings being ascribed to her. This is somewhat ameliorated by a courtly exposition on her terrible treatment by the liberal media which is, in reality, damning with faint praise.

However, his grasp of electoral college realities is what is in question. For someone who has lived, as he has, through the campaign of 1964 I can confidentially state that it is ludicrous to extrapolate the presidential run of Barry Goldwater to a Palin run in 2012.

In 1964 Lyndon Johnson was basking in the glow of a martyred president, the country was prosperous, the Congress, with Johnson's deft handling based on years of experience in the Senate as Majority Leader, was instituting the large spending of the "Great Society" and America's prestige in the world was unquestioned, especially after Kennedy's handling of the Cuban missile crisis.

No Republican candidate-left, right or centrist, could have come anywhere near defeating Johnson. The fact that Goldwater won six states (5 from the deep south plus his own Arizona) is in fact a remarkable achievement. In similar races against a hugely popular incumbent McGovern and Mondale were slaughtered.

Where Will goes off the track is not only disregarding the historic context of presidential popularity but also the shifting forces of historic political identity in the south. The deep south was a democratic party stronghold from the reconstruction era to 1948 when the first cracks appeared. These initial movements were to States Rights candidates (Thurmond and Byrd) who won a majority of electoral votes in a number of states (four states for Thurmond in 1948 and two for Byrd in 1960). The shift of the south to the Republican party commenced in earnest with Goldwater in 1964 with his five state win (matched by Wallace as an independent in 1968)

Since Goldwater's run in 1964 the south has seen a majority of states go Republican in every subsequent election- not exempting Obama's huge electoral vote pile in 2008 (including southerner Clinton's two runs) except for Carter's sweep of the south in 1976,

Thus to think that  Palin (or any Republican candidate for that matter) would not do at least as well as McCain did in the south and border states in 2012 when every factor that Johnson had going for him is, to this date, not mirrored or applicable in respect of Obama's presidency, is utterly ridiculous and not worthy of someone of Mr. Will's experience.

Further there is no reason not to believe that if the Obama administration continues on its present course, and  decline in the polls, that the Midwest states which went for McCain would also not go for Palin. The reality is that Palin would have every chance of holding the McCain states, bringing those states which usually vote Republican but went for Obama, back to the Republican fold and picking up the few additional states required to obtain a majority in the electoral college. A detailed exposition of the manner of this electoral victory for Palin, including the positive affect for her of the changes in electoral vote distribution from the forthcoming census, was set out and expanded on previously.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Palin Is Now The New McCarthy-Next Up Will Be The AntiChrist (Or The Beast)

It seems Palin's "How's that hopey changey thing working out for ya" has driven the left-bloggers/MSM to new carpet chewing levels of insane rage.

Everything Palin-whether true or false ("black wristbands") is being dissected to the tiniest level for any possible fault. Anything even remotely peripherally associated with Palin e.g. "mad gunman supports Tea Party and Palin" is immediately circulated across the blogosophere.

They all agree Palin is "an unelectable rock star", "a celebrity not a politician", "a bad mother using her youngest as a prop". Maddow criticises Palin for not seeking publicity whilst the blogosphere claims she is just a publicity hound whilst Sullivan's obsession with writing about Palin grows and grows.

What is it with these people? How can a person who they so loftily dismiss as being of no consequence " I have decided not to write any more about her" they say (whilst writing more about her) worthy of such an unending and in fact increasing volume of vitriol ?

Palin is leaving a huge legacy for future doctrinal dissertations on the collective madness of the left in America-she is now, apparently, in their fevered minds the "Second coming of Joe McCarthy."

Next-without a doubt someone will describe her as "The coming of the AntiChrist" (or The Beast-which ever is worse or in sequence).

Friday, February 12, 2010

Four Simple Steps To Make Sarah Palin President Next Week

Vice President Biden says he likes Sarah Palin-he has a wonderful opportunity to cement a friendship and, most importantly, to save America. He can initiate the process by commencing these four steps.

1. Vice President Biden announces his resignation

2. President Obama appoints Sarah Palin as the new Vice President

3. President Obama, being a patriot and an honest man advises " I run a great campaign and I do make a great speech but I have to admit I am out of my depth and am not capable of being President-therefore I am announcing my resignation."

4. New President Palin, in the spirit of  bringing the country together and healing the wounds of the past year appoints Joe Biden as Vice President.

Rejoicing breaks out across the land as a new dawn begins for America

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Difference Between Left And Right...HillBuzz's Palin Birthday Wishes.

Look at this joyous,warm, caring, sharing, delightful and deep birthday tribute to Sarah Palin by the HillBuzz team.Compare the generosity of spirit with the venom,lies,and outright hate on the left blogs (to numerous to mention and even saying their names gives them an authenticity they don't deserve).

One can't help but be lifted in spirit and moved to gird ones loins even tighter for the massive challenges ahead . But knowing one is in the company of such clear sighted, dedicated to all good values for America people, the challenges will be met and overcome.

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!
Happy Birthday, Governor Palin.

May you find the strength and courage to answer the call that’s put out to you — for you to step up to the plate and run for President.

We here can’t offer you much, but we will give you our all.

We will fundraise for you.

We will organize and advocate for you.

We will form a ground team for you and hit Iowa hard in the months before the Iowa Caucus, to ensure a win for you.

We will give/do whatever it takes to run interference for you, disrupting the ACORN-SEIU-Organizing for America axis that is the DNC’s plan against you.

Governor Palin, your Boystown campaign headquarters is open 24/7, and well-staffed.

It’s a lot to ask of you and your family. We know well the evil of the Left, and what they can fling so easily at people. You are going to have to weather an unprecedented storm.

Well, today, and every day really, we’d like to offer you five umbrellas. Each held by one of us here. There are probably thousands more at the ready in the hands of those who read us.

We believe in you, Governor.

You are a great hope for this country.

Your heart is a servant’s heart, and it loves America. That’s a large part of why we love and support you.

You betcha.

We wish you a happy birthday today…and wish more than anything that you’ll run for president. We have no idea what you’re wishing for on this birthday as you blow out your candles, but that’s our wish for you. We’re toasting you with Phoebe’s Cupcakes tonight in Boystown, and will volunteer and work hard somewhere for a good cause that needs it this weekend in your name, telling people “Sarah sent us”.

Much love,

Your Boys in Boystown, Chicago

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where Was Sarah Palin's God In Haiti?

To Sarah Palin and millions of other evangelical's their God is a loving caring and deeply personal God. For them, and any rational thinker, the age old question of human suffering in an imperfect world must, now that the initial shock of the devastation and death in Haiti has passed, raise its head again.

It is an inescapable question and one with validity for atheists to ask and "God moves in mysterious ways" will simply not cut it.

It is not a difficult question to address I believe and it can be addressed in two stages. Firstly, the natural world as we find it. Coming from the position that there is a God I believe we are uniquely privileged to live in a time where cosmology has unravelled many of the secrets of creation to the point where evolutionary creation can be addressed with scientific rationality.

Thus we can say that our planet was formed over billions of years and that process included, and includes, earthquakes via tectonic plates, volcanic activity, tsunami's and other "destructive" forces (destructive at times to human inhabitants but creative in planetary mechanics at times. Why a creator would "choose" to have such a method of planet making rather than, if evolution was the required mechanism, not have continents form into immovable masses, is indeed a mystery which will only be solved when we discern God's purpose and plan.

Be that as it may we live in what is to us an "imperfect" physical world subject to destructive forces at any time. That being the case we have the second aspect of God's plan-our free will. Since we know that certain areas are subject to e.g. earthquakes we can choose, via good government, and economic support of our neighbour's, (wherever we find them) to ensure that to the highest degree possible their buildings are earthquake proof.

There is no doubt whatsoever that if the same magnitude earthquake had happened in New Zealand, which is similarly earthquake prone as is Haiti, the loss of life and physical destruction would have been tiny in comparison. This is because of course New Zealand is immeasurably wealthier and has good honest governance which has ensured a building code standard for earthquake absorption and honest builders who use proper material in construction.

We as humans have the free will to, if we so chose, ensure that the same building strictures and honesty of construction happened in Haiti. It is a matter of Christian (or Jewish or Muslim) moral imperative, love of humanity and will-there is no reason whatsoever that this could not happen.

No reason whatsoever because as Peter Singer advises (in describing our "moral duty to save lives' ) "If those earning more than $100,000 gave 5% of their income, those above $150,000 10% of each additional dollar and so on up the tax scales and those earning more than $10 million gave a third of every extra dollar they get...it world provide $1.5 trillion dollars every year for aid".

Added to that what the world spends on war and armaments in a month then every earthquake prone place in the world could be made as safe as possible with the concomitant lift in living standards. Will this change in attitude, this recognition of the quality of free will and human brotherhood come about with the existing political structure? Not a chance. The only way forward to a caring, sharing, world based on Judeo-Christian ethics-based on the “Golden rule" would be to have a new political order which was served by people, and especially a President, who shared those beliefs.I believe that person is Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oy Gevalt ! Behar Thinks Palin Disrespects The President

Channeling her old country fishwife ( and I haven't seen dyed red (ish) teased out hair like hers since my dear late Grandma circa 1959) yenta Joy Behar took Sarah Palin to task for her 'How's that hopey changey thing working out for ya" comment when taking a fishknife to the "Teaparty Convention" with her fellow left wingers.

"After all, he is the President" she pleaded, "and deserves respect". Now perhaps my memory is a bit shady but perhaps, just perhaps, during the eight years of the Bush administration there might have been the odd disrespectful comment from Behar and thousands of lefty bloggers along the lines of  "Chimpy" or "Idiot"
and perhaps Letterman may have, just once perhaps, gone  beyond satire into very very mild disrespect.

I know we wouldn't normally think of the Democratic party supporters, especially in the MSM, disrespecting a Republican President so perhaps Palin should give the matter some thought before she says such an incredibly disrespectful thing in the future.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Palin's Tea Party Speech Has Finally Driven The Left Insane.

It has taken a while but has been building up slowly but the point of utter insanity by the left as regards Sarah Palin has been reached-her Tea Party speech having put them, en-mass, over the top.

Amongst the childish inanities on the radical left blog "Kos" is an exposition of the forthcoming fascist regime headed by Palin (I kid you not). The analysis of what this regime of Christo-fascist Caesarism would look like is fascinating but the mechanism of achieving it is intriguing.

The mechanism is quite simple-assassination of her Presidential running mate by her "followers" (no doubt zombie Christians of some sort). However should she actually get the Presidential nomination it will be as a puppet of the master controller Cheney.Here for your delectation is the final descent into madness (with some amazingly tortuous logic) by the left.

"It's not fascism if she's elected

However, it is fascism if she isn't.

Or if she prevents further elections.

If she runs as VP, I don't think she'll add much. Her followers won't bet on her waiting around for someone else to die.

But they might kill the person who picks her as VP.

So she won't ever be picked again as VP.

If she runs as Prez, it's not enough for her to beat Obama/Biden. She'd have to pick someone who solidifies her coalition or who is really attractive on their own.

She might win by picking Cheney, mollifying more establishment types who will assume he will control her completely.

Or she could win by picking a high-ranking conservative general and going with a militaristic appeal.

I think we should hope that someone like Mitt wins. His Mormonism won't fly in conservative Democratic areas.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Even The Washpo Is Linking Crist To A non-Republican run;Ask The Scozzafava Question Now

When will a journalist ask Charlie Crist the simple question that should have been asked of Dede Scozzafava "If you don't win will you  run as an Independent or endorse the Democrat or switch parties? "

The question must be asked so the voters in Florida can vote knowing exactly what and who they are voting for.The Leftist radical Daily Kos blog has been calling for Crist to switch to the Democratic Party "As he has no future as a Republican" and now the leftist Washington Post has suggested he might run as an Independent and split the vote.

When the Posts Chris Cillizza  asked the Crist campaign if that was something they might do they weasel word did not directly deny it according to Cillizza's report "an Independent bid is not something they are even considering"  and that they were in "different stages of the campaign".They have clearly left the door open  for Crist to switch or run as an Independant. There is a big difference with doing that if Crist has explicitly denied he would, and doing that without having stated absolutely one way or the other.

Ask Crist the question and whilst journalists are it, ask  Kay Bailey Hutchison in Texas the same question.