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Fisker "Green Energy" Bankruptcy:Classic result of government picking "winners' with taxpayers money

Here we have a classic result of government picking "winners' with taxpayers money

"Fisker Automotive whose high-end electric cars caught the eye of ...celebrities has filed for  bankruptcy protection"

"Having struggled for some time the company announced in April that it was laying off 75% of its workforce"

The bankruptcy could become a political hot potato because the US Government had focused on Fisker to encourage the development of green energy,providing it with loans.

"The Wall Street Journal quoted a Department of Energy representative as saying it had recovered $53 million of the $192 million Fisker owed the government leaving $139 million unpaid."

"Republicans highlighted the fate of solar energy company Solyndra which went bankrupt after getting a $500 million government loan protection."

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Lesbian Haunted House Features Attack On Palin (No I'm Not Drunk & Yes, It's Toronto Again)

No I am not making this up and yes, there is definitely something in the water in Toronto! Who would have thought that staid northern city would have a crack smoking Mayor and, yes they do, a "Lesbian Haunted House"

"Textual Orientation" AT THIS LINK has the whole story but here is a segment featuring, the "faux feminist" Sarah Palin of all people. I guess Palin is imaged as some sort of cautionary tale for the lesbian folks (the fact that she has a lesbian relative escapes them-as does so much to the entire Palin hate gang who say things about her based on their own preconceptions or what the media has fed them).

But, leaving aside the Palin Derangement Syndrome the fact that there exists on this planet a "lesbian haunted house" is a marvel of our age and something to be wondered at. What it means in the broader context of society -well I have absolutely no idea but it must mean something, perhaps you can puzzle it out!


Montina and I are about to learn all the lesbian rules.
I know I’m late to the party on this one, but at what other time will I get to write about a lesbian haunted house? In as quirky a city as Toronto, the odds are probably not as slim as you’d think — but I’m not about to take my chances.
At College and Lansdowne from October 17-30, you could slink down a back alley and stumble upon not only a Rob Ford crack deal, but also Killjoy’s Kastle, Allyson Mitchell‘s fully funded lesbian art project.
Killjoy’s Kastle is a twist on those freaky evangelical hell houses that showcase people’s worst sins, like pre-marital sex, abortion, and of course, same-sex relationships. We heathens, however, like to expose religious conservatism as the bizarre cult it is, so naturally someone was going to exploit hell houses for the purpose of subversive art.
Upon our arrival, my haunted house mate Montina and I were ushered into the feminist graveyard, where we waited for our gender studies graduate student tour guide (played by Dainty Smith) to walk us through the house. She warned us that we were about to see some disturbing feminist imagery that may be upsetting, like “womyn loving womyn” and the lethal “carpet muncher monster”. We would, however, get the chance to discuss our feelings in the decompression room at the end of the tour. (Because feminist lesbian art isn’t feminist lesbian art without a room in which to discuss feelings!)
Killjoy’s Kastle brimmed with multimedia work, and I discovered later that a team of artists had been assembling the production since August, taking a full two months to stage it. A smattering of clay testicles in the “ball busting room” lay waiting to be destroyed by sledgehammers, as participants were encouraged to “smash the patriarchy”. In one room a gargantuan plush woman hung from the ceiling, dripping menstruation “blood” into a bucket full of apples. A wall of “faux feminists”warned viewers against worshipping false idols, including Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Palin, and Lena Dunham (whom I still think is awesome, I don’t know…?).
Sarah Palin, the faux feminist.
Sarah Palin, the faux feminist.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

An Open Letter To Governor Palin; Accepting Bashir's Apology; A Legacy Moment To Create A New Civility

God bless her: "Who am I not to accept offer of (Bashir's) apology? Everyone must humble themselves" and accept that offer of apology".

The 'Orlando Sentinel' announces that Governor Palin will be appearing on Fox television this Sunday.

"Former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, talks to "Fox News Sunday" at 10 a.m. on WOFL-Channel 35. She will discuss MSNBC host Martin Bashir's slam against her as "America's resident dunce" and her decision to cancel an interview with NBC's "Today." 

As is the wont of the media which can't give Palin credit for anything, even presenting the reason why she could express herself with righteous indignation, the report of her upcoming Chris Wallace interview presents her as seemingly only dealing with a childish bit of name calling.

As everyone knows, which makes the Sentinel's report even more disingenuous, Bashir launched a tirade of scatological filth at Palin, for which he, some days afterwards and in the light of a massive reaction (not from women's groups, MSNBC/NBC or the liberal media in general) delivered an abject apology.

Governor Palin, who would have had every right to have reacted angrily, kept a dignified silence and let others, including some exceptional voices in the media such as Howard Kurtz, express their shock and indignation. This dignified silence had the added benefit of shutting down the usual leftist hate mob who take every opportunity to chant, in co-ordinated unison, "Palin is playing the victim again" which would have taken the spotlight off of Bashir.

Now, from of all places, the home of leftist media, the Los Angeles Times has a column up by Robin Abcarian LINK where she enjoins her readers ;

"A simple request: Please stop calling Sarah Palin names.
If you find her politics repellant and her intellectual gifts lacking, fine. Just say so. But stop with the verbal abuse and the debased revenge fantasies.

Unlike the "feminists" at NOW, Shakesville, Wonkette and other leftist sites  and organizations Abcarian, as a woman as well as possessing innate dignity in political matters, even if her article still can't help containing most of the leftist talking points towards Palin, has clearly had enough. Sadly by perusing the comments section to her post it is clear that her readers (it is Los Angeles after all)  have disregarded her strictures and continue with the Palin bashing. 

But Abcarian's column is important just for having happened in its time and place and message. Perhaps, and perhaps it is a fond hope, the tide of hate and invective against conservatives and conservative women, Palin in particular, is ebbing?

If by his revolting actions Bashir has opened eyes and caused, at least a pause in the flow of bile in the political discourse, then, in a strange way, he may have done everyone a favor. Not least would be, as he put it in his apology, giving those who hate a chance to reflect on not only what poison they are spreading, but what it is doing to themselves as a person-to their very soul in fact.

In my opinion the stars are aligned for Governor Palin to make a major contribution, perhaps a legacy one to, to paraphrase Bashir,  the great American discourse. Should she, in her interview with Chris Wallace, advise that yes Bashir's words were hateful but in the spirit of forgiveness, perhaps in the Christian spirit which both she and Bashir share, she accepts his apology as sincere and that it s now time for the nation to move on to the genuine civility that President Obama called for but which went unheeded by the left.

To Governor Palin I  ask, with the greatest of respect and from one who has been a dedicated supporter, please consider grasping this moment in the light of Christian forgiveness. 

It would  most certainly be understandable and understood if instead you used the Wallace interview to condemn and attack-you have every right of course, and that would resolve the partisan issue. 

But with the wider issue, for faith and society, and the national discourse and, again, perhaps for your legacy, I ask that you consider accepting the apology and help to usher in a new era of good feeling under your moral and exemplary leadership and example.

M. Joseph Sheppard

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"Take It To The Bank" A Devastating Critique of The Fed's Interest Rate Policy

Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform (LINK) has produced an outstanding article. The less I say about it the better as it will take away from your time reading it. My one sentence synopsis is that; "government intervention to force down interest rates distorts the economy by removing the "let badly performing firms go to the wall so better ones can provide better service" normal economic mechanisms-this is why communism fails in the end and should be a salutory lesson (but it isn't). 

Mr. Quinn's article was reproduced at The Market Oracle where I also found another author's post-a must read too, 

which, rightly, showed that the Fed's actions are the biggest theft i.e. transfer of wealth from the elderly savers to young people in history. The government, apart from a fair safety net, should get out of the market as much as possible.

But, enough from me-here's the facts and figures from an expert.


Posted on 17th November 2013 by Administrator in Economy |Politics |Social Issues
iStock 000016651896Small 2 300x199 What to Do When Your Bank Branch Closes
Reports like the recent one from SNL Financial – Branch Networks Continue to Shrink really get my goat. As I travel the increasingly vacant highways of Montgomery County, PA I’m keenly aware of my surroundings. If I were a foreigner visiting for the first time, I’d think Space Available was the hot new retailer in the country. I’ve detailed the slow disintegration of our suburban sprawl paradise in previous articles:
Thousands of Space Available signs dot the bleak landscape, as office buildings, strip malls, and industrial complexes wither and die. Gas stations are shuttered on a daily basis as the ongoing depression results in less miles being driven by unemployed and underemployed suburbanites. At least the Chinese “Space Available” sign manufacturers are doing well. The only buildings doing brisk business are the food banks and homeless shelters.
The sad part is that I live in a relatively prosperous county with a low level of SNAP recipients and primarily occupied by a white collar college educated populace. If the clear downward spiral in my upper middle class county is an indication of our country’s path, the less well-off counties across the land must be in deep trouble.
While hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail, restaurant, office and industrial space have been vacated in the last six years, the only entities expanding in my area have been banks, drug stores, municipal buildings and healthcare facilities. I have been flabbergasted by what I’ve viewed as a complete waste of resources to create facilities that weren’t needed and wouldn’t be utilized. I have seven drug stores within five miles of my house. I have ten bank branches within five miles of my house. While two perfectly fine older hospitals in Norristown were abandoned, a brand new $300 million super deluxe, glass encased Einstein Hospital palace was built three miles away by a barely above junk bond status non-profit institution. None of this makes sense in a contracting economy.
This is another classic case of mal-investment spurred by the Federal Reserve easy money policies, zero interest rates, and QEternity. Cheap money leads to bad investments. I’m all for competition between drug store chains and banks. CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are the three big chains in the country. I have my pick of multiple stores close to my house. There are clearly too many stores competing for a dwindling number of customers, with a dwindling supply of disposable income. The only reason Rite Aid is still in the picture is the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve. They have been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy for the last five years, but continue to get cheap financing from the Wall Street cabal, who would rather pretend they will get paid, than write-off the bad debt. Who in their right mind would continue to lend money to a company with $6 billion in debt, NEGATIVE $2.3 billion of equity, and losses exceeding $2 billion since 2008? They are the poster child for badly run businesses that over expanded, took on too much debt and should be liquidated. There are over 4,600 zombie Rite Aid stores littering the countryside waiting to be put out of their misery.
the walking dead season 4 rick grimes  rite-aid-corner-abandoned
Rite Aid will never repay the $6 billion of debt. They know it. Their auditors know it. Their Wall Street lenders know it. The Federal Reserve Bank regulators know it. Anyone with a functioning brain knows it. Tune in to CNBC for those who are paid to keep clueless investors from knowing it. Interest rates that actually reflected risk and weren’t manipulated to an artificially low level by the Federal Reserve would make financing for a dog like Rite Aid a non-starter. Creative destruction would be allowed to work its magic, with winners separated from losers. Instead Rite Aid continues as a zombie entity, barely surviving for now. This exact scenario applies to J.C. Penney, RadioShack, Sears and a myriad of other dead retailers walking. Rather than suffering the consequences of appalling management judgment, dreadful strategic decisions, and reckless financial gambles, they have been allowed to remain on life support compliments of Bernanke, his Wall Street chiefs, and the American taxpayer.
In a truly free, non-manipulated market the weak would be culled, new dynamic competitors would fill the void, and consumers would benefit.  Extending debt payment schedules of zombie entities and pretending you will get paid has been the mantra of the insolvent zombie Wall Street banks since 2009. The Federal Reserve is responsible for zombifying the entire country. And it wasn’t a mistake. It was a choice made by those in power in order to maintain the status quo. The fateful day in March 2009 when the pencil pushing lightweight accountants at the FASB rescinded mark to market accounting rules gave birth to zombie nation. And not coincidently, marked the bottom for the stock market. Wall Street banks were free to fabricate their earnings, pretend they didn’t have hundreds of billions in bad loans on their books, and extend the terms of commercial real estate loans that were in default. With their taxpayer funded TARP ransom, ability to borrow at 0% from Uncle Ben, and the $3 trillion of QE cocaine snorted up their noses in the last four years, the mal-investment, fraud, and idiocy of the Wall Street drug addicts has reached a crescendo.
Commerce Bank
The mal-investment by zombie drug store chains has only been exceeded by the foolish, egocentric, insane bank branch expansion by the Too Big To Trust Wall Street CEOs. In the last ten years dozens of bank branches have been built in the vicinity of my house and across the state of Pennsylvania. These gleaming glass TARP palaces are on virtually every other street corner across Montgomery County. Stunning, glittery, colorful branches stuffed with bank employees pretending to loan money to non-existent customers. They have become nothing but a high priced marketing billboard with an ATM attached. By 2010, the number of bank branches in this country had reached almost 100,000. The vast majority are run by the usual insolvent suspects:
Wells Fargo – 6,500
J.P. Morgan – 6,000
Bank of America – 5,700
The top ten biggest banks, in addition to holding the vast majority of deposits, mortgages and credit card accounts, operate 33% of all the bank branches in the country. The very same banks that have paid out $66 billion in criminal settlement charges over the last three years and have incurred $103 billion of legal fees to defend themselves against the thousands of actions brought by victims for their criminal misdeeds, decided it was a wise decision to open new bank branches from 2007 through 2010. Only an Ivy League educated MBA could possibly think this was a good idea.
It was almost as if the CEO’s of the biggest Wall Street banks didn’t care about pissing away the $2.5 million to build the average 3,500 square foot bank branch, which would require $30 million of deposits to breakeven. This level of deposits isn’t easy to achieve when your customers are unemployed due to your bank destroying the American economy, broke due to their real household income declining by 10% over the past fourteen years, and your bank paying them .15% on their deposits. It also probably doesn’t help when you charge them $3 every time they withdraw their own money from your bank and you charge them $25 when their bank balance falls below $1,000 because they just got laid off from Merck on Christmas Eve. It is now estimated that one-third of all bank branches in the country lose money. Who can afford to run something that consistently losses money, other than our government? Wall Street bankers can when the taxpayer is footing the bill and Bernanke/Yellen subsidizes their mal-investment by lending to them at 0%, providing them $2.5 billion per day of QE play money, and paying them $5 billion per year in interest to park the excess reserves that aren’t getting leant to small businesses and consumers at their thousands of gleaming bank branches.
Hasn’t one of the thousands of highly educated MBA vice presidents occupying offices at the Too Big To Control Wall Street banks explained to Stumpf, Dimon and Monyihan that bricks and mortar are dead? A new invention called the internet has made in-person banking virtually obsolete. Why does anyone need to go into a bank branch in this electronic age? I’ve been in my credit union branch five times in the last ten years, twice for a refinance closing on my home and a couple times to get a certified check. With ATM machines, direct deposit and on-line bill paying, why would the country need 100,000 physical bank locations? I pay 90% of my bills on-line. If I need cash, I hit the ATM at Wawa, where there are no ATM fees (my credit union doesn’t charge me to get my own money). The only people who go into bank branches on a regular basis are old fogeys that don’t trust that new-fangled internet. The older generations are dying out and the millennial generation has no need for bank branches. Their iGadgets function as their bank connection. Plus, since they don’t have jobs or money, a bank account at the local bank branch of J.P. Morgan seems a bit trite.
The writing had been on the wall for a long time, but the reckless bank executives continued to build branches in an ego driven desire to outdo their equally irresponsible competitor bank executives. Now the race is on to see which banks can close the most branches. Bank consultant Jim Adkins succinctly sums up the pure idiocy of physical bank branches:
“There’s almost nobody in the branches. You could shoot water balloons all over the place and not hit anybody.”
It seems my humble state of Pennsylvania leads the pack in closing branches in the past year, with 149 abandoned and only 43 opened. Only two states in the entire country had more branch openings than closings.
After shuttering 2,267 branches in 2012, the industry is on track to closing another 2,500 in 2013. Shockingly, the leader of the Wall Street zombie apocalypse, Bank of America, led the pack in bank branch closings with 194 in the last year. Staying true to his hubristic arrogance, Jamie Dimon actually opened 62 more branches than he closed in the last year, despite his upstanding institution having to pay tens of billions in fines, settlements and pay-offs for their criminal transgressions.
There are now 93,000 bank branches remaining in this country, and one third of them don’t generate a profit. That percentage will grow as the older generations rapidly die out and are replaced by the techno-narcissists who never leave their family rooms.  Online banking already accounts for 53% of banking transactions, compared with 14% for in-branch visits. Younger bank customers increasingly prefer online and mobile banking, as advancing technology enables them to make remote deposits, shop for loans and manage accounts more efficiently from their desktops or smartphones. This trend will only accelerate in the years to come.
Banking industry profits reached a record level of $141 billion in 2012 as more vacancy signs appeared on Main Street. Now that the Wall Street cabal have syphoned every ounce of blood from their customers/victims through ATM fees, overdraft fees, minimum balance fees, credit card fees, late payment fees, and paying no interest on deposits, they are forced to focus on the $300,000 average loss per bank branch. QE and ZIRP might not last forever. Yeah right. AlixPartners, a New York consulting firm, expects the number of bank branches to drop to 80,000 over the next decade. They are wrong. They have failed to take into account the lemming like behavior of Wall Street banks. As their accounting gimmicks to generate fake profits dissipate, the increasingly desperate insolvent zombie banks will rapidly vacate their prime corner locations in droves. With approximately 30,000 locations already generating losses, the Wall Street MBAs will be closing branches quicker than you can say “mortgage fraud”. There will be less than 70,000 branches within the next five years. That means another 20,000 to 30,000 Space Available signs going up on Main Street. That means another 200,000 to 300,000 neighbors without jobs. But don’t worry about Jamie Dimon and the rest of the Wall Street bankers. They’ll be just fine. In addition to being endlessly fed by the Fed, they’ll get creative and charge their customers a new bank branch access fee of $50 for the privilege of entering one of their few remaining outlets. By now we should know how cash flows to Main Street in this corporate fascist paradise.
140226 600 Cash Flow cartoons
Do your part to starve the beast. Move your bank accounts to a local credit union. Don’t support criminals.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Columnist Reg Henry Let's His War On Palin's Christmas Book Befuddle His "Journalism"

The rank prejudice and utter cluelessness of leftist media writers like one Reg Henry, who spews his anti-Palin bile at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette never ceases to amaze. Henry's Palin derangement syndrome (PDS) bile finds an outlet in his "article"  (Link: ) 

"Palin's phony war ruins the holiday cheer"

Not only is Palin apparently at the forefront of ruining Christmas for him, and all like minded leftist haranguers, but her book is leading the charge. That he can determine this by, in his own words "not having read the book" is a Christmas miracle in itself, but he determines that a few Palin vocalized  extracts at a radical left site is all he needs to make his judgement.

But it is where he goes full PDS that Henry shows the utter stupidity of  the "lamestream media" as Governor Palin rightly calls them. Henry calls himself an educated man but that "education" is so facile that he doesn't let his prejudices get in the way of the facts. 

"But what to my wandering eyes should appear but Sarah Palin. The ex-vice presidential candidate -- whose industrial-strength cluelessness did more than anyone to elect Barack Obama in 2008 -"

Here below are the unimpeachable true facts relating to the impact Governor Palin had on the 2008 election. As is immediately obvious, she increased McCain's vote and had no effect on the amount of the Senator Obama's election margin. 

As history has shown to all except the blinkered left which Henry represents, the fact that the share market crash-not the Couric interviews-determined the election, has given America a president who is sinking the country at the same time as his poll numbers sink towards G.W. Bush  territory.

Reg Henry can be contacted at 

Putting To Rest The Big Leftist Lie; "Palin Caused McCain's Loss"; Indisputable Evidence To The Contrary

The left continues with their big lie that Palin cost McCain the 2008 election. This is often seen in comments from so called "Republicans" along the lines of "I was going to vote for McCain but when he chose Palin I switched to Obama" and similar such nonsense. 

Here are are the unbiased, unvarnished facts (with links to the full reports in red) from respected professional polling firms.The major issue was the economy, the Lehman brother's collapse and McCain "suspending" his campaign. 

Palin's addition to the ticket was a significant plus factor which  kept McCain as close as he did until nothing could save him as the economy tanked and the bail-out inflamed passions.

It has been a disgusting spectacle watching the McCain team, through the mechanism of the Hollywood left's hatchet job "Game Change' put the blame for their incompetence on Palin-the facts prove otherwise.



Yet those who cited Palin's selection as a factor in their vote -- 60% of all voters -- favored McCain by 56% to 43%.
After the election, on Nov. 7, 2008, an article published by Rasmussen

Rasmussen Reports
Friday, November 07, 2008
Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republican voters say Alaska Governor Sarah Palin helped John McCain’s bid for the presidency, even as news reports surface that some McCain staffers think she was a liability.


Gallup Daily: Election 2008

Despite the premise of “Game Change” – that Sarah Palin cost John McCain the 2008 presidential election – Gallup polls prove HBO’s assertion categorically false. Palin wasn’t the reason the Republicans lost the election. She’s the only reason they had a fighting chance up until the time McCain suspended his presidential campaign in late September.

Gallup polls from the last presidential race prove that once Palin joined the ticket on Aug. 29, 2008, McCain’s ratings steadily climbed to a point where the Republican ticket even outshined Democratic Sen. Barack Obama.
In the two weeks before Palin joined the McCain ticket, the Arizona senator drifted in the low 40 percentile range, mostly around 41, 42 and 43 percent, while Obama held as much as an 8 point lead at about 49 and 50 percent. Four days after Palin joined the ticket, however, McCain’s numbers climbed to 45 percent and Obama’s sank to 47 percent, narrowing the gap significantly from eight points to two.
Between Sept. 4-6, McCain and Palin actually overshot the Obama ticket by 3 percent with the Republicans in the lead at 48 percent and the Democrats at only 45. McCain consistently held that lead until Sept. 15, and then the candidates balanced out with Obama enjoying a mere three-point lead, and no lead at all from Sept. 22-24, when the numbers were tied at 46 percent.
Some were intrigued as to how McCain’s decision would play out in the polls, but once he suspended his campaign in late September he never recaptured the lead he enjoyed with the breaking news of recruiting Palin.
It was downhill from there.
McCain’s campaign was taken out of suspension, but it never actually got back off the ground. From then, the gap between McCain and Obama only widened, leaving the Republicans at a severe disadvantage. McCain’s numbers remained steady around 42 and 43 percent throughout October, but Obama’s continued climbing, and by October 31, McCain’s standing had dropped to 40 percent and Obama’s had reached 53 percent - a devastating 13-percent gap.

 (Gallup article from SPIB-Dr. Fay)

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Writing On The Wall For Christie's 2016 Prospects After NBC Poll/ Palin's Comment Today?

UPDATE; Now a major post at The American Thinker (LINK)

If there were any clearer indications at this point in time that a presidential run by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would be quixotic to say the least, it is the double whammy aimed at him today.

Firstly a NBC poll shows that in a head to head match-up with presumed Democrat 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton, Christie would trail by ten points.

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could face a strong challenge not only from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if he seeks the presidency in 2016 but also from his own party, a new NBC News poll reveals.

The survey of 1,003 adults released Tuesday, shows Clinton with 44 percent support, while Christie trails at 34 percent".

The polls analysis highlights divisions in the GOP in respect of a putative Christie candidacy with conservatives,Tea Party members, and party members in the regions outside of the Northeast, either poorly disposed or outright hostile to him.

This poll result, after Governor Christie's landslide reelection victory as Governor of New Jersey must be sobering reading for him and his team. It should also be sobering reading to the GOP Establishment, in party and media, who keep pushing the "electability" bandwagon (even after the Dole/McCain/Romney disasters). 

And it is a blow to those who support the view that the GOP must commence an "outreach to Blacks" and should commence support of a program of illegal immigrant legalization. This poll result points rather in the direction of the total mobilization of the conservative vote, and the attraction of the previously stay at home Perot voters.

"Clinton, meanwhile, would likely benefit from many of the same demographics that helped put President Barack Obama twice. The NBC poll, for example, revealed that Clinton would beat Christie by a huge margin among African Americans, 83 percent to 4 percent. Young 18 to 29-year-old voters also chose her by a margin of 45 percent to 31 percent, while Latinos favored her over Christie by 44 percent to 33 percent.

Time, and the usual American story of Blacks and (legal) immigrants becoming prosperous and thus conservative in their voting habits will be the best 'outreach' to the Black and Hispanic communities, along with attractive Hispanic candidates such as Senator Cruz and Governor Martinez. In the short term the NBC poll destroys the current Establishment fantasies.

The second, and perhaps even more devastating hit to any Christie/Establishment hopes is Governor Palin building on her comments of the previous day when asked about Governor Christie's 2016 prospects. After advising that it was the better of two choices that Governor Christie, a Republican, was elected than any Democrat Palin stated:

"On Fox News's Hannity Monday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's record on Second Amendment issues was going to be "tough" to overcome with conservatives. She said Christie was "flirtin' with disaster" when it comes to "trying to win over Constitutionalists regarding the Second Amendment."

Tony Lee, columnist at Breitbart ran a column LINK covering off Governor Palin's statement and, which surely must be the writing on the wall for Christie, Palin did a Facebook post commending her supporters to read Lee's article. The message to all conservatives regarding Governor Christie and 2016 is stark.

His supposed appeal to minorities and women is limited to his area stronghold and especially New Jersey where his brand of hard-nosed politics appeals. Governor Palin has made her feelings regarding Christie's "conservatism" quite clear.

"Supporters of commonsense conservatism (& also critics) should read this. Tony Lee hits the nail on the head"


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Cuccinelli Why You're Doing It Wrong" The Top Egg On Face Virginia Election Articles And Pollsters (PPP Especially)

On election night Cuccinelli lost by 1.62 points-hardly the 7 point blowout that PPP Polling advised was going to happen. He reportedly got 91% of the GOP vote as a Tea Party type candidate and if the Libertarian had not run and got 6% or so who knows how this might have turned out

Here are some of the leading candidates for the "egg on the face of the year awards" given their,variously, utterly wrong, biased and agenda driven articles and polls. Of particular enjoyment are the Daily Beast, the ridiculous Taylor Marsh and, as always, the Dem pollsters at PPP Polling-enjoy.

Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg advised "Cucinnelli is the most unfortunate candidate"

Beth Reinhard at National Journal was doing it all wrong
Ken Cuccinelli, You're Doing It Wrong -

Doug Mataconis at Outside the Beltway loses with Libertarian candidate and this prediction
 " it looks like Tuesday will be a bad night for Virginia Republicans."

Quinnippiac polling gets it wrong
McAuliffe Retains Lead In Final Virginia Polls  McCauliffe 46%  Cuccinelli 43%

Taylor Marsh Poised to have egg on her face

PPP Polling (Dem. Daily Kos) Gets it wrong wrong wrong once again
"Final Poll McCauliffe by 7" McCauliffe 50% Cuccinelli 43%

Daily Kos "Everythings coming up Terry"

 At Daily Beast  making bad journalist history
Ken Cuccinelli Making Bad Candidate History in Virginia - The Daily Beast

How Ken Cuccinelli blew his advantage in the Virginia governor’s race By(Washington Post's)  Norman Leahy and Paul Goldman,

Last month, we wrote that Ken Cuccinelli II’s campaign to become Virginia’s next governor needed to raise its game or face certain defeat. Has it done so? Unequivocally, no.

How Ken Cuccinelli blew his advantage in the Virginia governor’s race - The Washington Post

ALEXANDER BURNS | At Politico gets it all wrong
POLITICO poll: Government shutdown backlash boosts Terry McAuliffe - Alexander Burns -

James Hohmann shows a Mike Allen video at Politico and makes the wrong surmission"Why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the Virginia governor's race"
Why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the Virginia governor's race - James Hohmann -

Sabato: McAuliffe is winning

And of course at Washington Post's "Chris Cillizza's The Fix" Scott Clement asks "Why Terry McAuliffe is winning the Virginia governor’s race

Why Terry McAuliffe is winning the Virginia governor’s race