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Updated; Now 30! Stages Of The Media's Trump Memes From "He Won't Run To Ummm"

 UPDATE; We have a first!
Chris Cillizza first of Beltway Journo's to apologize for Trump superciliousness.May be only one as others (plenty of them) too cowardly.Cillizza says 'wrong on Trump as never seen a reversal of form like it before" Missed point reversal was because base hates Journo's

We've seen over the last few weeks

1.Trump won't run-it's a publicity 

2.OK Trump has announced but he will 
pull out soon

3.OK Trump hasn't pulled out but he's 
not serious as he hasn't filed

4.OK he filed but he will never release his financial position

5.OK he released his financial position but he will go nowhere in the polls

6. OK he's leading in the polls but his McCain remarks means he's finished

7.OK the McCain remarks didn't' hurt 
him but he will never pass Bush in the nationwide polls

8.OK he's now number one in the polls nationwide and in New Hampshire but it won't last

9. The rape/breast pump etc etc scandals will destroy him

10. Ummmmm


UPDATE;From Breitbart the usual suspects :insiders" add four more memes.(H/T Mr.Cornelius Korn)

11.“No meteor or political candidate burns that brightly and survives very long.”

12.“Unscripted, he will crash and burn by Thanksgiving.”

13.“Flavor of the month.”

14.“Campaign will probably die of a self-inflicted wound.”


16."TRUMP IS DAMAGING THE GOP BRAND" Bill Scher at Politico

17."Trump's Endorsement of Palin proves he isn't serious about the presidency"

18. "Haley Barbour (Boss Hawg) is in a panic on MSNBC tonite. MSNBC! Whining the Trump is not a real Republican."

19. "Trump Can't get The Hispanic Vote" 

             "BOOM – Univision Reluctantly Reports Donald Trump Leading With Latino Republicans"

20;One argument for dismissing Donald Trump's rise is that we've seen this movie — or at least this trashy reality show (Ezra Klein 'Vox'.) 

A tip for Vox's Ezra Klein. This ain't 2008 or even 2012 your "JournOlist" mob has zero effect on Trump Spleen away, nobody cares

21:"KRAUTHAMMER: "The real story is the collapse of Trump in this debate."
We've seen the post debate polls which swiftly put an end to this meme

22; "Trump has no governing or elective experience."
 (And thank goodness if previous history in the presidency, especially the current occupant, is an example. This article knocks that meme stone dead.

23. Trump is a misogynist "I stand with Megyn" (So says Carly Fiorina)

Oh please.

24;"The Trump Campaign Has Descended Into Civil War"
New York magazine"
Their best shot? Pathetic

25. "Trump's Poll lead is Over!!


Tapper Breaks New CNN/ORC Poll Showing Trump on Top: "Once Again, The Pundits Were All Wrong"

26. "Trump is unelectable-can't beat Hillary he 10 points behind her"

Trump within 3 points of Hillary. Pundits about to flush themselves down toilet"

27. "Trump is running in name only he won't mount a serious campaign"

Washington Post Costa report:
"Iowa surprise: Donald Trump is actually trying to win"

28."Heard RINO Pundit on TV yesterday 
explaining that is only popular because he is the latest shiny thing for us to look at. "

29. "Trump is all just bluster there's no substance, he will only talk in generalities and won't have any substantive policies"

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Sunday released his campaign’s immigration policy  which includes ending birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants."

30. "Trump versus Hillary is a joke she would beat him in a landslide"

CNN Poll June 26th       
Clinton 59  Trump 35  Clinton + 24
Fox Poll August 18th   
Clinton 47   Trump 42  Clinton +   5

Politico's Roger Simon Leads Dying Media's Trump Circular Firing Squad

I've written about the initial scoffing arrogance of the media to the Trump candidacy on a number of occasions. The first was a partial list of some whose cloudy crystal ball advised that Trump "would never run, it's just a publicity stunt" or variations of the theme.

Then an analysis of the various steps from disdain, to grudging acceptance (the facts of Trumps polling couldn't be dismissed) that Trump was A. running B. did file C.did release his income statistics which bore out his previous statements on his wealth. D. Was serious as his campaign has cost him major business losses.

What has happened now in the face of reality is that two new phases have commenced in the media. The first is an attempt to understand why Trump is doing so well, and the second is those who didn't join the rush to condemn Trump straight away, are now attacking their colleagues who did, in a show of superiority it seems.

A common thread runs through nearly all the "how has this happened" articles. This is that Trump is variously "a buffoon, a fool a showman of the lowest order" and etc. However, the great unwashed, who are really very dim it seems, find a resonance with Trump's "platitudes and idiotic populism mixed with racism."

 And, "yes Trump is leading in the polls but it won't last, or if it does, it won't last long  and will surely, at some unspecified time will collapse"The New York Times Nate Cohn has a classic weather vane piece which gives every possible time frame collapse permutation.

Politico's Roger Simon commences the circular firing squad by lampooning as many if his fellow scribblers as he can fit into one article. He quotes from posts attacking Trump at The Wall Street Journal, Des Moines Register, Charles Krauthammer from Fox and The Huffington Post with relish. You can read his cackling tripe at the link below if you have the stomach for pomposity and arrogance.

After excoriating the media  for their getting it wrong on Trump he concludes; "I think Trump is flawed on many counts. But I don’t think he has “coarsened our political dialogue and cheapened the electoral process.” I think it was coarse and cheap by the time Trump got here"

An utterly classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Simon's own column is a coarse and cheap laugh fest at his "profession." Here's an earlier quote about Sarah Palin from Simon which shows what he considers as measured, balanced, and not coarse, disdainful, dismissive and cheap political writing

"The GOP angel of death." "In any case, she has now gone from a hopeless candidate to a laughably hopeless candidate. The media will never take her seriously again. The Grim Reaper has done its job."

What all these Beltway, elitist, Establishment,"progressive" writers in the end of the line old time media can't grasp is that a significant part of Trump's rise is due to them. 

The public, especially the flyover country "bitter clingers" whom the media so look down on, are utterly fed up with the distorted arrogant tripe being rammed down their throats by an obviously biased media. Thus they see in Trump someone who can fight back for them.

Trump can't be bought, owned, bought off and doesn't give a damn about a media who have been rendered impotent by his campaign. Simon and ilk in their arrogance and ridiculous attacks on Trump (years ago divorce "rape" scandal/"breast pump "scandal"/"connection to murderers scandal") are hastening their own end. 

If Trump does nothing else but to push that devoutly to be wished consummation he will most certainly be the "hero" that Palin described him as.

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32 Million Reasons Why Dem's & Media Are In A Death Spiral (Gone West)

+32,322,199 people, (by 7/28/15) that is 10% of the entire population of the United States of America, have viewed this video of former Congressman Allen West's 7 minute address about the Iran Treaty in Times Square in front of 10,000 people 7/22/15.

Put in another way that is around 25% of the 127 million adults who voted for President Obama and Governor Romney in 2012. The 32 million is just what has been viewed on West's Facebook page alone, and the massive number across all media is growing constantly.

It has been shared, at the above date/site by, 1,372,000 people and has had 507,000 comments. With all this the media coverage has been minimal. The first fifteen pages on Google searching for "Allen West Times Square" comes up with not a single "MSM" report, neither does a web search for the event for the New York Times and Washington Post.

'The Right Scoop/Daily Caller/Breitbart' et al sites gave it prominent coverage, as did many conservative bloggers and a few "progressive" haters, but for all intents and purposes, for the MSM it never happened. 

On the one hand the fact that West's address that could appeal to 25% of the voting population, but not be covered by the media is a good thing.

It shows how utterly out of touch the Beltway Establishment elite are and how utterly disconnected with political reality the so called political journalists (who got Trump's rise so hugely wrong) are. 

It also shows their utter disdain for the great mass of voters who are so completely fed up with the way the elite condescends to the "bitter clingers" that they are rallying en-mass to Trump who clearly states he is not beholden to the Washington mob. 

Further, and perhaps the best thing to come from this utter disdain, is that the media are digging their own graves as surely as if they had been handed control of a mechanical ditch digger instead of the usual shovel.

On the other hand it is a terrible indictment on the state of journalism that such an obviously massive response can go, deliberately in some cases and disdainfully in most, totally unreported on. If the 32,000,000 is any indication, which of course it is, that if things continue as they are under the Obama administration and his heir apparent Hillary, then the 2016 election will look like 1984's with the difference that only D.C. will be in the Dem's Electoral College total.

That is if any combination of Palin/Trump/West makes up the ticket. If the vote on offer is Clinton versus Bush, then either a nascent third party will garner a minimum of 20% or the turnout will be one of the lowest in history. Let's hope it is a genuinely populist ticket on offer from the GOP or they will seal their own doom along with what's left of the old-time media.

Mr. Obama, it's a damned stupid thing that you just did. And if people are upset about what I just said, I really don't care.
Posted by Allen West on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Transcript And Video;Fox "Political Insiders" say the GOP Nominee isn't in the Race Yet


Poll:Fox 'Political Insiders'Say GOP Nominee "Isn't In The Race Yet" Who Could It Be? Vote Here

Partial transcript of Fox News 'Political Insiders' 7/26/15
(My italics)

John LeBoutillier:  In January with the three of us here the issue came up "who would be the Establishment choice for the GOP"? There were three candidates we talked abut Bush, Romney and Christie. And I said, I remember, on the air I said to Doug  "by September we're going to be talking about different people, these guys ain't making it." 

Two of them, I mean Romney didn't run, Christie's going nowhere, probably won't, and Bush is static, he's not going up or down and Trump is dominating. What I think is happening here is I don't think the next president is in the race yet. I think this thing is all convulsed and going crazy, Trump is driving stuff and in the end it won't be any of the sixteen, and in the end it won't be Trump or any of the sixteen, and it will be someone we're not yet talking about"

Pat Caddell: "Could be"
John LeBoutillier:  "Could be"

Julie Banderas;"That's interesting, any ideas"?

John LeBoutillier: "Not yet"

Julie Banderas: Ok you're going to keep that to yourself"

Doug Schoen;"Here's the thing , Mitt Romney wants to comeback Julie, he's trying to play the role of the kingmaker who's there to pick up the pieces, but I think that what John is speaking to is a larger truth. 
There is so much anger in this electorate that what Pat has been talking about, the "Mr.Smith" candidacy, an independent has great appeal. The only thing the Democrats and Republicans agree on though, is the need to keep any voices that are not part of the system-out. When they break through like Trump has, you can see their appeal."

 Pat Caddell: "You can see the press going crazy. First they said "he shouldn't; be running because he's not serious, he won't, then they... Now they don't know what to do with him except to give him more and more coverage. 

But what is, as Doug said,  and what I believe very strongly, and something that John said, in a country, let me just explain, when a country where 75% of the American people believe its in decline, where 60% believe their children will not have, be given what they were given better than their parents, and when 85% of the people think basically the system is rigged you tell me which of these Republican candidates is even coming close to operating under that narrative? 

When someone does your going to see something even more powerful than Trump" 

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UPDATE;PALIN MASSIVE CHOICE Poll:Fox 'Political Insiders'Say GOP Nominee "Isn't In The Race Yet" Who Could It Be? Vote Here

FINAL POLL RESULTS; 207 genuine votes (1 vote per person saw Governor Palin with an overwhelming lead: Perhaps surprisingly Jon Huntsman was far and away the second choice from amongst the rest of the proposed candidates:

PALIN                     189 VOTES  91. 3%
HUNTSMAN          10  VOTES     4.8%
WEST                          2  VOTES     0.9%
RICE                            3  VOTES      1.4%
THUNE                       2  VOTES      0.9%
HALEY                        1   VOTE        0.4%

Fox News 'Political Insiders' panel; John LeBoutillier, Pat Caddell, and Doug Schoen discussed the GOP's 2016 presidential candidacy race and the consensus was that "none of the 16 candidates will be the nominee, the GOP nominee isn't in the race yet." Video and transcript at  THIS LINK:

NB: Troll votes will be discounted from the final totals to get the real percentages of genuine votes per person, so they are wasting  their time. Apologies for Haley misspelling.

If that were the case, and these are seasoned rational political analysts of major repute, it is worth canvassing as to who the missing candidate might be, who can reach Caddell's high standard of needed qualities.

 Here are some choices. The previous version had 2 votes for Secretary Rice, 2 for Governor Huntsman two for Senator Thune  2 for Fmr. Congressman West and 140 for Governor Palin which will be added to the totals for this new page.

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Update 3:Media Arrogance Continues Unabated; Jonathan Tobin's Pomposity;"They're Fired!" Trump Is Perfect Storm For The Media

It's getting hard to keep up with the cascade of utter condescension and hate from a media which has been stripped of all it's supposed relevance by the Donald Trump juggernaut. You would think that they would get it by now, the more their lampooning, ridicule and snobby cattiness they put out in barrels of ink, the more Trump is appreciated by the Republican voters.

I've cataloged some of the more vile, awful and idiotic history of this unprecedented campaign of vilification in a number of posts. The early ones are particularly striking as they detail the predictions that Trump would not run/register/get any support which makes the writers look like utter fools.

Poor Nate Cohn for instance, at the 'New York Times' continues with his sorry record;"Donald Trump’s surge in the polls has followed the classic pattern of a media-driven surge. Now it will most likely follow the classic pattern of a party-backed decline"

The next series shows the utter viciousness of such supposed luminaries at Dana Milbank Josh Marhsall and Stephen F. Hayes.

Trump Proves Beltway Elitists Wrong (Again),Great Financial Cost Shows He's Serious Candidate LINK

Trump Twists Knife Into Arrogant, Dying Breed, Media  LINK

Updated: Des Moines Register/Stephen F. Hayes Latest Firings:"They're Fired!" Trump Is Perfect Storm For The Media  LINK

The meme has changed, as it had to, now that Trump is in first place "but not for long" and whilst he's there he is helping Hillary by taking the focus off her." The purveyor of this condescending balderdash is one Jonathan Tobin writing at 'Commentary' "Trump helps' faltering Hillary". Tobin manages to cram the previous memes with a massive dose of elitist condescension-here's an example: 

"Sooner or later, Trump is going to start being scrutinized the way presidential candidates are examined and his record of support for liberals and liberal causes will start to take the air out of his balloon. Trump’s negatives are too high to allow him to be a legitimate threat for the nomination let alone the general election. 

Republicans should also be confident that his buffoonish persona is also bound to trip him up enough times to ultimately undermine any notion that he ride the support of a populist surge and anger about illegal immigration to the nomination.

But the help all of this is giving to Hillary is priceless. Trumpmania has enabled her to fly beneath the radar even when she weighs in on hot button issues. "He's also the least thoughtful and most vulgar"

Trump to be "scrutinized"? Every single word he says is viewed through an electron microscope by the media left /right and (if there is such a thing) center. His negatives are too high? that's an old meme trotted out when his approval rating was 30%. It's around 50% now-obviously, as how could he be the leading candidate if his"negatives" were still too low?

"Buffoonish person/least thoughtful/most vulgar" There's that media elite scowling down on someone who they can't fit/bribe/cajole or push into the Beltway milieu. There's been nothing like this since the media on Palin circa September 2008 and it's for exactly the same, unforgivable reason "I'm not going to Washington to seek the favor of the media."

But the worst of Tobin's pompous screed, which gives the game away, (actually it's been made so obvious that it was given away weeks ago) is the nose in the air attitude to the flyover folks. "Trump is going to start being scrutinized the way presidential candidates are examined and his record of support for liberals and liberal causes will start to take the air out of his balloon." 

As far as Trump's campaigning taking the "heat" off Hillary she's seen a massive decline in the polls, the concomitant rise of  Sanders and her negatives heading south at a rate of knots. It is both idiotic and elitist to think that the public can't keep their minds on both Trump and Clinton no matter what Trump does.

Does Tobin, and the others of his ilk really believe (I guess they do) that the base is so stupid that they are not aware of Trump's previous history and that when it is revealed to them on the road to Damascus the scales will drop and they will say "gosh we didn't know Trump contributed to the Clinton's and that had liberal views in the past." At that point the base will thank the vigilant media and move on to the Establishment's choice of Jeb Bush after much forelock tugging.

We know Trump's persona, his history. We know his current message and we like what we see and hear and the more he sticks it to the likes of Tobin/Marshall and the whole grisly media elite the better we like it and the better he will do. 

More power to Trump's arm, if he does nothing more than show the media in all its naked aggressive elitist hate then he will have served a grand purpose.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Updated: Des Moines Register/Stephen F. Hayes Latest Firings:"They're Fired!" Trump Is Perfect Storm For The Media

Update as the media descent into hell continues;
The Des Moines Register, after their Editorial Board hit out at Donald Trump in the most despairingly manner possible had to eat crow subsequently.

Trump, who as I cover in the original article below doesn't need the media, as they are falling over themselves to cover him, simply banned the DM Register from attending his next public meeting. 

At which point the newspaper grovelled 
unashamedly and pathetically, which proves how dependent they are on Trump for clicks and purchases. Such media stupidity shows they still have not caught up with the fact they are irrelevant, as direct appeal and social media have killed them off.

"We are disappointed that Mr. Trump's campaign has taken the unusual step of excluding Register reporters from covering his campaign event in Iowa on Saturday because he was displeased with our editorial," she said. "As we previously said, the editorial has no bearing on our news coverage. We work hard to provide Iowans with coverage of all the candidates when they spend time in Iowa, and this is obviously impeding our ability to do so. We hope Mr. Trump's campaign will revisit its decision instead of making punitive decisions because we wrote something critical of him."

The other example, amongst myriads, is the slow evolution of The Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes who has gone from utter disparaging comments that "Trump has blown up" after McCain comments on 7/18, to "Trump sits atop national GOP polls" as reality, not the fondest wish of the encrusted GOP establishment, blasts away their preconceptions and bias.


The fourth poll in a row has Donald Trump in first place and, more importantly the Real Clear Politics "Poll of Poll" aggregate which is more reliable, has Trump well in first place. Interestingly in my opinion, Jeb Bush has begun a steep decline after the Trump onslaught with Walker rising. 

This could mean that far from Trump only appealing to "ultra-conservatives" who are "Mad as hell" to quote the media, he has middle ground support if he is indeed picking up votes from previous Jeb supporters (as the poll details bear out).

Now the past ten days has seen an absolute onslaught from the media against Trump from left right and center. I won't link to any particular article except one by the ridiculous Josh Marshall at TPM whose any pretense to a balanced view disappeared along with this latest rant. Marshall's hate post on Trump will do for the entire media as it is neither the most evil (Dana Milbank; Donald Trump as a “rotten pig,” a “fraud”) nor of course the mildest. For those who wish to see hate at its vilest here is  a selection

These rants share one thing in common an attack on the base as mindless haters, on Trump as just out for publicity, and how the GOP will be destroyed by Trump. The hate of the base is of course nothing new-Palin was subjected to the same hell-fire (actually worse because her family was viciously attacked) and was first seen with Obama's "bitter clingers" which exposed the core mindset of the left.

The "publicity" meme, along with the others trotted out (he won't register, her won't release his financial information) carries no weight as one thing Trump doesn't need in his life is publicity-in fact it is costing him money due to idiotic boycotts.

The "he's hurting the Republican's chances" is the only valid political reason for all this bluster, hate and madness. Trump can't be "reined in" by the GOP Establishment with money or promise of office. 

He is hurting the Establishment's choice Jeb Bush without doubt, and is a genuine threat to Hillary Clinton no matter what the head to head polls say. At one point Reagan was over 20 points behind Carter and we know how that ended up.

What we are seeing is a perfect storm. The Establishment is scared Trump will either destroy their choice or go third party and finish any hopes they have. Aligned with that is a media which has seen in Trump the end of any real influence they have.

Nothing the media can say or do affects Trump. They have written him off time and again, most recently after the Trump/McCain spat, and he keeps rising in the polls. The media are now seen as ineffectual blatherers and scribblers who can pontificate all they want, but whose opinions carry no more weight than the humblest Blogger.

If Trump continues to rise, and the media continues to write him off, they will be the biggest losers of this political season and many will have to look for new means of employment, along with, hopefully, the pollster whose recent record has also left them on the precipice.

More power to Trump whose place in history may be as the person who destroyed the chattering classes.

UPDATE: I thought I had see the final throes of desperation from the media but Matt K Lewis at the 'Daily Beast' calls on the previously reviled Rush Limbaugh to save the establishments bacon from Trump. "

"Time for Rush Limbaugh to Smother Trump"

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With Trump At Breakaway Point; A Palin Endorsement Would End the Primary Campaign Now

I wrote the article below a few days ago before the media furore caused by Trump's comments on John McCain.
As I suspected rather than the media's and the GOP Establishment's dearest wish coming true, Trump has not only remained the front runner but has solidified and increased his lead.

At "Real Clear Politics" in their aggregate "Poll of Polls, which is the surest poll, Trump is now in first place an outside the margin of error at 18% to Bush's 13.8%. The latest individual poll Washington Post/ABC has Trump at 24%! with Walker in second at 13%.

The first poll taken after the McCain spat, which many in the media including Charlie Cooke and Stephen F. Hayes predicted would mark Trump's collapse actually had Trump solidly increase his level of support from their previous poll, and had him way out in front at 22% to Bush at 15%.

Now, these recent polls are marked by dramatic falls in support for Bush/Walker/Rubio/Cruz and especially Christie from 20% to 3%. These were considered the leading candidates.

 All the others, including Carson who has had a brief rise, are either falling or not moving out of the maximum of 3% area. With Trump making all the headlines he is sucking the air out the lower level candidates chances to get publicity and traction.

Since Trump has, so far, proven Teflon coated against the media at its worst and the blogosphere at its most evil then there is nothing they can do to stop him. The only stop for Trump would be if he does "self-destruct" (and at this point  it is hard to see what would cause that) or, he performs so badly at the debates, which would surprise me, or, if he lost badly in the first three primary battles.

On the other hand, since Trump is impervious to the media, in fact it is clear the more they pile on the more the base likes him, he is in the rare position of getting so far out in front that it will be all but over for the rest of the candidates as I stated below.

And again, the impetus for such an advance would be if Governor Palin endorsed Trump, asked her supporters to vote for him and actively campaigned for him. I have no doubt whatsoever that at that point Trump would receive most of the support that the "conservative" candidates like Santorum/Huckabee and especially Carson have.

That alone would put him well over 30% and open daylight between him and Walker/Bush. Under the circumstances of a Palin endorsement I would believe he would go to 40% as one by one the minor candidates saw the game was up.

Whether Palin would endorse (there still is the possibility she might run and if she did the whole ball game would change at that point) is to be seen but what is indisputable is that if she did the race would explode in Trump's favor.

With Trump clearly in the ascendancy and every media attack meme failing ("he won't run/register/release tax-income info/has no chance/alienated Hispanics") the very real possibility exists that, even at this early stage, Trump could seal the deal.

Even if Trump reinforces his image of a straight talking successful businessman with concrete ideas when the debates commence it would not necessarily shake off all his rivals-they, especially Bush and Cruz, are too well funded.

But, nearing 20% polling now, and passing Jeb Bush, if Trump received a huge polling spike and the minor players started to pull out with their support going, in the main to him, then there would be 4-5 players. The scene would then be the field trailing far behind and Bush and the rest staying in, in the hope Trump self-destructed.

What would be the power that could propel Trump so far in front that is caused such a radical change in the current candidate placings and numbers? There is only one, and that would be if Sarah Palin endorsed him wholeheartedly and asked her supporters to vote and work for him.

Such a massive change has happened before with a Palin endorsement. Senators Ayotte/Cruz/Fischer/Sasse and many more in offices from governor to attorney general to congressmen owe their primary wins and election in whole or in part to Palin. For example, Cruz's rise from 3% to beating an establishment figure in Texas owed, by his admission, a massive debt to Palin's endorsement.

Trump however is not in the lowly poll position most of Palin's endorsed candidates were, rather he is in a sharp ascendancy in a crowded field.

If Palin made a strong public endorsement it is inconceivable that there would not then be a sudden and strong uptick in Trump's support and campaign workers (money not being in the equation). If Trump's polls lifted to over 30%, whilst Bush stayed in the 12-14% level he currently is in, then momentum would put Trump in an almost unassailable lead.

What point would there be, except vanity or book sales perhaps, for the likes of Graham/Fiorina/Santorum/Huckabee and all the other sub 5% candidates to stay in a hopeless race? As they dropped out if even half of their support also transferred to Trump he would be approaching 40%.

If, at that level of support he won the first primary states, which he should in a situation where a plurality was needed to win, then it would be game over.

Would Palin give such an endorsement? At this point in time there is still a window of opportunity for her to enter the lists herself is she so desired. In my opinion the window is closing and if she has not decided by the end of August it would seem unlikely that she would enter. If she does enter then it is of course a whole different ball game. 

But if she is not in the race, the end of August would appear to be a perfect time for her to endorse. If she does, and it is Trump, then the Republican primary would, for all intents and purposes, be over. 

The leftist media and the "snark" blogs and Dem fronts like "HuffingtonPost" would have a field day attacking a Palin endorsement of Trump. 

But their attacks would fail even more badly then they have done so far as the ordinary base voter would have had a gutful of their elitism and be driven even further to Trump's side-himself a victim of their snobbery.

See: (LINK) "Update;Trump Destroys Bush In Nevada:Trump's First Month In The Polls Has Devastated All Opposition (Graphs)"

President Obama's "Memorable Week Poll Rise (CNN) Vanished " Immediately

CNN's Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta trumpeted "President Obama's "Memorable Week Poll Rise" in an article on June 30th and posed the question "Could Barack Obama's great week mark a turning point in his poll numbers?" As things turned out the answer is decidedly "no."

What brought about this liberal enthusiasm for the perceived Obama renaissance, a week of seemingly "good news" for Obama which the liberal media cherry picked as "legacy" accomplishments."

The reality is that since February president Obama has had a higher approval than disapproval approval in the Real Clear Politics polling results (and aggregate) only five times, four of those were in April polls The fifth, poll taken June 26-29 which set leftists hearts aflutter, was a CNN poll which had him 3 points up at 50% to 47%. That poll was the only one since February that had him at the break even point.

What achievements were trumpeted as giving President Obama this "breakthrough" (which of course it wasn't at 50%).  Agiesta numerates a number but particularly these.

The Supreme Court upholding Obamacare "his legacy"
The Supreme Court upholding same-sex marriage
Handling of race relations after the Charleston massacre
Singing "Amazing Grace" on television
Perceptions of an improving economy
President Obama's eulogy in Charleston.

That the same sex marriage decision had anything to do with Obama is dubious.His "singing" is only something the left could bring up as a positive and contributor to a poll rise. To ascribe a terrible massacre and its aftermath as part of a "great week' is hideous. 

That President Obama performed his duty as "mourner- in-chief has been marred by the, abhorrent to many,  disregard of the terrible deaths of soldiers murdered by a Muslim-at least to the same level of regard he showed in Charleston and with no eulogy forthcoming.

To describe race-relations as a contributor to a poll rise whilst showing:

"A plurality of all Americans now say that relations between African-Americans and whites have gotten worse in the time since Obama became president: 43% think so, while about half as many, 20%, say things have improved. Among African-Americans, opinions are evenly split, with 35% saying things have worsened while 33% think they've gotten better"

borders on the ludicrous. Clearly, with 46 million Americans on food stamps and a massive increase in the non-participation work rate the "improving economy" hardly seem to have contributed to the starry-eyed view of Obama's polling future.

So where are we today after the predicted Obama polling renaissance? The latest
RCP aggregate has Obama at 44.9% apro and 51% Disapproval right back to his long time average. The CNN poll was either a push-poll timed to take advantage of President Obama being in the spotlight for reasons he, in reality, had little little or nothing to do with, or was simply an outlier poll.

The reality is with the GOP's control of Congress President Obama has little room to do anything on the political and economic front (in the latter case he is a hostage to fortune) and basically can only get continued headlines in the social sphere. With same-sex marriage now done and dusted even that area is also becoming limited.

Massacres of course work both ways. The left goes ballistic when a crazed White man murders Blacks and the right goes ballistic when a Muslim murders American on US soil. To look for polling and "legacy" favorables in those crazed areas is of course foolish-but the leftist media will try. 

The bottom line is that the country simply does not approve of President Obama's performance and has not for a very long time.