Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Media Will Have To Read 26,500 Palin Emails-An Awesome Penance

The office of the Governor of Alaska has been told they must release the approximately 26,500 emails that originated from then Governor Palin's office during her tenure.

This will be the ultimate-too date-penance for the lamestream media who will be called from sitting  in park fields waiting for her, on the off chance she shows up and talks to them, as they don't have her current tour schedule.

One almost, well almost that is, feels sorry for the poor hacks who will have to read through such titbits as "it is really cold in Anchorage today" or "Todd, please pick up some milk on the way home" as well as, to outsiders, totally indecipherable messages about local Alaskan politics which have absolutely no bearing on current matters.

However, sift they must in their endless quest to find something, anything, to potentially embarrass Palin-which they won't as whatever controversies they might dig up-should there be any-will be must ancient history. 

Surely too the public has had enough of the Palin PDS muckraking efforts and will disregard any "scandals".This has been proven by the two latest anti-Palin books being complete flops no matter how hard the media tried to promote the "insiders tell-all".

Palin must be chortling as she contemplates the scribblers pouring over her every word in 26,500 emails-actually I can't think of a better penance.

To add to the media's penance they are now complaining that Palin is forcing them to follow her bus (sic) which could "cause a reporter to have an accident."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jews/Evangelicals Rejecting Israel Policy The Cause? Obama's Polls Fall 14 Points


At Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin the editor believes a contributing factor was Obama's attitude to Israel and Netanyahu's brave and forthright defense of that besieged country in the US Congress.

" President Obama did himself A LOT of damage in the Jewish community this week. But most of all, IT IS BECAUSE A JEWISH LEADER STOOD UP, GOT UP OFF HIS KNEES, AND SIGNALLED TO ISRAEL’S MANY FRIENDS THAT IT WAS TIME TO STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH!"

It would not only be Jews who had been Obama supporters who have left the Democratic party at the abandonment of Israel but also evangelical Christians who have a deep and abiding biblically based faith in the preservation of what is literally God's own country ((with apologies to Australians who covet that title.

Thus if Obama's attitude to Israel is added to the other factors discussed below perhaps the 14 point drop is not such a mystery after all.

Perhaps economic reality has kicked  in following the euphoria of the Bin Laden killing, perhaps the public understood that the affair was what presidents are expected to do and didn't put to much long term polling value on it.

Perhaps it has been the spectacle of the Obama's living the high life in Europe with Michelle in $1000 dresses whilst home values plummet and unemployment stays high. 

For whatever reason or reasons the polling for President Obama has shown an amazing drop from the 60% approval rating he garnered just a few days ago on May 9th in the Associated Press /GfK poll to the Gallup poll out today which has him at 46%.

This 14 point drop must be one of the quickest in polling history-certainly in Obama's presidency and if it continues at anywhere near this pace presages bad news for his re-election efforts.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

President Obama's Polling Falls An Incredible 14 Points in 19 Days

Perhaps economic reality has kicked  in following the euphoria of the Bin Laden killing, perhaps the public understood that the affair was what presidents are expected to do and didn't put to much long term polling value on it.

Perhaps it has been the spectacle of the Obama's living the high life in Europe with Michelle in $1000 dresses whilst home values plummet and unemployment stays high. 

For whatever reason or reasons the polling for President Obama has shown an amazing drop from the 60% approval rating he garnered just a few days ago on May 9th in the Associated Press /GfK poll to the Gallup poll out today which has him at 46%.

This 14 point drop must be one of the quickest in polling history-certainly in Obama's presidency and if it continues at anywhere near this pace presages bad news for his re-election efforts.

Weinergate-Perfect Antidote For the Pervading Gloom In Obama's America

Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain as befits the investigative journalist par excellence has the latest update on Rep. Anthony Weiner's weekend of challenge.

It may very well be that, as Weiner stated, his site was "hacked" but a couple of points need to be clarified I think-his reference to Seattle in a tweet, and why the hacking of a congressman's site was not immediately reported to the FBI. Palin's hacked site landed a man in jail and the same should apply to Weiner's alleged hacker.

If however there turns out to be more to this story then the matter of hypocrisy, the main stream media protecting the left by not covering it, and the double standard that applies to Republican transgressors who get mercilessly ridiculed by the leftist blogosphere and late night comedians will come into play.

In the meantime we have been, at least, provided with a bit of fun amidst all the gloom that is Obama's America, by the unfortunately named Mr. Weiner.

Sullivan Shocks Matthews With Analysis Of Palin's Route To Victory

 From the other Sheppard: Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters

Apart from Sullivan's odd seeming obsession with the details behind the birth of Palin's youngest child which bordered on "Trig Trutherism" those reading his broader comments on Palin have seen he has been one of the few who have not dismissed her chances-both for the nomination and the presidency.

This is not out of any overt love for Sarah but "from fear for America"-however his strange mix of rationality and weirdness does not detract from the insightful analysis he presents of how she might actually do in a campaign.

Chris Matthews is dumbfounded by this,to him, unexpected clarity (assisted even more oddly by Joe Klein of all people) and at one points calls Sullivan out for disrupting the anti-Palin narrative Matthews expected "Are you walking her into the campaign he says."

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy but in this case he hits on the truth insome points.

Both Anti-Palin Books Sales Sink Like A Stone-Deserved Flops.

American Thinker reports that the two anti-Palin books have appeared,been given the usual left wing media coverage as the greatest expose's in history and have-sunk like a stone:

"Palin-flamethrower, Geoffrey Dunn of the Huffington Post released The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power May 10th and Frank Bailey, former Aide to Palin, teamed up with Palin-critic Jeanne Devon to release Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years on May 24th.  Ardent opponents of Sarah Palin have been highly-anticipating these books which promised to tear down Palin's public image for the long-term.

Interestingly, Geoffrey Dunn's book has not even hit Amazon's top-100 list since its release; and after a week of media coverage including appearances on NBC, ABC's The View, Fox News, CNN, and many more, Frank Bailey's "memoir" disappointingly debuted at #40 and has already fallen to #75."

And these books were supposed to bring amazing new revelations and to finally finish off Palin once and for all. It turns out they are just rehashed gossip, old stories which have been dismissed ages ago and-just plain trash.

Once again Palin takes the hit and comes back stronger than ever-one thing is certain, she will outlast her enemies and have the last laugh.

Media Avoids Pro-Palin Comments From Bristol's Co-Stars Family' The Other McCain Discovers"

The lamestream media is trying to concoct some sort of "feud" between Sarah and Bristol over Bristol's "relationship" with her soon to be co-star Kyle Massey.The not stated, but implied hint of racism, pervades this whole sorry episode.

"Mounting evidence that Sarah Palin may have bought a $1.7million home in Arizona has sparked speculation she will run for president next year.

But it seems the real reason for the move could be more personal - to keep tabs on her daughter, Bristol.
The Tea Party politician is reportedly furious at the 20-year-old's new relationship with Disney's Kyle Massey, who she met on Dancing with the Stars last year."

Stacy McCain gets to the real truth-which is why the investigative site "The Other McCain" is so hugely popular and influential-and blows the lies out of the water in his comments below the photo of the Massey family.

Angel Massey (right) and her husband Michael Massey (left) with their son, Kyle Massey.

"In a recent interview with a celebrity gossip Web site, Angel Massey described how, during last season’s Dancing With the Starsher family became friends with Sarah Palin’s family:
Both of our families gelled during Dancing with the Stars. Sarah would be in the audience cheering for Kyle, and we’d be in the audience rooting for Bristol. We all became close.”
Mama Massey adds, ”The Palins are really funny, nice and genuinely warm to us.”
Isn’t that nice? And wouldn’t you think the rest of the media would be rushing to report this neat human-interest angle about the Palin family?
Except that Angel Massey’s pro-Palin comments were included in her denial of an anti-Palin story the media likes better."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Irish Central: "Palin The Favorite For Republican Nomination" Momentum Cresting

Irish central columnist Niall O'Dowd in his "Periscope" column reviews the current state of the Republican race for the presidency and comes to the following conclusion:

"Sarah Palin now the favorite for the Republican nomination for president"

"As we have often stated in these columns, Sarah Palin is consistently underrated by Republicans, Democrats and media alike as a possible contender for the White House.

Now with the Republican field imploding in the past few weeks, suddenly Palin is back in the limelight again.

Truth is she has never given up her ambition.

She looks at this Republican field and sees huge weaknesses, from Mitt Romney's flip flops to Newt Gingrich's womanizing to Tim Pawlenty's lack of charisma.

Sure she ceded the stage to Donald Trump's ill-fated run, but it was always clear that Trump would eventually slink away once he had milked it enough.

Now Sarah comes swanning back into the limelight and no one has a hold on the Tea Party and Conservative wing like she has.

She has now moved to Arizona, a clever move in the circumstances which places her in the heart of the Republican belt.

She is running all right and has the backing and support others can only dream of.

She would easily win Iowa with its massive evangelical base if it was voted on tomorrow.

With that under her belt she automatically becomes favorite in new Hampshire.

If she could knock Romney off there the path to the nomination is clear.

We all thought Hillary would be the first major woman candidate for president nominated by her party.

We have to adjust out bifocals folks, here comes Sarah and she is running hard.

Good for her."

Friday, May 27, 2011

"The Other McCain" Upgrades Palin From Not Running To Not Running Traditionally

 "The Other McCain" blog, which is an opinion leader (if not the opinion leader) on the right with millions of blog hits has a post up by Stacy McCain's blogging partner "Smitty" which effectively states that Palin is running.

"I'm upgrading my Sarah Palin prediction from “not not running” to “not running a traditional campaign”

This comment marks a further step in the right-wing blogetariat-the only political comment group worth reading now that the traditional media and the left wing "Politico" type outlets are resorting to "someone close to Palin said" as they have been shut out of the loop and reduced to "makin' things up" as Palin says.

The "responsible" right wing bloggers (whether Palin  supporters or not) have the benefit of not being inflicted by PDS, and not wearing blinkers, so they can see what is front of their noses. 

The left sees Palin's bus tour, her movie, her blitz of the Fox studios for what they obviously are and, like Smitty, are turnin their attention to what sort of candidate she will make and other important, realistic considerations.

On unexpected result of the media's Palin obsession has been their own self-destruction as a vehicle of integrity-they have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind as another embattled, out of favor politician, who came back from being derided and saved his country-Winston Churchill- said.

"So, Sarah Palin Is Not Running. . .

A Traditional Campaign

Posted on | May 27, 2011 |
by Smitty
I’m upgrading my Sarah Palin prediction from “not not running” to “not running a traditional campaign”. Ann Althouse looks at the scoffings of the Romney and Pawlenty campaigns, griping that Sarah is not following the conventional path, and then invokes Fred Thompson.
Ah, Fred.
The interesting question becomes whether the GOP will, petulantly, scuttle the chances of ejecting BHO rather than fall in behind a potential Palin candidacy. In other words, will the commitment to the traditional, broken, Ruling Class way be stronger in the GOP than the desire to, you know, live up to the party’s ideals?
The fact that this question even forms in the mind is why I’m pleased notto be a registered Republican. About as useful as the DOE, they are.
Pay close attention to that bus tour, GOP. As you go under it

Palin Is This Generation's JFK.Like Him She Will Ignore The Elitists And Win

As a "recovering liberal" who cut his (milk) teeth in politics as a volunteer for JFK's campaign in the New York campaign HQ this column by "conservativecurmudgeon" which recently appeared at Red State is highly evocative. However, more important that my memories is the very real connection between the challenges JFK faced in his presidential campaign and the lessons for the Palin campaign.The author makes the clear connection that Palin, like JFK, has to run an unorthodox campaign and not only not listen to the beltway experts (who hate her) but bypass them altogether.

Hmmm… ‘Tis something in the Wind that makes me think Sarah Palin might be this Generation’s JFK…

Oh, I know, I know: This opens me up to the hackneyed Lloyd Bentsen trope about knowing John Kennedy, and you, Sarah Palin, are no John Kennedy… To which, one hopes, she would answer, “You’re right. I never cheated on my spouse, got involved with the Mob, and my Daddy never bought me a Pulitzer Prize.”
But, the analogy is this:
JFK created a whole new set or rules, a whole new road-map to the Presidential nomination of his party in 1960. And, we may be witnessing the same thing, fifty years later, from Sarah Palin.
John Kennedy went after the Vice Presidential nomination in 1956, in a failed attempt to be Adlai Stevenson’s running mate. It wasn’t so much that he was unsuccessful (the nomination went to Estes Kefauver instead), but what he learned along the way in setting himself up for his parties’ Presidential nomination in 1960.
What he learned was this: The grandees of the Democrat Party would not, under any circumstances, allow a Catholic on the national ticket. The Dixie-crats in particular where antipathetic. But, even the East Coast Elite found the young JFK too much to take: Eleanor Roosevelt, in particular, found him loathsome (as, among other things, the second son of the then-reviled Joseph Kennedy), calling him “that little piss-ant”.
Believe me, pre-1964, you went absolutely nowhere in national Democrat politics without the blessing of Eleanor Roosevelt. Think of her (before her death) as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Pinch Sulzberger and John Kerry all rolled into one big, fat ball of influence.
This put the entire power structure of the old New-Deal bosses out of reach to Senator Jack Kennedy. Now, remember, this was in the days before the ubiquitous state primary elections. Roughly half the states chose their nominee based on a caucus of the party bigwigs, New York in particular. Chatting up the friends of Eleanor Roosevelt called for the retail politics that JFK and his family money had a hard time acquiring. So, JFK, having learned that his resources were better spent on the Wholesale politics of advertising, media manipulation and advance men, focused instead on the Wholesale politics– the popular elections held in Primary states.
Prior to JFK, most serious presidential politicians rather avoided the primary states. They accounted, at that time, for a minority of the delegates, and it made the election season somewhat longer and much more expensive. It required actual campaigning, movement, travel and advertising– things most presidential aspirants in the mid 20th-century had little of. JFK changed all that. Among other things, Jack Kennedy was the first to introduce the phenomenon of his own Campaign Jet, the “Caroline“. He could go as easily between Washington and San Francisco as Hubert Humphrey could go from Madison to Milwaukee.
Kennedy by-passed paying attention to Roosevelt and her tong. Instead, he spent his time in Wisconsin and West Virginia, slurping up chits in the form of donations to local races, and flooding the field with advertising and public relations. Hubert Humphrey complained that going up against JFK and his money made him feel like “a mom and pop grocery store going up against A&P”. These were the two states with early significant Primaries, and he knew he’d have a shot in heavily Catholic Wisconsin, which came first on the slate, and a week later in West Virginia, where his World War Two veteran status would come in handy. If he could make a big stink out of winning these primaries early, he’d have a shot at convincing the party leaders in the other, non-primary contests.
He won both states handily, and changed forever the way the public, and the party big-shots, looked at presidential primaries. And Elanor Roosevelt was politely shown the back of the bus.
*     *     *
Sarah Palin knows that any conservative won’t get an even break in the national press and media. She knows they despise not only her –and they show their contempt gleefully and openly with Sarah– they hate all conservatives. So trying to suck up to them can only lead (sooner or later) to any conservative’s Katie Couric moment. It is assured.
So, in watching her in the news coverage over the last forty-eight hours, we might be witnessing a “revolutionizing” of the way the whole process is done–; Just like JFK.
Just as JFK knew he’d never get the Eleanor Roosevelt gang on his side, and he would thus have to figure out how to get the nomination without it, Sarah Palin knows she can’t use the old routes that involve the national press and media. They are off-limits to her. She must plow a new and untrod road.
I have sense, too, that this might be all very deliberate, cunning, and months in the planning. And in this thought process, she might actually be ten steps ahead of all the other potential candidates.
If I were her, and had the name recognition, the league upon league of mis-perceptions, and the financial and personnel resources, I think I might try to fashion a similar approach– that is, something that up-ends the way a nominee is chosen in totality.
In especial, I find it fascinating that all the Ed Gillespies, and the Karl Roves, and all the other antique professional party-men had already decided she wasn’t running because she was evidently eschewing the fifty-year old nostrums that simply everyone must follow to the nomination. It reminds me of the Polaroid people telling everyone not to buy a digital camera because you’ll need a computer to use it: They couldn’t see the future while it was happening in front of their faces.
Wouldn’t it be fascinating, though, to see Sarah Palin completely revolutionize the way a candidate connects with the public, and change forever the 2-year long process of finding a nominee. I don’t know what she’s got up her sleeve, but, I will say this:
It could be damned fun to watch, especially if she leaves the national, old-geezer media gasping for air in her wake… Just like Eleanor Roosevelt was left by JFK back in 1960.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Devil His Due-Chris Matthews Gives Constructive Review Of Palin's Possible Run

Chris Matthews, surprisingly, in fact astonishingly, gives a wide ranging  "fair and balanced' presentation on Sarah Palin and her new, 2012 run, activity. Discussing with  GOP and Dem operatives Matthews canvasses Palin's forthcoming bus tour and movie.

Matthews gives due credit to Palin for her outstanding qualities-public speaking and energizing mass crowds and, again remarkable for MSNBC, states she won her debate with Biden on points and concludes that he wishes her to be the nominee-not for the usual cynical reasons we hear from the left media "she'd eb a laughingstock and an easy beat for Obama-but because she would add color and excitement compared to "the three male stooges".

Credit where it is due Mr Matthews-well done and lets hope this is a harbinger of things to come-perhaps the Schultz disaster has sent a message to MSNBC or Matthews has decided to rise above the herd and be a statesman amongst broadcasters-we can only hope.

GOP Gallup Poll Results Evangelicals 37% Mormons19%-It's Palin's To Lose

The latest Gallup poll of Republican preferences for the 2012 nomination has analysts fixated on who is up and who is down (Cain/Gingrich respectively). The liberal media ignores the fact that the only people who matter as regards the GOP nomination are grass roots supporters.

Poll companies such as PPP (D) run Obama versus various Republican prospects and talking heads focus on e.g. Palin's "unfavorables" and write her off. All of that is utterly meaningless and the statistics will of course change once the GOP settles on a nominee.

To the business at hand-how the nomination battle might go. If, as is widely accepted, and especially with the history of Huckabee's success in Iowa as a representative of the evangelical wing of the GOP in the previous campaign it must be considered that a candidate who is recognized as a sincere evangelical has a substantial opportunity to win the caucus there. 

Romney,for all his efforts in Iowa and the massive sum he spent finished behind the, at the time, basically unknown Huckabee.There is little reason to doubt that the same scenario could play out this time if an evangelical runs against him.

Looking at the latest Gallup result the figures are starkly clear and show the serious challenge for Romney if the evangelical vote in Iowa moves to one main candidate.

Evangelicals: 37% (Palin/Cain/Bachman/Pawlenty/Santorum/Huckabee)
Mormons:     19% (Romney/Huntsman)
Libertarians:  12% (Paul/Johnson)
Non-affiliated  9% (Gingrich)

If history does repeat then, although it would be a challenge given Romney's strength in New Hampshire, the Iowa winner might  have the momentum to win there and close the deal in South Carolina where  the evangelical backing would once again come into play. As the evangelical front runner Palin has a clear path to the nomination based on the Gallup result.

Palin's Now 3 Million+ Facebook Members Guarantees Billion Dollar Campaign

Sarah Palin's Facebook page has risen well past the 3,000,000 subscribers mark-massively ahead of any other Republican personality.This has substantial implication for any 2012 run by her as the Obama team are touting their "billion dollar campaign." If would be doubtful if any other potential candidate than Palin could match that but she has the capacity to exceed it due to the loyalty,enthusiasm and belief in her by her supporters.

From July to October 2012, during which $100 a month is raised from 3,000,000 supporters, equals a campaign chest of $900,000,000. And that is just for starters as corporate America, which the Supreme Court has ruled can contribute to any sum, will add millions as will major donors/fund raisers.

Therefore a campaign  fund well over one billion dollars is absolutely obtainable. The GOP establishment should be asking themselves this question-could any other GOP candidate besides Palin generate this sort  of financial support?

In point of fact there would be every reason to believe that if Governor Palin is the Republican nominee, that role would have been decided well before July 2012. That being the case, but even if it was not so decided, it is reasonable to assume that by then her Facebook membership would be at least 5 million. More likely it will be well north of that figure, based on the current rate of growth-10,000 a week.

If it was five million at that point, with every reason to believe it would be, and two million people were stripped out, being very young, opponents, very poor, there would still be a potential donor pool of 3 million people.

I recall receiving a letter some time ago from a couple who described themselves as "ordinary people". They said they were prepared to donate $50 a week each from their wages to support Governor Palin's 2012 election campaign "when the time came." 

They said they felt certain they spoke for many more, just like themselves, who believed in Sarah "she will prevail because millions of ordinary people like us will make the sacrifice needed to support her."

Today a poster on the Facebook page said "I will donate a month's pay to her campaign"

Thus if  three million people gave an average of $25 a week from July to October 2012 i.e. $100 a month on average, over the four month campaign (which I pledge myself to do)-not a great contribution in the light of previous campaigns- then $900,000,000+  can be raised. It is up to 1.2 Billion (4 months X $100. per month = $400. X 3 = $1200 X 1 million = $1200 million = $1,200,000,000 or 1.2 billion) but I have put in a lower figure to allow for as realistic an analysis as possible.

This, plus the corporate and major donors, gives at least one billion dollars to a fighting campaign. Every cent of that figure would be required to counter the forces of the radical left who will do everything they can, everything that money can buy, allied to their control of the media and union forces, to defeat the forces of the light.

November 2010 showed that the forces of the light can prevail against the forces of the darkness and with Sarah Palin as the torch-bearer in 2012 it will be so proven again. But only after a terrible fight, and with the financial support outlined above.

A people's victory can only be won with peoples support, which includes financial backing-they will not fail in this chance of a lifetime to reinstate traditional values.