Thursday, July 29, 2021

This must be "National Lib Lunatics Day" "The MyPillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy" Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic

Not really necessary to link to utter insanity but you get the picture-the libs have gone berserk.

Monmouth "Biden Approval 49%" Poll Demographics GOP 26% D+7 "Poll" UPDATED; CNN/NYT "Poll" Garbage As Well

 More garbage-same as previous garbage.

26% Republican
41% Independent
33% Democrat

Can't leave out CNN

Nonsense Poll: NYT & CNN 2020 exit polls show voters party splits at D37, R36, IND27. So how do they weigh this new survey? Well D44, R32, IND14 - or D+12 of course!

"Everyone agrees that trans women are women”. Everyone?

 ‘yes, she has an advantage because she went through male puberty,’

"The International Olympic Committee’s medical and science director has paid tribute to New Zealand transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard’s “courage and tenacity’’ ahead of her Tokyo debut.

Hubbard, who transitioned in 2013, has been cleared to compete in the women’s +87kg division after meeting New Zealand Olympic Committee, International Weightlifting Federation regulations.

Dr Richard Budgett backed her inclusion at a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday, stating: “Everyone agrees that trans women are women”.

He admitted it was a complex issue, but said: “To put it in a nutshell, the IOC had a scientific consensus back in 2015.

“There are no IOC rules or regulations around transgender participation. That depends on each international federation. So Laurel Hubbard is a woman, is competing under the rules of her federation and we have to pay tribute to her courage and tenacity in actually competing and qualifying for the Games.”

As for whether Hubbard has a physical advantage over her rivals, Budgett acknowledged there were “lots of aspects of physiology and anatomy, and the mental side, that contribute to an elite performance”.

“It’s very difficult to say, ‘yes, she has an advantage because she went through male puberty,’ when there’s so many other factors to take into account,” he said.

“It’s not simple. Each sport has to make their own assessment depending on the physiology of that sport, so that they can ensure there is fair competition, but also the inclusion of everyone – whether they’re male or female – so they are able to take part in the sport they love.”

But he stressed that “Laurel Hubbard is a woman competing under rules of her federation

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Friday, July 23, 2021

Yahoo Finance Genius Speaks-Be Warned.

 Who could ever have foreseen this?

Yahoo Finance

Analyst: A stock market pullback is 'going to happen at some point.'

Monday, July 19, 2021

@Wonkette 's Schoenkopf Captain Of A Stinking Ship? So Sad

Hopefully the garbage scow Wonkette goes the way of Gawker and takes the scum of the earth down to the depths with it..


The Best Way To Wipe Out Up To $10,000 Of Debt! Tabs, Mon., July 19, 2021

Oh man I am in so much credit card debt

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Taibbi A Voice of Reason; "Spying and Smearing is "Un-American," not Tucker Carlson

I don't always agree with Matt Taibbi of course but he has come a long way towards the middle and a voice of sanity. This is, of course, not hard to achieve given the utter partisan crazy that is the poor excuse for the media today.

Read the article in full at THE LINK 

"On Monday, June 28th, Fox host Tucker Carlson dropped a bomb mid-show, announcing he’d been approached by a “whistleblower” who told him he was being spied on by the NSA.

“The National Security Agency is monitoring our electronic communications,” he said, “and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.”

The reaction was swift, mocking, and ferocious. “Carlson is sounding more and more like InfoWars host and notorious conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones,” chirped CNN media analyst Brian Stelter. Vox ripped Carlson as a “serial fabulist” whose claims were “evidence-free.” The Washington Post quipped that “in a testament to just how far the credibility of Tucker Carlson Tonight has cratered,” even groups like Pen America and the Reporters Committee on the Freedom of the Press were no-commenting the story, while CNN learned from its always-reliable “people familiar with the matter” that even Carlson’s bosses at Fox didn’t believe him.

None of this was surprising. A lot of media people despise Carlson. He may be Exhibit A in the n+2 epithet phenomenon that became standard math in the Trump era, i.e. if you thought he was an “asshole” in 2015 you jumped after Charlottesville straight past racist to white supremacist, and stayed there. He’s spoken of in newsrooms in hushed tones, like a mythical monster. The paranoid rumor that he’s running for president (he’s not) comes almost entirely from a handful of editors and producers who’ve convinced themselves it’s true, half out of anxiety and half subconscious desperation to find a click-generating replacement for Donald Trump.

Enough Already With The "Stolen Election"

 At Ace of Spades HQ 'Dave In Fla' canvasses ( at  then click July 12th in archives) how the 2016 election may have been "stolen" and details two scenarios. 

He then goes on to discount scenario A using all sorts of mathematical computations after running with scenario B which commences with the fantastical "Some number of votes for Biden were injected into the system, and it occurred nationally"

This is, and yes, it is correct, scenario A.

July 12, 2021

81 Million Votes [Dave in Fla]

What does this mean?

In my mind there are two possible scenarios.

Scenario A: The narrative is correct; we are just a combination of sore losers and conspiracy nuts. Trump was so toxic to so many people, that while he encouraged more people to vote for him in 2020 than in 2016 in all 50 states, he also inspired nationwide hatred and more new voters showed up to vote against him in almost every state (except the liberal bastions of California, Illinois, and New York).

Clearly, and a degree of evidence suggest that it was the case, there were errors of computation on election day. However, to extrapolate from that that there was enough malfeasance on top of the errors to  give Biden the 40,000 plus votes in WI/GA/AZ he needed to ensure his election is nonsense.

 It would involve such a large degree of management and personnel, which could not be covered up, as to make it impossible. The latest Tucker Carlson review of possible errors in Georgia (and he does not imply malfeasance) involves at most hundreds of ballots or possibly a few thousand, certainly not the 13,000 majority Biden ended up with.

By all means get rid of the incompetent administrators no matter the state and reform the system but as far as a calculated overthrowing of the 2020 election-those still holding to that should just let it go.

Nota Bene-a sensible person concurs.

Miracles And Wonders; Lib 'The Week' "Bush is a well-meaning man, but he is wrong. Donald Trump right."

 At the leftist site 'The Week''s W. JAMES ANTLE III writes something that has never been seen in the history of the lib media "Trump is right."

This in relation to G.W. Bush condemning the pullout from Afghanistan which, yes, President Trump commenced and Biden is completing.

Of course now that Trump is safely out of office a passing credit can be given to him-as long of course as it  pertains to something the Dem's, especially Biden., also have done but still, the age of miracles and wonders has not passed.

They are of course scumbag hypocrites but that's by the by

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Woke Science; "Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy"


Even 'Scientific American' is now woke

"Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy"

"The NFL's Racist 'Race Norming' Is an Afterlife of Slavery"


Three and a half years for last chance to restore sanity