Friday, April 30, 2010

The Alinsky Left Tactics Put Palin, Not Kernell On Trial

Using classic Alinsky tactics the left took every advantage of the Kernell hacker trial to distort who actually was on trial and who was the victim.

Standing logic on its head the left tried to make out that Kernell was in reality the innocent party, that Palin was pursuing a vendetta against a young lad who was just having fun and, ridiculously, that in the end it was all her fault for having an easily hacked into email site.

They also made out hat Kernell was in fact "a hero" for exposing to the world the fact that Palin was using her email account illegally to conduct government business.This of course has been ruled as not the case by the Alaskan courts but that didn't stop the left from using this blatant lie.One good thing about these leftist tactics is that because they had to be employed in the narrow time frame of the trial they became highly visible-thus examinable for the anti-Palin themes which gives room for analysis as to how to counter them in future.

Here are just a few of the more blatant ones- I hate to even give them a link especially the horrid Litman,the execrable Mudflats,revolting Huffington Post, and worst amongst equal-Palingates. But in the interest of countering rubbish propaganda here they are in all their infamy.

Olberman highlights Sarah Palin's lies in  email hacking case
Did Sarah Palin Commit Perjury during her testimony in the David Kernell Trial in Knoxville?
Palin's pinnacle of hypocrisy
Guilty as charged,Palin is mean spirited
Palin crime family hypocrisy vs David Kernell
Bristol Palin's testimony to nowhere
Sarah Palin ready to get revenge on E-mail hacker
DOJ goes long for Palin

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The " Give Palin Derangement Syndrome A Clinical Name" Contest

To summarize, it was determined that Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS for short) is indeed a genuine medical affliction. It seems to affect a section of an ethnicity, and amongst that section the liberal elite, with more force than the general population.

This ethnicity is subject to a number of illnesses specific to it, apparently a genetic inheritance, and many are named after the clinicians who first identified one of the diseases e.g. "Riley-Day Syndrome" for Familial dysautonomia, and "Tay-Sachs disease" which are just two examples amongst many.

Palin Derangement Syndrome is an hysterical disease of the mind with odd symptoms like "tingles of the leg". Suggested cures e.g. a sharp dose of reality, a cold shower, seeing the light, not associating with delusional people, have so far had little effect-probably because the sufferers do not recognise they have the disease and have not undertaken a course of therapy.

Giving the disease a clinical name might however be a first step in the curative process, if sufferers see they are actually in the grip of a clinically described illness they might undertake to seek help. In that light it seems only right to give PDS a clinical name.

Here are a few suggestions (choosing one of them  would be OK), noting that the names can be from any ethnicity as long as they are associated with the delusion;


I'll leave it to the readers to make their suggestions-the winner wins immortality of course so don't miss your chance!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gaucher's Disease & Riley-Day Syndrome Are Jewish Specific Diseases.Palin Derangment Syndrome Could Be Added

On reflection I have mistakenly analyzed the incessant attacks on Palin,who I described as the greatest friend of Israel and the epitome of progressive Jewish thinking, by the Jewish liberal elites on their television shows (as either front persons, commentators or writers) Hollywood, newspapers/press agencies (as either commentators or traditional journalists),"comedians","political advisers" radio commentators, authors, and various non-definables who see taking a cheap shot at Palin as a ticket to notoriety.

Included in this lot of PDS sufferers are various nut cases who pop up on Huffington Post which gives them a column forum to vent their obsessions and which garners clicks for Hufpost from their fellow crazies and the various juveniles who post silly statements.

I viewed this deep antagonism as stemming from a cultural/historical background. The oppression and in some cases genocide which was very much a part of the Jewish immigrants world, especially for those from eastern Europe, certainly is not an aspect of the day to day experience of modern American Jewry but for many the "tales learned at grandparents knees' affects their political outlook.

If not a family history of oppression then in many cases there will be one of the classic immigrants story of struggle and hard times and especially the great depression of the 1930's where the strong bond with the Democratic party was formed. Or so I thought.

All this history seemed to make a reasonable explanation for the strength of feeling against Palin by this particular ethnic/religious group. Certainly much could be put down to partisanship during an election, especially when so many of the media were tied to Obama. However, rather than diminishing it is actually increasing.

The fact that Palin bashing is growing when she has no political office and may not run for any ever proves that the antipathy is in fact a psychosis-Palin Derangement Syndrome or PDS for want of a official term. PDS well describes the hysteria which now sees Palin as a seditionist, pathological liar, pretend mother of a Downs Syndrome child (with not one but two substitutes for photo op's-utter insanity), inciter of violence leading to possible assassination attempts, perjurer, grifter with various other bizarre activities ascribed to her every movement.

There are a number of diseases which are either almost totally specific to Jewish people or are found in Jews in a ratio far exceeding the rest of the population

Familial dysautonomia (Riley-Day Syndrome) is unique to Ashkenazi Jews and is "almost unknown in
other populations". Gaucher's Disease, another Ashkenazi affliction carried by "roughly 1 in every 15" is seen in only 1 in 100 of the general population. It is perfectly logical then to surmise that this group can be afflicted with a psychosis, through a genetic hereditary disposition i.e. PDS, which likewise affects them in similar ratio's. It would be going to far, at this point to state that PDS is, like Riley-Day, almost exclusive to Jews, but it could certainly explain its prevalence amongst that portion with a liberal mindset.

How to explain those Jewish intellectuals who are on the right in politics? It is noted that these Jewish specific diseases are found Ashkenazi Jews, it may be that those who are Sephardic, who are believed to be the true Hebraic Jew's compared to the Ashkenazi whose origins are believed to include peasant Khazar Turk descent, are immune to the PDS psychosis.

It may be that the Sephardic Jew's have a higher intellectual and cultural heritage. The Sephardic Jews, having lived in the relative peace and security of the Middle East, do not have the "oppression heritage trigger" that eastern European/German Jewry have inherited.

Whilst none of this exonerates the level of bile, lies and distortion which have been levelled at Palin it does help the wider public perhaps understand its source for the first time. Hopefully it will allow for reflection and introspection on the part of the perpetrators who can seek help and experience the joy of healing from the many professionals in the mental health field who are equipped to deal with sickness of the mind.

N.B. No anti-Semitic/racist attacks please. This blog is "in the family" I had my Bar Mitzvah in The Actors Synagogue in New York City, my great grandparents were the poorest of the poor Russian (Litvak's) immigrants.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anti-Palin Attacks Reaching Unprecedented Heights-Why If She Is Not A Threat?

The level of attacks from the MSM/Blogs/Commentators/Television pundits against Palin is approaching Tsunami levels-even Doonesbury has resumed his cartoon attack.

It is all very puzzling. If, as the meme runs, she is dumb, not running for president, only in it for the money then why bother? Not only are the MSM reaching fever pitch but the vitriolic bloggers are getting beyond themselves-this one must spend every waking minute chronicling every breath Palin takes-PDS in extremis. The blog commentators are a mix of juveniles and madmen and madwomen (the women are the worst I have seen)

A good measure of how things stand is the Addictomatic site which runs a continuous update of media/blogs about Palin. There is usually a sort of balance say 55% against and 45% for, but that is getting more skewed day by day. As of this writing she was, amongst numerous other things -many at the same time- a perjurer, hypocrite, money grubber ("dumb" seems to fading into the background as even her detractors admit that one can't be too dumb and make twelve million a year).

There is no single reason for this mania but there are five main causes.

The liberal elite (and in some cases conservative elite) just hate her for not meeting their standards. Even if they believe she isn't running for president they just can't let it go.

The Jewish media personalities, from the left (including the gag writers for non-Jewish late night talk show comedians) see her as embodying everything they were raised to hate on a gut level (the Jewish right is highly supportive but has a low profile in the national consciousness). This applies to Actors as well who know they can get cheap publicity with an attack on Palin.

Huffington Post, to attract clicks, gives prominence to anti-Palin bloggers from Alaska who would otherwise be nonentities, who are making a living out of spewing Palin hatred continuously.They also give prominence to bloggers on the make who see a quick route to a book, or making a name for themselves, by feeding the anti-Palin frenzy on the left.

The Democratic party sees her as a threat, at the very least by her endorsements hurting their vulnerable candidates, and are doing everything they can to neutralize her.

Liberal media, especially ones in financial/ratings trouble see a Palin hit job as route to sales/viewers.

That Palin can shrug all this off and battle on whilst attracting crowds of 16,000 enthusiastic supporters is a tribute to the most remarkable individual that masses of plain folks from middle America has brought to prominence.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can't Decide Between Obama Or Palin For 2012? Here's a Handy Checklist

According to the latest PPP Poll President Obama leads Sarah Palin in a head to head match up by only a 2 point margin at 47/45. For the 8% who are undecided here is a handy list of significant issues which define, to a large degree, the main differences between the two. Whoever has the most ticks alongside their name would, I'd suggest, be the best choice for the undecided voter.
                                                     PALIN       OBAMA                  









"We'll Get Creamed" These Midterms But That Just Proves How Fantastic We Dem's Are Doing (Virtue Out Of Necessity Alert)

Talk about making a silk purse out of a sows ear or a virtue out of raw necessity (or perhaps life in an alternative universe where losing is winning) Peter Beinert at The Daily Beast advises that "The midterms don't matter" even though the Democrats are going to get, variously, creamed and throttled.

The reason for this upcoming hiding is, according to Beinert, not that the Obama administrations policy "successes" which he details as the stimulus and health care bills, are unpopular which they indisputably are, but simply because the Democrats are the party in charge and now "own" the disastrous economy.

No, the Democrat's are wildly unpopular and are going to get a hiding because, inter alia, they own the economy which they predicted would see unemployment peak around 8%, have rammed through in a most blatantly political manner legislation the country doesn't want, and have governed with a toxic mixture of hubris and arrogance

But apparently none of this matters, the upcoming major loss of seats and possible loss of at least the House. It doesn't matter that the wishes of the electorate are ignored, that a record for vote buying, and increase in deficits has been set, continuing unemployment, home repossessions at disastrous levels and enemies aboard mollycoddled whilst friends abroad are embarrassed.

All of the foregoing, the loss of seats, the barrenness of the Democrats legislative agenda for the remaining two years of the Obama administration, all will have been worth it having gained the "greatest run of policy successes in my lifetime".

Mr.Beinart looks to the November results coming in with equanimity as he will bask in the Obama administrations achievements. It will quite possibly be a pyrrhic victory if the Republican swing is so large that the so called successes (one of which Biden called a BFD) can be reversed or substantially modified-and even that may not be necessary if the Supreme Court rules that the compulsory aspect of the health care legislation is unconstitutional.

The republic has withstood many things and recovered, fortunately the Obama administration, which will have only lasted two years before it was neutered, was not able to do irreversible damage and this too will be recovered from. In fact, given the hoped for Republican majorities which can ameliorate much of the political damage the more lasting effects will have been on the psyche of the nation which only a "return to normalcy" of a traditional Republican presidency can heal.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Palin Is The Epitome Of Progressive Jewish Thinking

The Jewish iconoclastic philosopher Maimonides, about whom the anecdote advises "He was able to put a brick through the glass showcase window of our faith because 'From  Moses our teacher to Moses ben Maimon, there has been no Moses unto this Moses.' addressed what he thought the Jewish communities attitude to improving the life of the poor should be.

He summed it up with his didactic 'The Golden Ladder of Charity' (set out below).The absolute pinnacle of charity goes beyond donations to the poor, whether overt or covert and is summed up in one sentence " The prevention of poverty is the highest act of charity". This is mirrored in the Talmud's admonition "Lending is greater than alms-giving."

This has its echoes in the current phrase "Give a man a fish he can eat for a day, teach him to fish he will be able to feed himself for a lifetime" but it in fact exceeds it as a learned skill is limited in its application without capital which provides "fish" when they are not biting.

This program for positive assistance to the poor through capital provision reflects the current division between the welfare state, big government mindset of the Democratic party and the limited government, low tax, self improvement as a path to a better life  individualism the spirit and philosophy of Sarah Palin engenders.

The better path is to, as Palin constantly reminds us, let the great mass of small business owners keep more of what they earn so they can improve their business, hire more staff and get industry working again. The adjunct step would be a focus on skills training, and through this low tax regime, an opportunity for those currently trapped in the cycle of welfare state dependency to move out of ghettoization and poverty to the American dream.

Maimonides recognised this 'hand up, not a hand out' concept centuries ago, and his 'Guide to the Perplexed' is universal, not just for the Jewish community. However it is important for the Jewish community to go back to its roots and to cast off the rigid mindset of support for the Democratic party which has led it down a dead end path.

Palin is entirely Jewish in her philosophy of the better path to fulfilment of the human potential, and with her unwavering support for Israel there are signs the Jewish community is starting to recognise what a true friend not only they but all Americans have.

The Golden Ladder of Charity

THERE are eight degrees or steps, says Maimonides, in the duty of charity.

The first and lowest degree is to give — but with reluctance or regret. This is the gift of the hand, but not of the heart.

The second is to give cheerfully, but not proportionately to the distress of the sufferer.

The third is to give cheerfully and proportionately, but not until we are solicited.

The fourth is to give cheerfully, proportionately, and even unsolicited; but to put it in the poor man's hand, thereby exciting in him the painful emotion of shame.

The fifth is to give charity in such a way that the distressed may receive the bounty and know their benefactor, without their being known to him. Such was the conduct of some of our ancestors, who used to tie up money in the hind-corners of their cloaks, so that the poor might take it unperceived.

The sixth, which rises still higher, is to know the objects of our bounty, but remain unknown to them. Such was the conduct of those of our ancestors who used to convey their charitable gifts into poor people's dwellings, taking care that their own persons and names should remain un known.

The seventh is still more meritorious, namely, to bestow charity in such a way that the benefactor may not know the relieved persons, nor they the name of their benefactor. This was done by our charitable forefathers during the existence of the Temple. For there was in that holy building a place called the Chamber of Silence or Inostentation ; wherein the good deposited secretly whatever their generous hearts suggested; and from which the most respectable poor families were maintained with equal secrecy.

Lastly, the eighth and most meritorious of all, is to anticipate charity by preventing poverty; namely, to assist the reduced brother, either by a loan of money, or by teaching him a trade, or by putting him in the way of business, so that he may earn an honest liveli hood; and not be forced to the dreadful alternative of holding up his hand for charity. And to this Scripture alludes when it says, "And if thy brother be waxen poof and fallen in decay with thee, then thou shalt support him: Yea though he be a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with thee." This is the highest step and the summit of charity's Golden Ladder.

Palin Being Beaten Black And Jew

What is with many of the liberal Blacks and Jews in the MSM, the blogosphere, the, usually minor, theatrical types, and their astonishing and relentless attacks on Sarah Palin-this woman is not a reincarnation of George Wallace and Czar Nicholas for heavens sake.

In newspaper and blog opinion pieces, with television commentators and hosts, it seems that a significant number of names leading the attacks are Jewish-King, ("Palin should pose for Playboy" he agrees, so sadly for a once respected journalist, with Silverman)   the execrable Sandra Bernhard-and numerous others, opinion shapers whose numbers  in the media are out of all proportion to the size of the population, seemingly ad infinitum. If not Jewish names,then anglicised-and what sort of a Jewish name is Stewart by the way? (it reminds me of the old joke where one old country Jew says to his friend "David, what's going on ? Six months ago you changed your name to Jones and now you've changed it to Smith. "Simple" said David,” now when people ask me what was your name before? I tell them it was Jones").

I have tried to find some overarching explanation but to me it seems there are a number of threads which account for this anti-Palinism which borders on total irrationality to the point of psychosis. The main reason is historic as I set our previously. Briefly, the current generation of Jewish opinion makers are only a few generations away from their grand or great grandparents experiences of eastern European persecution and of course the Nazi  calamity. Thus, although the commentators etc live the American dream, tales heard at their grandparents knee (as have the Armenians in respect of the Turks) either by them or their parents, have created biased mindset which is nearly impossible to cast off.

"Palin" is thus not Sarah Palin (the real one which when actually met as a person not a stereotype by a Jewish woman produced a startling positive, heartwarming reaction) the only Governor in America who had an Israeli flag in her office and wears an Israeli flag pin and whose commitment to Israel is so strong that she stands up for that benighted nation when the Obama administration is increasingly seen as negative to Israel. “Palin" is the anti-Jew of the Christian persecuting past.

Another cause of this relentless attack is again learned at grandparents knee. The traditional Jewish attachment to the Democrats as the heirs of the Roosevelt tradition. The Jews in the big cities suffered badly during the depression and, with the Blacks, formed, with their strong socialist roots, an integral part of the Roosevelt coalition especially as they were involved at a seminal level in policy formulation. Palin is, more realistically, with her hard frontier roots of self reliance and the Alaskan suspicion of a government far removed from everyday life, the antithesis of this Jewish economic history.

However much some may wish to deny it, and many actually seem to delight in it as regards Palin, there is a strong feeling of intellectual superiority. The cerebral Jewish, rabbinical, academic tradition versus the school of life tradition which is so much a part of Palins appeal to middle America.

With the passing of time these entrenched positions by the anti-Palin media elite (including of course non-Jews) is actually getting more entrenched, more vocal and sadly more vicious, irrational, ("Palin is borderline on sedition" for heavens sake) condescending, and in some cases disgusting. There have been a small level of support from Jew's ( the "Jew's For Palin" blog during the election for example) and recently in reaction to the perceived anti-Israeli attitude of the Obama administration a new support group "Jewish Americans For Sarah Palin" which recognises Palin is the strongest voice in America for Israel, but they are massively outnumbered. It is an illness for which there is sadly no cure, the best hope is that they descend, like Klein, into such ridiculous nonsense that no one takes them seriously any more.

I was, till recently undertaking to write a column about the surprising, to me, tone of many liberal Black commentators. I found column after column to be reasoned, warm, and whilst universally not in Palin's camp, they were constructive in their critical approach. I say surprising because given the overwhelming level of voting support for Osama in the election one might have been led to believe that the level of criticism that Palin had made against Obama's administration might receive a strong push back.

That was very much not the case and frankly I enjoyed reading the columns from Black commentators which were far more analytical than their Jewish counterparts on the left. I especially enjoyed some of the charming humor of Sharpton for example whose air of wry amusement on Fox- sort of "bring it on, it should be fun" in respect of a Palin/Obama contest was in such stark contrast to the typical MSNBC diatribe.

This was in respect of  Black male commentators however. I found, for some reason, and in the blogs I saw which may have not been entirely representational, a much more strident tone from Black women towards Palin.

Sadly I have perceived a significant change in the attitude to Palin which has degenerated almost to the level of the Jewish commentators. I believe this has been in reaction to the Tea Party phenomenon which is strongly associated with Palin  which of course she had been a very visible  part of. The leftist Alinsky attempt to portray the Tea Party as wholly motivated by race hatred may have caused an understandable reaction in some quarters of the Black commentating community. I do hope this will pass as it is recognised that the vast majority of Tea Party supporters are not racist. Certainly Palin herself is totally untainted in that respect and of course her own children are part Native American.

I would be confident the level headed approach which so commendably characterised the Black writers approach to Palin will return as it will be important that cool heads are evident during the heat of the 2012 campaign if she is the nominee. As for the Jewish commentators, ridicule and push back is the only counter as they will attack with a passion which is beyond all reason.

N.B. No anti-Semitic/racist attacks please. This blog is "in the family" I had my Bar Mitzvah in The Actors Synagogue in New York City, my great grandparents were the poorest of the poor Russian (Litvak's) immigrants. My dear niece, my sisters child, is half black/half Jewish (and is she doubly beautiful and smart, from both sides,with that genetic heritage).

Monday, April 19, 2010

As I Warned-"Palin Trial" Distorted Headlines Start-Alinsky Tactics Underway

As I forewarned would happen the left media is using the Alinsky tactic of distorted headlines in relation to the upcoming Kernell ( "A bit of a hero") hacker trial. Using quotation marks around "Palin trial" doesn't take away from the blatant attempt to imply that somehow Palin is the one on trial-it is the Goebbels’s "big lie" tactic of repeating something over and over until it seems to have a degree of truth and then becomes, in a warped way, the truth.

Note the comment '"Fair Trial For David Kernell? HA! Not With Sarah Palin There". Even if it is grudgingly acknowledged that Palin is not the one on trial she is pilloried just for being there-of course the only reason that she will be there is because she was subpoenaed by Kernell's defense lawyer. But he won't get a fair trial because the jury will be "dazzled" by Palin's presence when she "takes the stand".

This article is just one of a number which will increase in size, distortion and outright lies as they use the trial to attack Palin. If the right lets this happen then they are letting Palin down-they must be vigilant and keep up a crescendo of rebuttal till the left media/bloggers give up and slink away.

The right is on trial too-there's is a trial of strength, they must not fail because if they do they will show weakness which will be triply exploited in the white hot heat of the 2012 election.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a Coincidence? I Don't Think So ! (Non-Political Diversion)

And now for something completely different-a weekend diversion from politics

The late Bernard Levin, author, columnist, raconteur diverting from his exploration of the east side of Manhattan in his book "A walk down 5th Avenue" (highly recommended even for the most jaded native born New Yorker for its didactic exploration of the buildings running from CPS to the Met) wandered into things metaphysical.

Waxing lyrically, and as Google will quickly show, wrongly, about the famous winding staircase in the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe New Mexico (who was that mysterious carpenter?" he asks mystically, implying that yes, perhaps it was that carpenter of old who disappeared as mysteriously as he arrived. The internet blandly advises that any jobbing carpenter, working with wood which was not as exotic as the mystery makers of old (or propagandists for a good cause) made out could, using tried and true water soaking/bending methods, easily make the circular shape. Simple physics also explain how it is held in place-not some magical force.

Moving on from the staircase whilst still in a mystical mood, Levin states that a coincidence which is beyond all rational explanation is like the brief drawing back of a curtain to things normally unseen. This descriptive quality and flight of language which surfaces now and then is why I love reading writers like Levin as their once in a while soaring, thought provoking word imagery impresses deeply and stays in ones consciousness.

I have to agree with his curtain analogy, whilst I am not given to spiritual contemplation or the sometimes off the wall speculations-telekinesis etc, but there have been two or three "coincidences" I have experienced which to me absolutely defy rational explanation. The fact that they are such banal happenings adds substantial weight to the mystery as they strip the experience of any emotionally driven context i.e. they just happen.

The latest, and the first for at least twenty years, happened yesterday. In my younger days I was a great fan of the humorist James Thurber. I read all his books and "New Yorker" articles and of course loved his cartoons ( "alright, have it your way, you heard a seal bark" said the husband to his wife in a bored looking fashion whilst she sits bolt upright in bed startled. Of course behind the bedstead stands a seal with outstretched flippers-pure whimsy).

One of my favourite stories was a satire on the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950's, a sort "crucible" with a Midwest sense of humor. The story goes along the lines that a well presented Goose was wandering about and a hen (I think) commented "there goes a very proper gander".You can figure it out for yourself where the story went from there I am sure.

The last time I read that story, or heard anything about it was easily forty years ago . Whilst returning from a walk yesterday out of the blue the phrase "there goes a very proper gander" popped into my head for no reason whatsoever (I appreciate there is no such thing mentally as no reason whatsoever but obviously I mean to say that there was nothing immediate or in the recent past that I could discern which would create the thought-certainly there are no geese of any sort in the main street area).I mused that I doubted Thurber’s brand of gentle humor would find any audience today and forgot about the train of thought at that point.

Later that night I was going thorough the postings on the Sarah Storm report ( a constantly updating list of news reports about Sarah Palin) to see if there were any interesting background items for a blog. There appeared to be none and I was just about to click off but decided to scroll down to one more item.

This was an item about how Keith Olberman was a big fan of James Thurber and one of his favourite stories was "A very proper gander". To me there is no way in the world (this one anyway) that finding that item is a coincidence. The fact that the Olberman item was where it was is just that, a fact of publishing. The fact that this obscure story title, which I had not heard or seen in decades, popped into my head a few hours before it appeared on the blog site is, I think, something to do with precognition-or is simply an astonishing coincidence. As a rational, conservative person I should think it is a coincidence but frankly, it is not. Neither is "Al Luplow's catch" which story relation will do for another time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mahers' Palin Menstruation "Joke" Where are N.O.W. And Leftist Feminists??

If the target for a leftist "comedian"is a conservative woman then no matter how low, how disgusting the attack is, it is o.k. with feminists who are now clearly exposed as just an adjunct of the radical left

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Upcoming Leftist Alinsky Tactics "Palin In Criminal Court" Misleading Headlines

Here are the simple facts. The person who allegedly hacked into then VP Candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account and published the contents on the web is going to trial shortly. The defense has subpoenaed Palin, why I can't imagine, as she is the aggrieved party. Perhaps they figure some in the jury are so anti-Palin that her presence might lead them to find the defendant not guilty.

Those are the facts, however the political reality is somewhat different. The left bloggers/MSM will use the occasion to create Alinsky style guerrilla tactics to try and turn this trial against Palin. Those members of the public who either do not recall what happened or have forgotten it will see headlines like "Palin in criminal court" "Palin in the dock" ( the Alaskan idiots have run with this one weeks ago) "Palin testifies in criminal trial" and variations on the theme.

They will also try and drum up sympathy for a young "over enthusiastic" student who is the victim of vindictive, spiteful moneyed Palin. In fact, according to the MSM (Harper's) what he did  was no big deal, a misdemeanor at worst, and in fact his actions exposed Palin's illegal use of her email account (she should be the one on trial has also been trotted out as has Nixon/Watergate & Bush/Cheney wiretapping).

The other theme they have already run with is that in reality it is all Palin's fault for not taking the proper security steps in setting up her email account. This is a wonderful  reasoning and Madoff  should have thought of it at his trial-all the investors were the ones who should  be on trial for not having secure information about him before they invested their life savings with him.

They will also call Palin a hypocrite "If she really was true to her so called Christian faith she would forgive the young man" (this was underway weeks ago on leftist blogs) without letting on that it was Holder the AG via the DOJ, not Palin, who couldn't stop the trial if she wanted to, who brought this case to trial.

If found guilty this guy, who could have changed the course of history if there had been any negative or derogatory items in Palin’s emails, deserves the strongest punishment as a warning to others and deserves no sympathy. It is also important for Palin supporters to be vigilant whenever and wherever these misleading, lying, distorted headlines and blog comments arise and blast right back at them.

Alinsky tactics may work on lesser mortals but Palin and her supporters are not going to roll over-the left will see they are in a battle with an opposition who gives as good as they get in the face of a mendacious left.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thesauras The Only Guide To Democratic Party Palin Derangement Syndrome

I have tried to understand and rationalize the lefts mad (see there I go struggling with the best word to use) obsession with every word, action, look, that emanates from Sarah Palin.

It is of course not only those personality attributes but it extends to her clothing, hair, family, lifestyle, income, tone of voice, education and-bizarrely to the ultimate level, what kind of drinking straw she uses (Margaret Carlson has done a mad analysis of the demographics of bendable drinking straw use-such is the gibbering wreck that PDS reduces seemingly intelligent people to).

One of the major problems in addressing PDS is finding the right word to describe a particular article or author or MSM commentators Palin obsession du jour. To assist those who chronicle this madness, which is approaching South Sea Bubble levels I have decided that any individuals grasp of the English language will not suffice given the hydra headed nature of the mass delusion.

Our friend the thesaurus is the only solution. Below is the listed options to "deranged". It now becomes a simple cut and paste job for the serious PDS examiner, but of course it would be a matter of individual judgement. Some might consider e.g. a typical Daily Kos PDS comment as "berserk" whereas another might consider, given the age of the average Kos commentator "bananas" might do the trick. For the likes of Andrew Sullivan perhaps a multiplicity of adjectives from the list is called for. Whatever ones choice I do trust this handy list will save some time and head scratching.

Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: crazy, insane

Synonyms: ape, baked, bananas, berserk, cracked, crazed, delirious, demented, disarranged, disconcerted, disordered, displaced, distracted, dotty, flipped, flipped out, frantic, frenzied, fried, irrational, loco, lunatic, mad, maddened, maniac, maniacal, nuts, perplexed, schizzo, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unscrewed, unsettled, unsound, unzipped, whacko

Palin Should Ignore Polls/MSM/Bloggers-Enjoy Fun/Money/Leftists Madness

Rather than subsiding the Palin PDS just grows and grows endlessly. Just when you think that there can be no more ridiculous, spurious, petty, mad comments about everything and anything to do with Sarah Palin-now there is an "expose" about what sort of drinking straw (lampooned by Tammy Bruce here) she requests- shock/horror-the attacks continue.

Anything Palin says or does is endlessly pontificated on and each pontificating gets piles of foaming at the mouth, blathering, endlessly spiteful, childish, false, idiotic responses. The main theme, once you get passed the attacks on Palin's children, features, voice, “sarcasm", intelligence (lack of of course) is now that she is only in it for the money and has no chance of ever being elected to anything-much less the presidency.

Which begs the question-why, if she will never be elected to anything, does any article about her result in a massive outpouring of hate, bile and idiocy ? Clearly there is something about Palin which drives the left mad, they lose all rationality and resort to childish name calling. The great thing is that Palin understands this and seems to be taking great delight in her recent speeches in slipping in little digs-the best of course was the "hopey, changey, thing" which made leftists head rotate.

Clearly they don't know how to deal with her-they have tried everything and she only gets stronger and has developed not only a thick skin but a wicked sense of humor. What the left doesn't realize, or if they do they are so blinded with hate they can't think rationally, is that they are wasting time, effort and money on someone who will not defeat their candidates this November rather than concentrating on the local races. Long may it happen as there is no cure for PDS which is one of the best stealth weapons the G.O.P. has ever come up with.

As for Palin and her supposed $12 million income-good for her (although the left now says she has betrayed her former fellow hockey moms). The left says she got that for doing nothing but that is far from reality. She earned every cent by blasting through an endless pile of slime which would have destroyed lesser mortals.

She is clearly having fun now too-she looked relaxed and great at the SRLC and her speech was full of power. Let the polls show she has declining support, let the pundits count her out, they all forget what she said when she resigned as Governor. She was going to campaign for like minded candidates and if things didn't work out for her personally so be it.

There is a long way to go till 2012 and her polls ( which I used to worry about but have ceased to) could turn on a dime but if they do not-well what a great ride it has been for her and for her fans. In the meantime, I for one will continue to be inspired and delighted by Sarah Palin not least for the effect she has on the left.

Palin Moves Into First Place In North Carolina Poll

Palin gains three points from the last PPP poll and moves into a shared tie for first place with Huckabee  who declined three points in this vital state for the 2012 primary.

If Palin runs and Huckabee does not and she takes the Iowa caucus then does o.k. in New Hampshire (which Romney should win easily) then, based on this poll which gives Palin/Huckabee 60% of the North Carolina vote, with a Midwest/South run of wins under her belt she should be well positioned momentum wise.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Palin's Sake McCain Must Win And Win With Conservatives Support

Conservatives, Tea Party supporters and Republicans of all stripes must get behind John McCain's Arizona re-selection and then election campaigns for the Senate. Whatever the personal attitude to him, and after all he is a Republican and former standard bearer, it is Palin's reputation that is very much at stake.

Obama can campaign disastrously for one loser after another in Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts (loser number two coming up in the Bay State) and gets a pass from the media. It is, in every case, all the fault of the candidate and nothing to do with Obama.

Palin has no such luxury as she is judged by the left wing media by a totally different, biased and unfair standard. Let her endorsement of a Conservative Party candidate in New York bring that candidate a massive lift in the polls, a flood of financial support and foot soldiers working round the clock. Let that candidate lose narrowly in the most extraordinary circumstances where one opposition candidate endorses her rival and it is all Palin's fault.

A Palin endorsement is a "kiss of death" runs the leftist meme across the blogosphere (conveniently forgetting the Saxby Chambliss endorsement in Georgia which helped lift his run-off margin substantially). This plan of attack got knocked back by the massive victory of the Palin endorsed candidacy of Perry in Texas in the Governor's primary race (against a candidate who had substantial high profile endorsements) but Palin got little if any credit-just as would happen in Arizona if McCain wins

Palin has put a lot on the line in Arizona, she has shown her loyalty and integrity matters more to her than the short term possible gain of endorsing McCain's far right opponent which endorsement which brought her considerable criticism from that wing of the party. If McCain should lose then that criticism would be substantial and the kiss of death meme would crescendo across the MSM.

If conservatives truly value their principles as embodied by Sarah Palin they must stand up for them and her by voting for McCain-too much is a stake not to. McCain’s career is drawing to a close even if he wins another term-whether hers continues might possibly be determined by those of her supporters who by voting for McCain are in fact voting for her

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Election 2012 Billionaire Obama Versus Palin The Poor Peoples Candidate

 Time magazine's Mark Halperin in prophesizing about the 2012 presidential election writes off Palin, as the MSM would of course, as the probable G.O.P. nominee-Palin and the other non-starters are "saddled with their own mess of flaws and failings that render them for now decidely questionable challengers to Obama". He then goes on to describe how the seeming dweller in/on, simultaneously Washington and Mt.Olympus Obama, despite current difficulties, has the total measure of the 2012 campaign against a series of possible opponents. Halperin dutifully disposes of all and sundry of them whose faults he details in passing.

The overarching aspect, it seems, of Obama's impregnability is the one billion dollar war chest he is accumulating which will be used entirely for the general election. Halperin, although he does admit that Obama no longer "towers as the uber-formidable candidate of 2009"  is nevertheless a possessor of an unclouded crystal ball. Obama it seems, according to the seer Halperin, stands no chance of being primaried.

That Presidents Johnson, Ford and Carter were primaried and went on to either withdraw or eventual defeat in the general election seems not to be the fate of Obama according to the doyen of the MSM Obama fan club. It would however, be wonderfully ironic if there were a challenger to Obama as Jimmy Carter the second and the billion dollar war chest was drained to a large degree.

However, let us assume Obama does have a clear run and elite, moneyed Democratic party  has a billion dollars to throw at the electorate, and the Jacksonian champion of the common man Palin is his opponent. Halperin suggests the G.O.P. candidate would have to take the public financing option at which point they would be so far behind Obama's fat cat Democrats that the race would be over before it began.

The rich man's club which is the DNC is forgetting one thing-Palin’s army. Here is a heart warming comment from a couple who self describe as nobodies in a previous posting of mine.

"Sarah Palin will not accept public financing because my husband and I we are nobody can give her $50 a week. Times that by one million"

God bless them.

Palin has now, nearly three years out from the next election 1.5 million followers on Facebook. When the serious stuff starts it is entirely possible for 5 million "common folk-nobodies" the salt of the earth, to give $20 a week over a thirteen week campaign (which I will most certainly do) 1.3 billion dollars to fight the good fight.

The Billionaire Obama's team would do well to forget their smug surety as the power of millions of little people, who have had enough, makes itself manifest. No sacrifice would be too great to RETURN TO NORMALCY.

Palin/Condoleezza 2012 A Ticket For The Ages

Sarah Palin for President teamed with Condoleeza Rice for Vice President would be a seminal, once in a generation-if not a century-pairing for the G.O.P. I hesitate to define this team as a Republican party ticket as it transcends party labels in so many ways. So much so, that party designation, although obviously a necessity, interferes with the otherwise unimpeded visibility of the majestic transcendence of the nation transforming, actually nation fulfilling, power it represents.

Rice, as a former and highly respected Secretary of State would add vast experience in foreign affairs, and her substantial business background and academic achievements would bring gravitas and respect. Rice retained, throughout the contentious Bush years, the goodwill of the public and a non-rancorous relationship with both the opposition and in general, the media. She has the common touch and projects a winning air of good humor, warmth and humanity.

These are excellent qualities and on those alone the Republican party could choose no better with the nation being well served. But above and beyond these sterling attributes Rice would bring, in her very person, the ability to change America for the good and forever.

The Palin/Rice ticket would have every possibility of sweeping the South via a coalition of conservative  whites and a percentage of blacks disenchanted with Obama who might not normally vote for the G.O.P. For the South to help a elect a black to the second highest office in the land would put the final seal on the end of the long history of racial divisiveness. This, following on from Obama's 2008 election would set a template for all levels of society.

With Rice on the ticket all attempts at creating at racially charged atmosphere, as is currently being attempted, Alinsky style, in some quarters on the left against Tea Party supporters (and by inference Palin) would be circumvented. There is no doubt the 2012 campaign would be highly charged and the inclusion of Rice would be of outstanding benefit to the nation as it would allow for a reasoned discussion of issues unclouded by heated emotion.

Having two women as standard bearers would give the 51% majority section of the population a once in lifetime opportunity to have the female viewpoint and qualities represented at the highest level of government by women of outstanding qualities and achievements. This too would put a final, positive seal on an historic process which only became a possibility as recently as 1920. For the G.O.P. the ticket might mirror the result of the 1920 election, where women had the full vote for the first time and the result was a Republican landslide.

Palin, as America’s first female President would mark social progress towards gender equality. She would also be the embodiment of the Jefferson/Jackson tradition of the interests of common man as all important. Rice as the first black female VP would heal America's social wounds. A new, exciting country able to face a future of unlimited possibilities will have been born.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama leads Palin By 17%-Congratulations Forthcoming To Madam President

According to the latest Harris Interactive Poll (which is an online poll so to be viewed with caution) in a head to head match up President Obama would lead Governor Palin by 17% (52%-35%) should the election be held today. If we accept that the poll is more or less accurate then, based on comparatively recent historical precedent, there is every reason to view this result in a highly positive manner.

In the 1988 campaign, as documented by Goldman and Mathews "Quest For The Presidency 1988" Vice President, as he was then, George H.W. Bush, with all the power of office and as second in command to a hugely popular president, was at the commencement of campaigning in May of that year 16 percentage points behind the challenger Michael Dukakis who was polling (KRC Hotline poll) at 54% compared to Bush at 38%.

After the Democratic Party held their July convention the Gallup poll result was Dukakis 54% and Bush 37% a seemingly insurmountable 17% lead with only just about four months campaigning time left against a fired up opposition.The result on election day however was Bush 53.4% and Dukakis 45.7 %. A massive turnaround for Bush changing a 17% deficit into a near 8% winning margin.

Palin, according to Harris has exactly the same 17% deficit that Bush had with the obvious difference being that she has not three months or so to catch up and pass Obama but two years and seven months. Statistically she has to improve by an average of  only 0.55% per month over 31 months. Given Palin's incredible capacity to recover from the most vicious campaign ever mounted against a candidate, her growth in stature as each month passes, the massive support/structural base in people (including  the many candidates she is helping to get elected or re-elected) and money she is building up it would be foolhardy in the extreme to believe she is not capable of achieving that result.

It is interesting to consider the opinions of  Bush's inner circle, who gave him only 60-40 odds of winning as their private polls showed a deficit of 18% at the commencement of the campaign, and the authors comment that "The press and political industry had already been consigning him to an early (political ) grave".  This of Bush who, with respect is not perceived as the sort of fighter that Palin is by nature, but rather had to be dragooned into mounting an effective campaign by his handlers.

There is a striking point of similarity between the elder Bush and Palin however which is clear by this comment "To be sure he had values....he could fairly claim to have lived an exemplary life of service to God, country and family and to the ideals of honor, achievement and common decency". As this is a true and valid comment on Palin too there is no reason to doubt that those shared values will enable her to overcome the same electoral challenges-especially given the much longer time frame she has to work in.

It is instructive also to note that as late as August in the 1948 election Harry Truman was eleven points behind Dewey and ended up winning by 4.5% (49.55/45.07). President Ford was, as late as July 1976 an incredible 33% points behind Jimmy Carter and on election day lost by 2% (50.08% for Carter to 48.02% to Ford) an incredible recovery by Ford which makes Palin's hurdle pale into insignificance. It is more than probable in fact that if Ford had not made such a terrible gaffe about the Soviets influence in Eastern Europe he would have won.

If Palin wants and receives the nomination the ultimate prize is very much there to be won.