Thursday, September 30, 2010

Latest Gallup Poll Of Republicans; Romney 19% Palin 16% Most Significant Figure Is Palin+Huckabee 28%

The Gallup poll asked Republicans and conservative independents who they preferred for president in 2012.
Romney scored 19%, Palin 16% and Huckabee 12%. The combined Palin+Huckabee result is 28%

Equally significant is the analysis of the preferences of conservative Republicans/independents who advised who they would choose as the presidential candidate for 2012.

Romney scored 19% Palin 16% and Huckabee 15% so the combined Palin+Huckabee conservative support is 35%.
Presuming the majority of Huckabee's Evangelical/Baptist support would go to Palin;

"Among Republicans who say religion is important in their lives, Huckabee (14%) is essentially tied with Romney (17%) and Palin (16%)."

She would have a significant advantage if this support was translated into caucus support in Iowa and voting support in South Carolina-two key early primary states. At this point the nomination, presuming Huckabee does not run, is hers to lose.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earl Ofari Hutchinson Demeans His Standing As A Journalist With Tabloid Type Article On Palin And Booing

Frankly it is nothing short of amazing that a professional journalist, a noted television and radio commentator, who is credited with a substantial number of books can lower himself to the level of an Hollywood tabloid scribbler.

Hutchinson has produced a five paragraph column in Huffington Post which venue takes his work to an even lower level, which includes analyzing whether or not Sarah Palin was booed whilst she was in the audience to watch her daughter Bristol compete on Dancing with the Stars.

After castigating ABC for basically protecting their "cash cow"and giving his in depth coverage of what has been idiotically called "Boogate" by sections of the well named "Lame Stream Media" Hutchinson concludes that 'Palin almost certainly was booed on Dancing with the Stars. But a fearful ABC is more than happy to dance around that". He also states-weirdly "So why then the rush by ABC to clean up yet another in the telephone-book-thick list of Palin's dismal acts?".  This is a clearly an example of PDS-what "dismal act" did Palin perform? All I saw was a proud mother sitting in the audience. Hutchinson has seen something else and perhaps needs to take professional advice.

Hutchinson tries to make what is effectively an E! Online article into something profound by linking ABC's professional presentation, via raw footage, of what is nearly universally accepted proof that the judges scoring was booed, not Palin (not that it mounts to a hill of beans either way). He links what he sees as ABC's act of self preservation, to Palin having seemingly destroyed the entire media "She's cowed the media. Her repeated taunt and jibe at the mainstream "lamestream" media as too liberal, too anti-Republican, too biased, and too sexist has hit home. That's caused many network executives to bunker down and tread carefully on any knock of Palin.." .

Well you could have fooled me!I see an endless flood of media attacks on Palin-her clothes, her daughter, her looks-just read the filthy comments on Huffington Post where people revel in the fact that Palin has had to have a restraining order taken out against a purported stalker-read the sexist garbage on trash site "Wonkette." Perhaps someone could point Mr.Hutchinson in the direction of the Vanity Fair hit piece which was so bad that even embarrassed left wing journalists called foul, unfair and untrue.

These media cowards are apparently hunkering down in fear of Palin's army of Tea Partiers-really, it's all so very very sad to see a representative of the leftist press like Mr. Hutchinson reduced to this level.

200th Blog Entry-An Appreciation to Passers By And To Sarah Palin For The Inspiration

To give an early start on blog entry # 201 I have edited blog entry #100 to reflect changed circumstances!

I would also very much wish to thank Josh Painter of "Texas4Palin"  and Smitty from "The Other McCain" for their kind comments, references to my blog from time to time and  appreciated suggestions. I am honored to be in the same blogosphere universe as these two luminaries.      MJS September 2010

I started this blog in November 2009 and in fits and starts have just passed the century double century mark of entries. With their being countless bloggers of every imaginable stripe I am honored that not only have some thousands tens of thousands of people from around the world been interested enough to have a look at an entry or two but that seven eight kind souls have gone so far as to bookmark the blog.

Now and then there have been, almost entirely positive, comments about some of my writings which of course are greatly appreciated. I have one regret a particular pleasure in advising that I have been removed from  restored to the list of Palin supporting blogs because, and rightly so in my view, I reflected that Palin, as things stand, is in a position where she would not can certainly advance to the Presidency.

However I felt the argument  original position was cogent  appropriate at the time and I do not resile from it and it would be putting ourselves in the same position as our political opponents if we are not open enough about our thoughts or a broad enough not to take with us more than just the conservative right which is too narrow a base for electoral success.

I made a deliberate plan not to include adverts for teeth whitening etc (without passing any judgement on any blog which has them-good luck to them fundraising wise) as I wanted to convey that this blog is an attempt at (for the most part) serious commentary with a few excursions in to personal reflections on things metaphysical/personal. I have failed a few times in trying to be witty but in general I trust I have kept to my original aims.

The blog has centred on Sarah Palin in the main, as to me the values (not necessarily policies) she embodies reflects my journey from, as the blog indicates, liberal to conservative. I regret that so many entries have had to focus on combating the negatives that the liberal media/blogs have created about her (created, as they are mostly pure fiction) rather than an analysis/exposition of her policies.

However I think that defense is a valid program as once the field is cleared of all the falsities, innuendos and other memes the left keep coming up with then, with the mind of the public cleansed of that rubbish, the serious work of policy development and explanation can begin.

Perhaps the task is an endless one sadly as the left is like a hydra and when a head is cut off another pops up just as ugly as the previous one. However the end result to be hoped for is worthy of the journey. If on the way I am joined by the occasional viewer/commentator/bookmarker (and who knows Paypal supporter ! Of course, like any dedicated blogger I would wish to do this full time and create a, in this case, thoughtful and hopefully inspiring, magazine of the right) then I will count myself as highly privileged to have the honor of your company.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Palin's Certain Path To Election 2012-Update # 3 ( New Census Analysis)

Politico carries an updated analysis from Election Data Services of new Census data in relation to changes in House seats which allow for further adjustment of my overview: Palin's "Sure And Certain Path To Election 2012". The latest analysis is further possible good news for Palin-should she have the nomination as it edges her even closer to the 270 electoral votes required.

In the original analysis her electoral vote winning path was determined;

McCain/Palin won 22 states with 173 electoral votes of the 270 required to be elected basis for victory.

The following two states were lost by under 1%. North Carolina 15 electoral votes lost by 0.4% and Indiana 11 EV 0.9%. Nebraska 1 EV 1.2% (The GOP won Nebraska's four other EV's). At the next level Florida's 27 EV's were lost by 2.5% and Ohio's 20 by 4.0% and at the highest level for this exercise Virginia's 13 EV's by 6.3% and Colorado's 9 EV's by 8.5%. All these states were won by Bush in 2004

Population shift and the consequent change in electoral votes, have some states gaining EV's and some losing. The projections, for the States under consideration here are:

Florida +1 to 28 Ohio -2 to 18. For states safely in the red column the gains are Texas +3 to 37 Arizona +1 to 11 Georgia +1 to 16 South Carolina +1 to 9. With these population based gains, plus regaining the 5 states from 2004 (and Nebraska's one EV) Palin would have 265 EV's-just 5 EV's short. Winning Colorado's 9 EV's would give her a comfortable victory and a 4 EV cover to allow for any loss of EV's in the 2008 won states e.g. Missouri and Louisiana.


Subsequent to the above analysis the polling research firm Polidata reviewed the data with the following result;

Texas will now gain 4 electoral votes instead of the projected 3 Utah will gain 1 electoral vote instead of none Louisiana will lose 1 Missouri will not lose an electoral vote (this was considered a possibility).

The end result is that, based on my analysis, Palin will gain 2 further electoral votes (1 Texas and 1 Utah) and lose 1 (Louisiana) for a final gain of 1 electoral vote. This takes her projected total to 266 electoral votes-4 short of victory. As before this could come from Colorado's 9 electoral votes or Iowa's 6 electoral votes (Iowa loses 1 electoral vote from 7 but winning it still gives her a 2 electoral vote margin). As before she would have 28 states-well above half which gives added credibility.


The newest data from Politico/EDS gives;

Florida a gain of 2 instead of 1 which takes it to 29 EV's  and Missouri does lose 1 to to 10.
Thus Palin's prospective EV's stay at 266 However Nevada is now considered to gain 1 EV to 6. Bush won this in 2004 and if it is added to Palin's totals that would give her 272 and victory.

The winning structure is as before;

Retain all 22 states electoral votes won in 2008 plus their additional electoral votes from the population shift. Win the states lost by less than 2.5%-North Carolina, Indiana, Florida and Nebraska's 1 lost EV.

Win Ohio,Virginia, and either Colorado or Iowa or Nevada.

Update Florida 29      New York 29   Missouri 10   Texas 38


Monday, September 27, 2010

Palin Polling At Upswing Tipping Point.Green Light For 2012 Run Signal

The Beltway "Common Wisdom" has been that as Sarah Palin's unfavorable ratings are consistently above 50% she would have little or no chance of ever succeeding in a presidential run. 50% appears to be the break point in this CW for all candidates. It is a fact that many times, even when a candidate has had a considerable lead in the polls over a rival but has been below the 50% mark in either percentage of the vote or unfavorable rating, then the top polling candidate has lost on election day.

With that as a guide there has been a perhaps significant development in Palin's recent polling, and most importantly the trend lines. The last time Palin's favorable ratings were more positive than her unfavorable was October 2008 reaching a nadir of 35/57 in August 2010. Since then there has been a significant recovery with Rasmussen in September showing a 48/49 result. The most significant thing is the trend line which for the first time since October 2008 has reversed direction as per the aggregate map below.

In fact, if we disregard the ridiculous CBS poll which had Palin at 23/40 with 20% undecided, 3% refused and an idiotic "Not heard enough" of 15% Palin's Favorables are 40.4% and Unfavorables are 50%.

Also significantly, if we look at the two latest September polls, we find that the undecideds have dropped strikingly from earlier polls-it appears that undecided are moving in Palin's favor and the  average of the two latest polls is 46/49. If this trend continues it is only  a matter of time before her positives are higher than negatives.

Why this move upwards? There are, as usual a number of factors for any polling change of direction. In Palin's case it may be that the negatives associated with her resignation have dissipated, the Vanity Fair hit piece may have been so over the top that it has finally elicited sympathy for Palin as regards the media's continuous negative portrayal of her, her perceived growing gravitas, and most probably her success in having her endorsed candidates-particularly Miller in Alaska, do so well.

In the head to head Obama Palin polling Palin is 8 points behind in the latest Politico poll which is a 9% improvement on her previous polling, and ballpark with the recent PPP poll which had her only 5 points behind.The next big test for Palin will be the result of the November elections. If her endorsed candidates do very well she will most likely have another uptick, probably into positive territory. If O'Donnell can pull off another upset win Palin will be under immense pressure, I believe, to declare a candidacy for the presidency.


GWU/Politico (Lake/Tarrance) 9/19-22/10 1000 LV 44 49 - 2 5 -

Rasmussen 9/18-19/10 1500 LV 48 49 - 3 - -

Politico / Penn Schoen Berland 9/9-16/10 1668 A 41 50 - 9 - -

PPP (D) 9/10-13/10 590 RV 38 52 - 9 - -

Quinnipiac 8/31-9/7/10 1907 RV 31 50 - - 15 3

CBS News 8/20-24/10 1082 A 23 40 - 20 15 2   (Ridiculous!)

AP-GfK 8/11-16/10 1007 A 41 54 - 5 - 1

Politico / Penn Schoen Berland 8/6-11/10 1668 A 35 57 - 8 - -

PPP (D) 8/6-9/10 606 RV 37 54 - 9 - -

YouGov/Polimetrix 7/17-20/10 1000 A 37 51 - 12 - -

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Romney Could Have Survived Anything-Mormon Faith, Health Care Record But Being Compared To Max Headroom,That's The Final Straw

In this day and age candidates seemingly can survive anything being dredged up from their past including diaper wearing, affairs, witchcraft and who knows what else and still run for, and be elected to office.

A candidates religion, at one time a major hurdle e.g. Al Smith's Catholicism, was put to rest with JFK's victory.  Race, surely the biggest  hurdle too date, was knocked on the head as an impediment with Obama's win. Now it appears the final hurdle, and apparently the toughest, is gender. Hillary Clinton fell at this last barrier but it is possible however that Sarah Palin may be the one to break through this "glass ceiling".

When all reasonable impediments are out of the way there will always remain one which can be insurmountable-and that of course  ridicule and satire !

We saw have devastating to Palin's campaign for Vice President a single line from Tina Fey on SNL "I can see Russia from my house' was .It was so devastating that even now professional journalists still think that Palin herself actually said those words. President Ford never recovered from the bumbling image the satirists created for him after he slipped a few times coming down an airplane steps-there are instances too numerous to catalogue of political careers being destoryed by being lampooned.

A blog has posted a comparison of Mitt Romney with the fictional television character Max Headroom
asking if he and Romney might be brothers. He asks this as they, in his opinion share the same characteristics
and posits, hilariously 

"But it may be that he is too stiff – like Max.  He is a little too perfect in his dress and, like Max, he has a helmet of hair.  America doesn’t need a plastic president unless of course he/she can be recycled"

This image of Romney as Max Headroom is, I believe,totally devastating. It will be used on opponents blogs throughout any campaign the poor man may undertake as, frankly, there is an element of truth behind it-which is of course the core of all satire. It has taken palin two years to rehabilitate her image which is still a work in progress.For Romney,who can overcome concerns about his religion and, a bit more problematically his Massachusetts health care legislation, but with the Max Headroom comparison, two years, if ever won't be long enough to change the public perception of the negative imagery.

Old Country Jewish Humor Is The Best Humor #3

As this is a slow news Sunday and visitors are, quite rightly, sparse I am taking advantage of the downtime to post, hopefully for the amusement of others, from my favorite "Old Country" collection of Jewish folklore.

As it was with my previous postings this repository of thousands of years of, mostly Russian Jews bittersweet, ironic, self deprecating, joyous humor and wisdom, has humor mixed with didacticism and vice versa ! Here are some of my favorite Matchmaker jibes and jests-enjoy!



A marriage broker had taken a young man on a visit to a prospect. As they left the house the broker said triumphantly, "didn't I tell you what a wonderful family they were, and how rich? Did you notice the quality of the silverware on the table? Pure sterling !"

Y-e-s," grudgingly conceded the young man. " But don't you think it's possible that in order to make a good impression on me they borrowed the silverware?"
"Ach, what nonsense!" cried the broker with exasperation." Who'd lend any silverware to those thieves?"



The boy and girl went for a stroll. The boy said to his matchmaker when they next met,"But she limps!"
"Only when she walks," agreed the matchmaker.



Once there was a marriage broker who felt he was getting old and unable to get around any more as much as he used to. He therefore hired a young assistant who knew nothing about the business. He had to start from scratch with him
"know young man," said the marriage broker,"that the most important thing in matchmaking is exaggeration. You must lay it on thick!"
"I fully understand," answered the assistant brightly.
One day the master took his assistant along on a matchmaking visit to a rich man who had  an only son.
"Remember what I told you!" the marriage broker warned his assistant. "Above all things, be enthusiastic and don't hesitate to lay it on."
When they came to the rich man the broker began:
"I've just the right girl for your son! She comes of a good family."
"Good family!" exclaimed his assistant rapturously. "Why, they're descendants of the most illustrious Rabbi's!"
"And they are rich too," the broker went on.
"What do you mean 'rich'!? interrupted his assistant. "They're millionaires!"
"As for the girl, she's as pretty as a doll!" gushed the broker.
"A doll!" snorted his assistant with scorn. "Why she's a raving beauty!"
At this the broker threw a dubious look at his assistant.
"To tell the truth." he faltered, "she has just a trifling little handicap-she has a tiny wart on her back."
"What do you mean, a tiny wart !" enthused the assistant. "Why, she has a regular hump!"


Saturday, September 25, 2010

CINO Rick Moran Attacks Stacy McCain/Dan Riehl And Should Be Excoriated,Expunged And Expelled

Conservative In Name Only Rick Moran at "Right Wing Nut House"/Pajamas Media has laid down the gauntlet to the Tea Party "elite" and the dynamic and respected defenders of true conservatism including Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) and Dan Riehl (Riehl World View) as well as Erickson at Red State Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin.

Yes I know, I wrote some time ago that it is best for ones blood pressure just to ignore Moran and his ilk, as it only encourages them when the see hits on their site but it was a slow news day and, against my better judgement, I had a look. As I should have know it did  nothing for my blood pressure and I certainly won't repeat the futile exercise. However some good came out of it as I think it is important to expose his distorted views, his foul ad hominems and his intolerance. But most of all his wrong headed outlook on a conservative movement whose morals, mores, and plans he does not have a clue about.

It is the latter that is the most important. Moran writes "In politics, there is victory and there is defeat.Nothing else matters." This one sentence alone is enough in itself to condemn Moran as an inhabitant of the beltway thinking which got us to where we are today. The "Contract With America"failed not because of its contents, but because of the compromising by the GOP establishment who ignored its basic tenets. Contrast Moran's political credo with Jim DeMint's;

DeMint, the leader of the Senate Conservatives Fund, said the GOP was on track to being a stronger party ideologically with her victory.

I don’t want the majority back if we don’t believe anything, So I think if we want the numbers, if we want the majority, then we’re going to have to stand on some principles that the American people believe in.”

DeMint's credo is one of honor, Moran's is one of tawdry business as usual degradation of the political system. He went on to add to this; "You're either on the outs or you're in-a cold calculation that seems to be lost on those who believe elections are about something else besides winning and losing."  That would not have worked so well for the nascent Republican party which gathered in Dayton Ohio in 1856 to nominate Fremont in an obviously losing battle. But which culminated four years later with the election of the greatest Republican in history and the emancipation of the slaves. Moran would have made a great leader of the Whig rump.

Moran seems to have gotten it into his head that some cabal of the tea party "elite"  is "mindlessly making war on those they suspect of ideological impurity". This Moran designated elite are, he says, more interested in maintaining their position at the top (sic) than in stopping Obama's agenda. This whilst trashing other conservatives who don't agree with them 100% of the time apparently.

The other aspect of his rant seems to be that if the tea party elite, whomever they are, have their way then the ability to compromise with the Democrats to craft legislation will be negated. "Obviously to even the most simple minded adolescent" he says in his typical arrogant fashion "this is not how to run a country." And, most tellingly "In the process of compromising, political deals are made, backs are scratched, favors called in and, threats and cajoing are used." Could any words be a more perfect example of exactly what the tea party is trying  to expunge from our national polity?

Moran's formula, which he admits is "messy, inefficient, unsatisfying and irredeemably venal" for governing (which system he says "works") is exactly what had got us into the terrible mess we are in-caused by comprising Republican and Democrats alike. The remedy is, I assure Mr. Moran, not more of the same.

Moran's concept that it is essential to have representatives who are prepared to compromise principles for expedience is a historical nonsense. For example, in Wiemar Germany should the Social Democrats have compromised their principles and platform to work with the majority Nazi's to "get things done"?  How well did it go for the conservatives to work with the Communist parties in Eastern Europe who subsequently overthrew the democracies one by one? There is a time to stand on principle and to be the part of No-that time is now when America is faced with a drift into socialism. There is nothing to stop and expunge from the law books all the laws passed by this administration-even if it takes more than one election to get a majority of true conservatives who will do it.

And who are these tea party elites who are leading the mass of rank and file sheep into the chasm of supporting  uncompromising candidates, some of whom may not win? Moran identifies Levin, Malkin, Erickson, Riehl and Stacy McCain who, with "several others" have "abandoned their principles by supporting the fatally flawed, radically unconservative (sic) Christine O'Donnell". I note that in Stacy McCain's case he has put his feet where his mouth is and actively campaigned for O'Donnell, as he has for Miller and many others, whereas I am unaware of the Brobdingnagian Moran doing anything for anyone of a feet on the ground nature. I note too that he states they support a "criminal candidate" who "steals from her own campaign chest."  I would have thought that a moral man, which Mr. Moran professes to be, would not make such statements a unless a criminal case was proven-innocent until proven guilty should be the watchword of an honorable man

Moran has shown himself, time and time again, to be antagonistic to true conservatism and it is time for his site, as with "Little Green Footballs" to be expunged from the conservative mind. His viewers are declining, for obvious reasons, and he should be left to rant in the outer darkness whilst making his steady progress to the Democratic party-which will surely happen if Palin, who he has strongly opposed, is on the 2012 ticket. And good riddance to bad rubbish along with Krauthammer, Rove and all the other beltway elites (in mind and place) whom time has passed by, and whose philosophy of government has failed.

ALLAPUNDIT/HOT AIR And Any Other Blog Pushing A Castle Write In Campaign Whilst Condemning Murkowski's Is Hypocritical

ALLAPUNDIT at Hot Air and other conservative commentators are running columns conjugating how the possible entry of Mike Castle into the Delaware senatorial election might assist O'Donnell's flagging campaign to the point where, with a three way split she might sneak through to win.

So many of these same commentators went ballistic when Lisa Murkowski in Alaska contemplated and actually ended up doing exactly the same thing. Because her campaign might affect the chances of the leading candidate in that race, Joe Miller the Republican, she and her supporters were condemned as RINO's, traitors and suffered much opprobrium.

In Murkowski's case these attacks were entirely appropriate, not only because her entry might do damage to Miller and conceivably allow the Democrat McAdams, who normally would have no chance to sneak through but, because it is the right thing to do. If it is the right thing to do in Alaska then it is the right thing to do in Delaware or anywhere.

It is a sad moment when expediency is seen, and blatantly so, to conquer what is right. The Republicans have just launched a version of the "Contract with America" advising that "this time the contract, or now pledge, will be kept as we have learned the lessons of the past". The public will not have confidence in that advice if it is seen that, when it is convenient,principles are tossed aside, as they surely are when high profile conservatives are seen to be two faced in the overwhelming desire to win at all costs.

Jim DeMint made it very clear that if the party does not stand for principles, especially in its candidate selection and support of those so selected, then it does not deserve to carry on. People like ALLAHPUNDIT are doing a disservice to these ideals. If O'Donnell is the right candidate for the new Republicans, as her victory showed it to be, but is not acceptable to the majority of voters in Delaware then so be it. The party will carry on if she loses and if by her losing Republicans don't get a majority in the senate-well so be it as well (as if a one seat loss would prevent the Republicans from blocking bad policy as they are quite comfortably doing now.

It is sad and shameful to see this reversion to the "old politics" surely we on the right are better than that.

See Further; Hot Air Analysis here

And This blog thinks there are positives in  the Castle write in idea. 

 NRO, sadly, comments "This may very well work out quite well for her options" which is both mealy mouthed, an odd sentence, and the wrong attitude

This one honorably condemns it

"Mini Skirts Don't Cause Rape, Rapists Do." Palin Please Save Us From Liberal Madness

As reported in the Observer two schools in England have banned skirts altogether and have insisted girls wear trousers-dozens of other schools are now considering following their example. Why  have these schools taken this step? "Letters have been sent to parents saying the current fashion is for wearing skirts as short and as tight as possible" They go on to advise, in a typically British understatement that "dealing with the issue is a distraction from teaching".

One Headmaster said that short skirts were encouraging "inappropriate thoughts" amongst boys. I can confirm this remembering a time I had been asked to present a paper I had written to my senior class in high school and noticed that the front row was all female in open fronted desks in skirts that had ridden up. This presented an inflammatory sight to an hormonally challenged  young man- and I certainly struggled to present the paper as well as I had hoped.

But why trouser and not longer skirts? Apparently Tesco's the huge supermarket chain had been selling school skirts much shorter than standard skirts "which looked like they should be sold in a sex shop" advised a parenting website "Netmums". Even the standard issue length skirts were being  "'customized" by being rolled up by the waistband. One teacher said that male teachers are being "embarrassed by the sight of female underwear in the corridors and especially on the stairs."

The liberals came rushing into this example of patriarchy, misogynism and God now what else they thought it represents in their busybody brains, when Robert Kelly, Rector of Berwickshire High in Duns, Scotland presented his thoughts on this to his female students.

Rape Crisis Scotland came rushing in to defend the right of young females to show off as much of their upper thighs as possible. Advocate Eileen Maitland  was reported to complain that she agreed schools had the right to have a school uniform but should not "encourage prejudicial attitudes that dress is somehow a provocation" and then concluded Miniskirts don't cause rape, rapists do."

Eileen Maitland is 100% right-I have checked criminal records both in the U.K. and the USA and have found not a single case of a miniskirt raping a female. However, and perhaps I am being old fashioned and out of touch with modern trends, but in my day the sight of naked thighs in ultra short skirts which showed off underwear did have a stimulating effect on males of all ages. I would also consider that if females wear clothing so short and tight then the incidence of sexual unwelcome advances of all types would be considerably higher than if more modest apparel-in length and looseness-was worn, witness the reporter Ines Sainz in the NY Jets clubhouse brouhaha.

No one is suggesting that the Burkha should be clothing du jour for for high school students.But surely, responsible adults running schools have the right, in fact duty, to impose a dress code which has some relation to an understanding of such things as a moral code, is not distracting to students and staff, and which does not contribute to sexual advances-even rape.

But apparently the liberal feminists can't accept that these very real factors can't be addressed as an explanation to the female students as to why the school is imposing standards. This is because, apparently, by doing so they are sending a message to women that dress is "somehow a provocation". The idiocy of that statement beggars belief. What it seems the schools should do is to impose a clothing regulation without explaining why they are doing it, in case they offend against females right to have no bounds as to what they wear, no matter how sexually explicit and or offensive as the case may be. No doubt because this is an example of the "patriarchy" in action.

Thank God there are women like Camille Paglia who have railed against this idiotic feminism, especially in the case of "date rape" where she condemns both the attacker and the person attacked when, in the latter case, there is a lack of common sense and provocation on the females part. No one is condoning rape or unwanted sexual attacks-they are horrendous and deserve  to be punished by the full weight of the law. But we are sexual beings ("Sexual  Personae" as Paglia puts it) and common sense should come into how society functions.

Sadly the radical feminist have such a grip on the mores of society that it is unlikely any male in political life can address these issues and call them out for the stupidity they represent. Just like Nixon being the only politician who could have opened up China from the right (a Democrat would have been destroyed as a communist if he had tried it) so it will take a female leader to try and restore sanity in our national discourse.

Sarah Palin, who is a strong and fearless leader in the Thatcher mold, is ideally placed to take on the feminist mafia as she goes about the business of leading America to look to a society based on moral values, the sanctity of life and yes, schools where students and teachers can work without embarrassment and distraction. Palin owes the feminist movement absolutely nothing-they have stood by, and often have lead the cheering, when the liberal media and blogosphere have done everything they can to destroy her by attacking her as a woman. She is impervious to their attacks and can ensure America doesn't reach the absurd levels that the British school system had descended into.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Honored To Be Starting A New Position-Ambassador For The Leprosy Mission

I spent the last two years working for World Vision-an international charity which does  significant development work by raising funds through child sponsorship. I proposed to the organization that since they did so much work in countries which had a significant immigrant population that it would make sense to outreach to them, and was given the role of Ambassador to the Ethnic Communities

This had value on a number of levels, it gave the various communities, Indian, Bangladeshi, African and many others, an opportunity to provide input as to how World Vision might best work in their countries of origin and, through fund raising, an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the development of their native lands.

The role was hugely rewarding, I was honored to be a guest at numerous cultural, religious and National Day celebrations-the only downside was putting on too much weight at these events from the fantastic ethnic food served with abundance and love. I was also honored to be a conduit for fundraising. For example, the incredibly generous Korean community invited me to address their church communities fundraising for the earthquake in Haiti and then presented a cheque for $32,000. This was but one example of the tremendous generosity of the various immigrant communities.

The role at World Vision was within a company type framework and involved a number of office days plus, with so many events to attend, night and weekend work-pleasurable and rewarding but also time consuming.

Being a large multi-national it was constrained, as I saw it, by marketing imperatives and restructuring in the economic downturn. My role was to be subsumed into the sales team which I felt was not where I thought it should be as it was very much a "people" and advocacy role with fundraising as secondary so I left the organization.

 I was delighted to present the same outreach concept, advocacy and relationship building, to The Leprosy Mission, a much smaller organization and advised I would be more than pleased to continue the work I was doing, but with them and on a voluntary basis which I am delighted to find they have accepted.

Leprosy is still a major scourge with around 5 million sufferers. There is also a concomitant problem in that when a member of a family has the disease the whole family can become outcasts themselves even though they not suffering from it. I look forward to doing what I can, with the assistance of the ethnic communities from those countries where leprosy is still a problem, and hopefully can make a contribution.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If Palin Runs Should Christians Give Ten Percent Of Their Income (Tithe) To Her Campaign?

If Sarah Palin decides to run for the presidency in 2012 and receives the nomination then she will be faced with a major decision as to how she would finance the campaign.

Given the massive funds raised by the then candidate Obama in 2008-easily outstripping McCain who took the public option, it is unlikely that the Palin team would also take the public option. Even if President Obama, the presumed nominee for the Democrats, is still unpopular his very large on-line support would guarantee he could raise substantial funds.

Palin would, with the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to fund campaigns, presumably have access to major funding from that quarter. But, in this new internet age, a major source would be from her millions of Facebook and other website fans. However, allowing for some crossover, a potential massive source of funds might be available from the Christian community, particularly the fundamentalist section .

If the millions of conservative Christians were asked, by the Palin campaign team, and by Church spiritual leaders, to give ten percent of their (gross) income) for the duration of the campaign-say from June to November, the potential funds raised might be very significant.

According to the analysis by there are over 6 million Christians they categorize as Pentecostal, 3.8 million as Mormon, and approximately 5 million with churches possibly considered as in the Pentecostal area. Thus there are about 15 million who might be aware of, or are actively  committed to, the concept of tithing. There are amongst the about 71 million Catholics and numerous non-Pentecostal Christians  many who also are aware of, or
are currently committed to tithing.

Thus there might potentially be 20 million or more Christians who might tithe. At even say, $10 a week, that would equate to $800 million a month from this source alone- billions of dollars over a 5 month campaign.

The first question to consider is "Should Christians tithe"? Tithing is of course an Old Testament (or rather Hebrew Bible) admonishment, for example:

Deut 14:22 Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed, that the field bringeth forth year by year.

Deut 14:28 At the end of three years thou shalt bring forth all the tithe of thine increase the same year, and shalt lay it up within thy gates:
These passages would support tithing whenever the Lord blesses with an increase (which some define as income). It is beyond dispute that  there are many such references-for those who who wish to see a fuller analysis there is a substantial overview here.

The point made is that tithing should be used for God's work, as directed by God and substantially to aid the poor.

If we look to the New Testament Jesus advises that tithing should be done;
Luke 11:42 "But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass by justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone."

As this site advises Jesus was complying with the Mosaic law which had not been superseded in his lifetime

"For the same reason he compelled tithing in Matthew 23:23. The Law of

Moses was still in force during the life of Christ. It would have been 'sin' for Christ at this time to have taught against the Law of Moses!" Thus, I consider, and as the site implies, there is no absolute command for Christians to tithe.

There is however, and again as the site shows in numerous examples, much admonition to give and God's work is still to assist the poor. The question here is is there a way in which through "Rendering unto Caesar" the poor can be assisted in a massive, dynamic fashion through the mechanism of a government that so orders society on a Christian fellowship, Christian caring basis, that God's work can be channeled through it?

I believe that with a government of  representatives whose  need to serve is faith based and spirit driven can, by restoring the values of the Founding Fathers and the Christian work and faith ethic which made America great, so restore America's economic structure as to eliminate poverty. America tried the statist "Great Society" method, it has tried the unfettered, ungodly greed method, and both have failed. It is time to restore once again the faith based method which, looking to God for guidance, is the only sure method.

If in 2012 there is a choice between the current, "Big Government" philosophy and a candidate who would  restore the free market, certainly regulated for fairness but unhindered by excessive taxation and government red tape, look to a renewed moral code with particular emphasis on the sanctity of life, was strong on defense and supporting friends overseas whilst opposing those who would destroy us in the name of distorted religion. A candidate who looked to God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit then perhaps the call to Christians to tithe for a short time- to support such as candidate as Sarah Palin-who embodies all these characteristics-is a worthy call and is God's work both in in its inception and activation and end result.

Bristol Palin On DWTS Is De-Demonizing Sarah

Another left wing/blogosphere meme "Sarah Palin is a horrible parent" bites the dust with the charming and lovely Bristol showing real Palin fortitude on dancing with The stars.

Even Jon Stewart on The Daily Show was effusive in his praise of  Bristol, who he called a sweet kid with plenty if youthful exuberance, and her "Go for it" attitude. The all things Palin bashers on Huffington Post have struggled to find anything negative about Bristol, apart from the usual snide comments about her weight, and the general attitude seems to  be one of goodwill.

How could it be anything else? Bristol Palin is a normal young lady who has been clearly well brought up and who has a down to earth attitude to life.The antics of her boyfriend has, in contrast only further reinforced her charm.

The left still has its diehards, the execrable "Wonkette" can't let go its degrading, misogynist attitude with comments about Bristol (and of course Palin's whole family) but "the content of her character' is not attacked.

Where the LSM thought they might have a demonizing edge on this story to attack Sarah was that she was going to turn up in the audience "because it is all about her as a media whore" The New York Magazine ran a headline to this effect and did not publish a retraction subsequently. Other reports said that the show had to engage  massive security guard coverage including metal detectors all because Sarah was attending.

As it tuned  Palin's attendance was all MSM speculation with no foundation in anything except the fevered minds of those suffering from PDS. When it turned out that Sarah wasn't in the audience precisely because she didn't want to make Bristol even more nervous and instead held a "TV party" in Wassila for family and finds, the lefts rubbish was of course shot down once again.

And of course Sarah can't win-the still found something to complain about  with "If Sarah Palin was a good parent she would have been in the audience cheering her daughter on'  and " poor Bristol was left all alone with no support whilst everyone else had a family member there" As I said when it comes To Sarah Palin there is no way that anything she does will not be attacked somehow.

Anther say-another paliP meme shot down.this is of course all to the good because by 2012 if she decides to run there will be absolutely nothing for the LSM to say about her that hasn't been said so she will be able to attend to her message of small government, low taxation and redeeming America without distractions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dramatic Poll Improvement For Palin. Gains 9 Points In Head To Head Race With Obama

A new Politico poll confirms that Sarah Palin is trending up which confirms other polls.

As the publicity surrounding her extraordinary success in picking winners sinks in further this trend should continue. The failure of yet more hit piece hatchet jobs which are just eliciting sympathy for her, her obvious and growing gravitas and grasp/projection of issues, her outstanding address to the Iowa Reagan Day function will ensure Palin will continue on this upward trajectory.

If her chosen candidates do well in November this polling base would be expected to increase-further placing her in a front runner position for the nomination if she chooses to pursue it.

In a direct comparison head to head with president Obama Palin has improved from being 17 points behind to only eight behind.This mirrors the most recent PPP poll which has Obama at 48% and Palin at 43%

If the 2012 Presidential election were held today, who would you be more likely to vote for?
                    September          August                       
Obama             45                        50                                    
Sarah Palin     37                        33                                          
Don’t know     18                        17          

Her Favorable/Unfavorable ratings has also improved-up 6% favorable and down 7% unfavorable. Her unfavorable rating is at a significant point and when it falls below 50% it will mean a major shift in her favor.



Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why (In Retrospect) It Was Good Obama Was Elected

Number 10:

It proved Dr.Martin Luther King right-a man is now judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin-and can be found to be incompetent whether black or white.

Number 9:

It makes it more certain that Sarah Palin will be elected president. It would have been much harder for her to be elected after four years of an unsuccessful McCain presidency, or after eight years when voters usually defeat a sitting Vice President/put in the opposition.

Number 8:

Voters have learned that "Hope and Change and "Yes We Can" and unicorns, rainbows, Grecian Styrofoam columns in fact all fluff and no substance do not a president make.

Number 7:

The voters can now see that an "Empty Suit" is the same as "The Emperor's New Clothes"

Number 6:

The Main Stream media have been exposed as totally in the bag for the Democrat's and have lost all credibility and the power to influence the voters.

Number 5:

What was suspected has been proven. Democrat's are the party of big spending, high taxation, and bureaucracy. A lesson learned in two years, who are to be suffered for another two, and then dumped for the foreseeable future.

Number 4:

It has enabled the Republicans to clean house of RINO's to ensure that next time the new Contract With America will be honored.

Number 3:

It has brought into the Republican party a whole new generation of capable,forward thinking candidates-committed to not repeat the mistakes of the past and to  hold the leadership accountable for policy going forward.

Number 2

It has, partly through the example of Sarah Palin, brought in to the GOP an unprecedented amount of highly capable, energized and dedicated women who have added a hugely valuable aspect to the modernizing of the Republican Party.

Number 1:

It caused the creation of the Tea Party; energizing millions of Americans to get involved, to begin the process of restoring America, voting for and financing dynamic new candidates whilst removing the dead wood. Thank you President Obama-this is your finest achievement for which history will honor you.
There has been a high price to pay for all these, and many more lessons learned but-two more years and "Evening In America" will once again become Reagan's "Morning In America"