Monday, May 31, 2010

Shock Sarah Palin Top 8 Reasons Why The Secret Of Who Wants To Know The Little Known Ways To Get Rid Of Crazy Mom's Secret.

Hits to this blog are well down since it was delisted from the Palin supporting blog lists. I am under no illusion that anything I write is of any value to anyone or worth more than a cursory glance by the few souls who check in from time to time (which is appreciated).

However, in case a bon mot now and then hits the mark I looked for ways to build up the hit rate. Searching across the net I found there seems to be key words which are guaranteed to get the hits coming so I ran them all together in the header for this blog entry-not sure if that is the right thing to do but I thought, well why not go all in?

I could follow "The Other McCain's" lead and publish pictures of pretty girls but that's not really my style (but good for them for doing it).Neither is adverts for "Teeth whitening secrets of crazy Mom's" (but I'll give the crazy Mom theme a go in the title here just in case).

Actually the build  Ab's by getting ripped  (whatever that means) and teeth whitening adverts are tempting as the  donation appeal for funds through rational discourse doesn't seem to work either-ah well, I'll just keep pecking away in my hovel thinking of ten little known ways how I can get proven impact on this blog.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Forget Carter-Obama Making Harding Look Good ( With Buchanan (Updated: Pierce/Fillmore) On The Horizon) Palin Must Be The Better Choice.

I wrote the article below during the Gulf oil spill crisis and nothing that has happened since has in any way made the tenor of the article wrong in any respect. In point of fact, quite the contrary.

The air of disillusion in America has grown stronger, and the voters expressed what they thought about the direction of the country in unmistakable terms in the November elections.

Whether a particular policy of this administration is good or bad, whether the  foreign policy is disastrous, and a myriad of other negatives, the overarching factor is that the most important thing which affects the average person-unemployment is getting worse.

9.8 headline unemployment "surprisingly" announced today-the rate of real unemployment is tragically much higher-is the ultimate confirmation of President Obama's failure.

The only change to the drift of the original post is that the presidents I compared him to have changed. In Krugman's latest column of despair on his lamented-hope and change president, to paraphrase,"what happened to the man we believed in, where is  his spine"-a commentator said;
Obama is a caretaker president like Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan whilst we wait for the agent of change".

When I wrote the original article Buchanan was the worst example I could think of at the time. Since then Obama has plumbed the depths to be at the level of Pierce who historians reckon as having been the absolute worst in history.

Like Pierce Obama will be a one termer and perhaps the only good thing we can hope for is that he will have cleared the ground for the true exponent of hope and change, President Palin. Let's hope in the remaining two years he doesn't emulate Fillmore, who is considered a laughing stock, their is nothing to laugh about frankly.
You know you are in trouble when even  the foreign press says your credibility has hit "rock bottom" as is the case with this report in England's "Telegraph" from their Washington based correspondent Toby Harnden.

Harnden points to Obama's "soporific" press conference and his disastrous handling of the BP oil spill-which Harnden contrast poorly with G.W. Bush's Katrina role-pointing out that in the same duration, 39 days, Bush had visited the Katrina sites 7 times compared to Obama's 2 Gulf area visits.

The Sestak/Emmauel/Clinton/Specter affair also comes in for hard lines from Harnden who summarizes that Americans are now deeply disillusioned with their government and President.

However the best aspect of the piece is the pithy comment from a reader. Trust the British for the best in ironic humor, (if humor it sadly is) which advises that Obama has gone well past the most recent of incompetent presidents and is now surpassing what are considered two of the most incompetent presidents of all time
" This man is not only making President Carter look good, but also Presidents Grant, Harding, Nixon and Bush 43. What in the world were the Americans thinking? "

There is further to fall however- the depths of Pierce and Buchanan are yet to be breached-as breached they sadly will be.

N.Y. Times Charles Blow Epitomizes Media's Anti-Palin Double Standard

In a New York Times op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow goes as close to excoriating president Obama for his handling of the BP oil spill crisis as is currently permissible (permissible by the inner conscience of Obama supporters who are, in incremental bits, admitting to themselves their hero is what Palin described him as during her VP candidate acceptance speech).

In reviewing Obama's press conference Blow admits the President was lacking in being engaged (he did not seem to know his director of the Minerals Management Service had been cut loose) and empathetic-not showing anger at BP and not strongly supporting the folks whose livelihoods are at risk, and the unfolding environmental catastrophe.

However, for Blow Obama saved the day by his anecdote about his daughter saying she asked him ‘Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?’ Score." After all, whose heart doesn’t go out to a cute little girl when she worries". And , "On... empathy, Obama came up short. That is until he invoked his daughter and saved himself. Malia for the win! "

Now, if Palin had said a similar anecdote when being interviewed about a major event and invoked Piper the MSM/Leftist bloggers would have shrieked, in chorus and loudly, "Palin using her kids as a human shield/Palin trots out her family as props/Palin uses hillbilly family to cover up her failings" and endless variations on the theme.

The leftist media has had its hypocrisy exposed and has shot itself in the foot by having to fall back on Obama's children as his saving grace (that they have to shows how far Obama has fallen in credibility) because they now can't accuse Palin of doing the same thing-one more anti-Palin meme has bitten the dust as the Emperor is getting closer and closer to the no clothes position that Palin described so clearly in 2008.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New York Times Columnist And Readers Froth At The Mouth Over Palin

Just when I think that PDS has reached the level where the crazy can't be exceeded it rises to new heights-or depths as the case may be.

The bastion of East Coast ultra-elitism the New York Times has a new Palin hit piece which loses all pretense at objectivity-I won't bother to detail it as basically it is the same old same old but which you would expect from this newspaper (which is on its last legs and would have folded long ago but for cash injections from Mexico).

The truly stunning aspect however is the 13 ! pages of venomous, spiteful, incoherent in their rage, idiotic, false, responses to the column. The thrust of many if not most is that Palin is a nobody whose 15 minutes are well over and who has no influence on the body politic (and of course she is apparently ignorant, a liar, a grifter and etc etc).

This of course begs the question-if she is so unimportant then why this uncontrollable spewing of personal attacks against her? I have come to the conclusion that the effect is that of a rabid dog which has lost all control due to an all pervading sickness and which bites and scratches at any target.

The rabies infection is actually the need to kick and bite at an easy target to relieve the utter frustration the left feels in the performance of Obama. It is their fault of course that they have descended to this level of mindset because they willingly put him on an impossible pedestal. Now that they see he has feet of clay they are not willing to blame themselves for either their lack if judgement or for having been taken in by the very media they use to vent their frustration through.

This understanding is valuable for the right/Palin supporters because it takes the reaction against this incredible venting from one of anger-which distracts from the job ahead-to one of pity and understanding.The best thing to do now is to give a sad shake of the head whilst ignoring these mad blathering from the disaffected left and get on  with the positive work of spreading Palin's message of-dare I say it- hope and change.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Difference Between Lib Blog/Web Sites And Palin Conservative Sites

The difference is, in the absolute main, that liberal blog and websites are:

Childish, silly, immature, petulant, grossly sexist, misogynist, contumacious, arrogant, pornographic. They deal in misrepresentation, slander, violence, and ad hominems instead of addressing issues. Here is just one sample (this from "Daily Kos") of tens of thousands

"She offends everything I believe in... and I fucking hate that woman. That she is of my gender is offensive. That she stood as a candidate for the vice-presidency is a blight on the achievement of every women in history that achieved something on her own merit (and legitimately). That she is still fucking talking and, worse, that anyone still pays any attention to that lying political schemer is BEYOND offensive. She is a walking contradiction. She's a quitter. And she's a lying sack of moose shit.I can't even have a discussion with friends who "like" her, thinks she's just a good ole gal, or give her ANY kind of validation. I absolutely refuse. Fuck that shit - she insults my intelligence, my sense of feminism and equality. She's not smart, learned, well versed, curious, intellectual, and I can take nothing about her seriously. She is the antithesis of everything I value as a woman, as a progressive, and as an American. I swear, I find her more offensive than Ann Coulter, and that's really saying something."

Conservative Palin supporting posts are, in contrast:

Mature in thought, intelligent, sensible, honest, modest, issue based, moderate, straightforward, peaceful, address issues without attacking persons. They deal with what the person says not what gender they are.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as the saying goes or you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. The fruit of  hate falls from the tree of Alinsky  aligned liberal thought. The fruit of Palinism is sweet and pure and refreshes and builds the body politic.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Palin Loses Luggage Media Explodes In Frenzy-World Coming To An End

I gave up counting the number of news reports about Palin's luggage going missing on her flight to a campaign visit to Boise Idaho which are listed on the Palin media tracking blog "Sarah Storm".

Apparently Palin had to "borrow" an alternative outfit for her speech endorsing a local GOP candidate, it was reported the outfit was provided for her and she reimbursed the purchaser-but even that aspect is attacked by this idiot and of course the drunks at Wonkette

Honestly, is there nothing she says or does which does not get the Lame Stream Media in a frenzy and yes, for getting to this ridiculous level of "reporting" the LSM deserves the name Palin gave them. The only positive is that she is perceived as a threat who must be attacked at every perceived opportunity.

However I think the public has long ago seen through that and is viewing her with a new regard as her long term held positions, and serious comments on current events, seep through the liberal media filter.

Reagan to Palin Website Must Meet The Higher Standard Expected Of The Palin Era

The Reagan to Palin website touted and has now presented an electoral college analysis which sets out how Sarah Palin can win the 2012 election-especially with the assistance of the upcoming changes in the electoral college because of population shifts.

The analysis is correct in its general assumptions and of course is welcome. However it, the blog, fails in not meeting the standards expected of the new Palin era of stringently scrupulous reporting and analysis. Unless we keep to that, how different are we from the MSM/Lame Stream Media which we rightly decry?

I presented this sort of electoral college forecast twice-firstly in December 9th 2009- SarahPalin's Certain Path To Election In 2012 -and then, when further details of the demographic changes were available, I did an update on December 27th 2009.

This analysis was picked up by the widely read "Conservatives4Palin" blog which did a major feature on it that attracted a substantial number of, mostly highly favourable, comments which agreed with the factual analysis and the general tenor of the posting. The also highly read "Riehl World View"
commented on the presentation as well

The Reagan to Palin posting has not acknowledged the 2009 presentation on this blog. It might be that they were unaware of it but I emailed them pointing out my earlier work which comment they have not published on their site.

I am scrupulous in crediting previous work on a subject I address, in advising my sources, and will post a link if I can find one. I believe this is the minimum expected and required of the new age of Palin politics and commentary-I believe the Reagan to Palin blog has fallen below that standard.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Current Polling Shows Palin has the Nomination Sewn Up Against Romney the Invisible Man

The latest PPP poll of GOP identities in Colorado shows as per this analysis from Hot Air a remarkable swing from their previous poll which had Romney (the invisible man) at 44% Palin at  25%  and Huckabee at 17%.The latest figures are Palin 29% Romney 25% and Huckabee 19%.

The Colorado poll can be added to the Arizona poll which had Palin in first place and North Carolina where she was tied for first place with Huckabee.

This is an excellent spread of Southern/Mid-Western and South-Western voters.The results have remarkable aspects. In a heavily proportionate Mormon state, Arizona she leads Romney, In Colorado a liberal state she has dramatically captured the progressive votes and in a classic Southern state she has tied Huckabee.

If, as seems likely Huckabee does not run it might be expected that the bulk of his support will transfer to Palin-it seems inconceivable it would transfer to Romney.

If this happens it would give her a solid block of Southern states, substantial Mid-Western and South-Western states to counter the possible Romney wins in California and the industrial Eastern states. Effectively it would mirror the Bush versus Kerry election map with Ohio being the pivot as it was then.

There is work for Palin to do but at the moment she is in the ascendency and Romney is the invisible man-if this continues then the nomination is all but wound up for her.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Palinism Must Be A Big Tent Movement Open To Criticism From Within Or It Will Fail

Repeat visitors may notice that the Palin blogroll list is gone.This was at the request of the Palin blogs manager as they felt my most recent post "It's All Over For Palin" was negative, defeatist (specifically where I stated that Palin "had reached a point of decline from which there may be no recovery"), gives succor to Palin's enemies and leaves the Palin blogs open to ridicule.

It was felt that my critique would have aspects selected by Palin's opponents which would be publicized and would tar the whole Palin supporting blogs with the brush of ridicule and that my critique did not have substance because it was based on media polling.

I take no personal umbrage and respect the incredible dedication the Palin bloggers have shown, especially the major sites which provide a fascinating and highly informative treasure trove of videos, press reports, first hand reports, rebuttals and analysis. In the light of which I was happy to remove the blog list as requested.

There remains however a significant gulf between what I perceive as the worldview of the Palin blogs who support the removal request and my own views of Palin support. If the Palin movement is not to end as all the other populist movements of recent history- those of Buchanan, Perot, Wallace (Henry and  George ) Anderson, Jackson and numerous others, it must broaden its appeal to include Independents, disaffected Democrats and most importantly Republicans of the centre.

Unless the aim is to be a pressure group which will dissolve when its aims are met to some degree, or prove impossible to meet, there will be little chance of gaining political power to effect the desired changes.To achieve political power the potential voting pool must increase beyond the solid core which is currently a minority.

It is not a good sign I believe for my, what I considered realistic, positive, open eyed and mature review of where I see the Palin movement at this point in time, and where it might be headed, to be cast into the wilderness. It is exactly the open door, big tent shape that allows such a friendly critique to be voiced, that the Palin movement must embrace if it is to grow.

I addressed the concerns raised about my post as follows:

Apparently  my saying Sarah Palin has reached a point of decline from which there may be no recovery is defeatist.The operative word is "may" and I made it clear that there is a road to recovery but it may be long and arduous with no guarantee except sweat and toil to paraphrase Churchill whose example of political struggle I gave in my post

Supporting Palin requires a "positive tone". How that is defined except in general terms is impossible to say given many points of view but if steadfastly held to it is restrictive and in the end could lead to a robotic, toe the line outlook. I believe in a big tent Palinism which is strong and mature enough to allow positive criticism and realism.

I seemed to be confirming "talking points"-I believe I presented absolute facts, whether one likes it or not the graphs in my previous post point to a reality which it would be wrong to ignore much less question. To advise that what I wrote hurts more than helps is again, a matter of opinion-those who criticised Churchill in the "wilderness years" for going against his party were shown to be on the wrong side of history.

If you look at the last paragraph (of my previous post) you will, I trust see where I am coming from. Basically the easy days are over and the "Sarah Palin" ( I see I should have put SP in parentheses in the title to make my point clear in retrospect) of the times when all was in a happy sphere for supporters of wide eyed enthusiasm is over.The new, hard slog phase has commenced, the criticism has moved beyond the easily brushed off "she's an idiot" phase to a deeper level where her life's positions are under attack by those of a more intellectual level.

It is a call for supporters to also rebuttal at a deeper, philosophical, issue by issue based level. The forward view of the post is positive but calls for a new realism.

I have always tried to make my support analytical and the blog theoretical if I can and the issue of the day merits it-I appreciate this can be taken in a manner I have not meant. I believe that all Palin supporters are all on the same boat but perhaps we see the course charts differently.

We may disagree on the finer points of navigation, and which way the wind is blowing but should at this point posses the maturity to not care what the opposition thinks of what we say, and the wisdom to appreciate each others point of view, to allow that we might not be right all the time, and to carry as many passengers on this voyage to make the point of destination the shining city on the hill.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's All Over for Palin-But What A Wonderful Ride It Has Been.

Even those as far afield as England can clearly see that Sarah Palin has reached the point of decline from which there may be no recovery.The steadfastly conservative Telegraph points out that with Palin's endorsement of Carly Fiorina, following on from the McCain endorsement, her erstwhile supporters on the right  have expressed extreme discomfort, with a majority of polled Tea Party supporters not willing to vote for her for President.That poll followed on from a Rasmussen poll of her native Alaska which showed a similar result with a negative rating of 45% on her home turf.

The strongest confirmation of Palin's decline however is recorded in the latest AP/Gfk poll. This is particularly significant as this poll was the only one to show a rise in Palin's support in the face of the substantial declines elsewhere- illustrated in the poll of polls analysis. For Palin supporters the Pollster analysis is sad reading-there is no amount of spin which can alter the massive decline.

At the commencement of the poll Palin had a 53% favorable level of support against 26% unfavorable-today it is 34.8% favorable versus 52.7% unfavorable (Rasmussen has her at 56% unfavorable and even Fox has her at 53% unfavorable). The previous AP/Gfk polling held out a glimmer of hope as their last poll had Palin's favorables actually increasing from 42% to 45% but their latest has her at 41%  favorable against 53% unfavorable.

Why has this happened? One can only conjecture but I believe Palin has paid the price for being that rarest of things, a principled, honest, straightforward politician. She has categorically stated her unabashed support for national security, life, gun ownership,  immigration reform, and oil drilling offshore and in federal lands. She alone has taken the fight to to Obama directly-not hesitating to call him out, sometimes stridently, when she feels he is on the wrong track.

Whilst all these categorical positions have kept her rating with Republicans at a high level they have of course totally alienated her from any Democrats who are disenchanted with the Obama administration. Her positions, expressed across so many venues and media since she embarked on her nationwide travels, are not those which the bulk of centrist Independents find attractive. It is this reason which perhaps best explains the basis of her polling decline, as prior to her national exposure her positions were not clearly understood as during the campaign she basically just acted as the spearhead for McCain and the party platform.

But for Palin supporters what a wonderful, exciting, at time breath holding ride it has been. Her convention speech will never be forgotten as the party faithful sat nervous and transfixed at this tiny, lone figure on the stage whose address held the potential to destroy the McCain campaign if it had been a disaster. Instead it was a speech of historic magnitude which fired up a lacklustre campaign and lifted it into the lead.

Then the puzzlement and sadness of the resignation speech, the time in limbo when her book was being written, the book tour-followed at every venue by her supporters through the many Palin supporting blogs (Conservatives4Palin and Texas4Palin doing yeomanlike work). The pride that thousands of ordinary folks would stay out overnight in the bitter cold for a few moments with Palin, and the delight in seeing the left media and blogs befuddled by this outpouring of support.

More nerves and holding of breath as Palin moved into high gear with appearances on the Oprah, Leno,Walters shows and other high profile interviews, and the relief that they went extremely well with massive viewing audiences. The battles with the vicious leftist bloggers, the Letterman kerfuffle, her role on Fox and the interviews with Greta, Bill and Sean. Her self deprecating appearance at the Washington insiders social functions-the list goes on and on. Has any politician, much less a VP candidate on a losing ticket ever captured so much imagination, so many hearts, induced such adrenalin flow and sleepless nights? Has so much ink been spilled attacking or defending or describing every word, nuance, article of clothing, personal and family history on anyone in such a short time?

Sadly this level of excitement has come to an end, as it had to sooner or later of course. Familiarity has brought content and contempt depending on your philosophical outlook and the positions have hardened. For 37% to become 51% is beyond the capacity of Palin to achieve no matter how many successful books, speaking tours, and media appearances she undertakes. She is a captive of events and for her, seemingly radical to the middle ground voters, positions to be accepted as the right prescription for a presidential candidate the Carter factor has to come into play.

If, as under Carter, the Obama administration is seen to be a huge failure with their handling of the economy, coupled with, again as per Carter, there is a massive failure in foreign policy, then those factors, as happened with another, honest, straightforward politician who held the same positions that Palin now holds which were intitally also seen as too radical, can propel Palin into office with the same transformative result as the Reagan presidency brought. Churchill too spent years in the wilderness, a derided and lonely figure that history and events proved to be right.

In the meantime the  relatively small band of Palin supporters must keep the faith, must fight the good fight, must support her in every way possible whilst awaiting on events. If it happens that the opportunity for transformation never arrives there is no shame in having held and propagated positive beliefs, to have supported someone who did not advance because of deeply held moral compass, and of course to have had a huge amount of fun.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liberals-I Have Family In NYC-Pure Dumb Luck Is Not A National Security Policy

The immediate reaction by Liberals across Daily Kos and  numerous leftists  sites when the Times Square bomb failed to detonate was to blame the right, Tea Partiers and, according to Mayor Bloomberg it might have been a Health Care Bill protester.

They have been very silent,or "saddened it was a Muslim" since  it turned out-to the disappointment of some-to be a Pakistani American. Now, as time goes on, we hear of numerous slip ups by the government agencies which if handled correctly might have prevented this near disaster.The NYC Police and others involved in the follow up investigation  did a wonderful  job. But nothing takes away from the fact that this is the second cock up-the "underwear" bomber and now this attempt-which only pure dumb good luck stopped two disasters from happening.

It is a sorry state of affairs where lives were spared through the actions of a Dutchman on the plane and a T-shirt street salesman in NYC. The Pakistani was minutes from getting away because of slip up as regards the no fly list which mirrors the underwear bomber case. Shahzad-even did a dry run  in after training in Waziristan-how much more blatant activity did Napolitano's team need to stop this?

I have a son in New York-it is entirely possible he and his wife and children might have been in Times Square that night and there might have been a family tragedy.This might have been a terrible event for my family and for hundreds of other families on the plane and in Times Square.It is simply not good enough.
Liberals must stop blaming the peaceful Tea Party people, who have not been involved in any violence, in their knee jerk way, and call for Napolitano to be sacked before the dumb luck runs out.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama Yucks It Up At White House Correspondents' Association Dinner Whilst Oil Slick and Immigration Burns

Fiddling whilst America burns-lets see if the liberal press says anything

Esquire's Palin Hatchet Job Columnist Heffernan Makes Political Joke Of The Year

"But the press is never more bloodthirsty, more investigative, more prone to go for the throat than when its prey is a presidential wannabe. Reporters may act like obedient pups (about Palin) now; in 2012, they'll be a pack of Cujos"

So says  Tim Heffernan described as the "leans Tory" Assistant Editor at Esquires' "The Politics Blog". His column, is yet another anti-Palin hatchet job-will the left EVER give up on their relentless attacks on this women who, according to them, has no power or authority-it really is a serious mental illness.

He sets out that one of the five (other columnists go for ten  reasons why she would be a good/bad president in their fantasies) reasons that Palin won't run for President in 2012 is the ever watchful, ever vigilant press and makes the above purler of a statement. I know, it is like shooting fish in a barrel but here goes....

Oh yeah Tim-where was this bloodthirsty, go for the throat, investigative pack of Cujo's when Obama was the "presidential wannabe". You and your ilk are so blinded by Obama worship, or the leg tingles are too distracting, you still can't see the journalistic wood for the the trees. Pathetic

If Heffernan honestly thinks the press has been soft on Palin he is living in some alternate universe. No politician has been subject to such an unending campaign of lies,vilification and contumely in modern history.