Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Media Will Do A Rip Van Winkle For Next Three Years Except For "What's Your Favorite Color Mr. President"


"CNN's Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper say media coverage will change under Biden administration"

Of course it will, near the entire MSM/Twitter/Journals will commence hibernation for the next three years (until the GOP nomination campaign commences) only to briefly awake from their slumbers from time to time. 

There will be a need for them to change from their Biden/Harris permanently in place hagiographies to attack the GOP before the midterms and of course to "fact check" Republican office holders and Twitter posters.

TapperCNN‘s chief Washington correspondent, told CNN host Brian Stelter during “Reliable Sources” Sunday night that he doesn’t expect to have to dedicate as much time aggressively fact-checking the Biden administration as he did for Mr. Trump.

"Dale hopes to spend more time debunking online disinformation and digging into claims made by congressional leaders." TRANSLATION: CNN will be providing cover for Biden and Harris and go after anyone who attacks them.

Apart from that expect three years of "Mr. President what is your favorite color?" 

Absolute Woke Loons Of The Year-No Contest


"The year the ruling class got woke

Identity politics has become the new secular religion. We need more heretics.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

After The Crash, What To Do With The Banks?

"Joe Biden's financial team could create a giant stock bubble" Or "Bitcoiners are attacking the Federal Reserve bank and the global financial system." 

Or they might not but one thing is absolutely certain, at some point and of course nobody knows when it will happen there will be a financial crisis. It might be shallow or it might be calamitous but come it will and it will be a "Black Swan" event that nobody saw coming.

If it is a massive, beyond a "correction" crash and most certainly with the trillions of printed money sloshing around that is more than possible then at that point something must be done to deal with the root causes as the possibility of massive unemployment and dislocation would make it necessary beyond question.

Making it very clear from the outset, I am a conservative by nature and by politics and a firm
believer in the free-enterprise system. To any sensible person there is no alternative as history has clearly
shown that the systems of total state control end badly, often in the death of millions

What is also obvious is that all economic systems, whether they are wrong or right in concept, get distorted when they move beyond the natural process of return to equilibrium. The distorting factor is of course human nature.

The banking system is rife with fraud and gross manipulation-that is incontestable. To list all the banks that have faced massive fines (but hardly any of the perpetrators going to jail) would make this article far to long-just one example, the "Libor" rigging which was a fraud involving trillions will suffice.

As is the usual case with that scandal a further regulatory system was put in place which will, possibly, close that door but only a fool would imagine for a moment that other banking rip-off schemes will be hatched, or more probably are currently going on.

A point may be raised that since there is a government guarantee on bank deposits to a more than reasonable amount, then this ongoing corruption is not a worry for the average person and the system is what it it is. It works reasonably well and there's nothing that can be done about it. That is of course an incorrect assumption;

But beyond the direct affect on the individual there is the question of morality. Is it right to have an economic system where the major underpinning, the banking system, is so rife with fraud and immoral behavior? What message does it send to ordinary workers when the supposed 'brightest and the best" are shown to be immoral, venial and uncaring for anyone but themselves?

Sadly, except for eternal vigilance and a continuous patching of band aids over the festering wound of corruption nothing, can be done as things stand. Only radical approaches can deal with it and nothing can't/won't happen unless some cataclysmic force or event eventuates to open the door to amelioration.

This happened before and the steps taken were a major advance which could only have come about after some dramatic event. In 1933 at the height of the depression, and with a run on the banks, President Roosevelt's administration saw substantial reforms which underpin the current system today.

It is hardly beyond the bounds of possibility that the current American economy, "standing" on trillions of dollars in printed money and a stratospheric national debt might, at any point, undergo another and even more catastrophic collapse.

In the event of a major 1929 type disaster, what might be the economic and moral action as regards the banking system that might benefit the entire nation (except the fraudsters)? At that point what possible reason could there be to resurrect an inherently fraudulent, morally corrupting banking system which is impossible to control?

The alternative could be to scrap the private banking system altogether under such circumstances and re-institute the failed banks and their branches under a truly independent commission which could include representatives of as many aspects of American society e.g. Unions, business people, academics, politicians, clergy and etc.

The element in banking which seems to cause the most mischief, the demand on employees to constantly ramp up the banks profits to ensure large bonuses, would be removed as would be the grossly immoral salaries the senior bankers enjoy.

The creation of money for profit, for that is what banks do, would see the profits returned to the public who make it possible. This through either lower banking fees or payments to the federal government to reduce the national debt or to be used for more schools, infrastructure, and anything that will benefit the greatest number rather than a tiny minority.

The free enterprise system would emerge unscathed from such a change as of course banks don't produce anything in themselves, rather they enhance the flow of funds to those who do create real wealth. Why the banks should make such massive profits and corrupt the values of the country whilst doing their job is a question that needs attending to, but won't be until it is too late as the political will is not there.

There is nothing more certain, as history shows us, that the economic system is cyclical and in due course a major correction will come to the disequilibrium that is currently the situation.

If it is of a dramatic nature it may be a blessing in disguise as it could provide the political will, overriding the deeply entrenched interests of the financial community, to permanently fix this blot on the moral landscape.

Friday, December 25, 2020

"Universal" Lesson From Postal History On Government, The Market & Taxation

 Here is a universal lesson from 119 years ago which, although it hasn't sunk in with defenders of the growth of government, is universally valid as an economic truth. The example is from postal history but applies across the board.

It is self explanatory, but briefly, the reduction of price, especially with government charges, results in an increase in revenue through, presuming the "product" is what the market wishes to obtain, increased volumes. 

This  applies of course to the reduction of taxes on manufacturers which will, in due course, result in an increase in government revenue through the mechanism of expanded industry. It is remarkable how this simple truth is ignored and distorted by the political left.

Brevities #10 "30% of women under 25 identify as LGBT"/ "7th year of Illinois population loss" Why Why Why??


No Families, No Children, No Future

While fertility rates are now below replacement-no need to worry about climate change the problem caused by humanity will take care of itself thanks to progressive feminism.

From The American Conservative

"Here’s a fascinating article from New York magazine on the massive gender gap between Trump and Biden supporters. It contains this eye-popping claim, buried deep down:

Neither the societal shift away from traditional gender roles nor the downstream cultural consequences of that shift are anywhere near complete. As Rebecca Traister has incisively argued, the growing prevalence of singledom among America’s rising generation of women is one of the most potent forces in contemporary politics. In 2009, for the first time in history, there were more unmarried women in the United States than married ones. And today, young women in the U.S. aren’t just unprecedentedly single; they also appear to be unprecedentedly uninterested in heterosexuality: According to private polling shared with Intelligencer by Democratic data scientist David Shor, roughly 30 percent of American women under 25 identify as LGBT; for women over 60, that figure is less than 5 percent."

Read the full article at TAC at the link above-it's sad and horrifying 



Editorial: Census: 7th year of Illinois population loss and the worst yet

The Illinois population plummet is intensifying. Tuesday morning, new U.S. Census Bureau estimates reported a seventh straight year of losses — and this plunge is greater than the last six.

The feds say Illinois’ estimated population on July 1 was 79,487 lower than it was on July 1, 2019. It’s as if, in 12 months, Cicero vanished. Or Bolingbrook. Or Arlington Heights. Or Evanston. Or Schaumburg.

Meanwhile the populations of bordering Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin continued to grow, as they have every year since 2011.

Get the picture? Illinois is a deepening population sinkhole flanked by states that are adding people, businesses, jobs. The estimated Illinois population is 12,587,530, down more than 240,000 since the 2010 census. That’s more than Waukegan and Naperville, combined.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Brevities #9 Brevities-Indulgence Or Genius?/England Free At Last/Trump Saved "Merry Christmas"/Fitbit's Watching You

A brief note; Is "Brevities" purely facile and an indulgence, or if  an observation of value is not be expressed in its core in a about a paragraph is the writer simply incapable of such core expression or a "padder"? 

There are of course opinions from facts, which possible abundance of support and clarification are required to support the writers possible unique extrapolations, but in the world of political analysis that would be a rarity and better dealt with in a journal.


The BBC advised that along with Google/ media/Facebook/Twitter tracking near everything you do, what political sites you visit, basically having your entire life under surveillance to sell to marketers/influence your voting, the next step it to track your moods when viewing media.

This next step will enable marketers to go beyond analysing what you visit, as that does not necessarily show how much you believe in nor are interested in the various sites.

With items such as Fitbit which measures your pulse rate in reaction to outside stimulus the final connection can be made. The marketers, and of course governments, can at that point know more about you than you do about yourself. 

It's your choice to assist them or not and if not to keep a measure of your personal freedom.

The above is completely true i.e. 

"Fitbit says the clock face will enable users to reflect on their mood, energy levels, daily physical activity, nutrition and sleep patterns to help them over time understand how their mood correlates with overall health habits.

This marks Fitbit’s first foray into mental health"


President Trump at least held the line and reinvigorated those who had grown dispirited and resigned to total secularization.

How Christmas — and Christmas greetings — changed while Trump was in office

Even those Americans who worry about the “war on Christmas” generally feel free to share “Merry Christmas” greetings.President Donald Trump wanted to make America say “Merry Christmas” again. And, if you ask him, he succeeded.

He celebrated his achievement during a recent rally in Georgia, after sharing the seasonal greeting with the crowd.

“Remember we started five years ago, and I said, ‘You’re going to be saying Christmas again.’ We say it proudly again” However, Trump also warned his supporters not to get complacent. He said that cherished Christmas traditions are still at risk, implying that the Biden administration will be hostile to people of faith.

“They’ll be trying to take that word again out of the vocabulary. We’re not going to let them,” he said.


An Xmas Lump Of Coal For @Wonkette 's Rebecca Schoenkopf-Not Even That For Evan Hurst

As with every year at this time I wish "Peace on earth to all of Goodwill" which by definition excludes the horrible alleged humans at Wonkette.

However since I am a magnanimous person even to the most undeserving I ask Santa to bring Schoenkopf a lump of coal which has some intrinsic value.

Although her presumable being a "Green New Dealer" she won't use it for combustion and heat to spite me.

But artistic types have been know to carve it so, yes, it is a practical gift out of the kindness of my nature.

The execrable Hurst is beyond even my good nature.

When I gave these two horribles a lump of coal last year I was condemned by Wonkette.

Being hypocrites they have, of course, handed out lumps of coal this year to Trump supporters.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Brevities #8 Cotto 'News and Culture Report'/ Your Xmas-End of Year Circular Done For You/ Parler Viciously Attacked


Joseph Cotto, co-host of 'Cotto/Gottfried' 


Has a 'News and Culture Report' up and running-HERE  and an article example is  HERE.

Interesting, discursive, catholic (lower "c") thought provoking. Commended. 

Over the past decade I have received countless end of year updates from friends/family/acquaintances. Thankfully these circulars are on the wane (Posted Christmas cards have near vanished even from  "Your friendly local butcher wishes you a joyous Christmas.") 

I think this is because many have found that nobody reads them beyond the first paragraph-especially as they near all run to type.

For those who still wish to send them even knowing that, I present a simplified format to cut and paste that covers near all that such circulars present. In sum, you can add in the usual stock Xmas bells and holly imagery at top and bottom. You're welcome!

" Dear friends and family, our family wishes you every joy and happiness for the Festive Season and New year ahead !!!

Our children have had a massively successful year (name) received all 'A's in (High school/University) (name) received a whole page of gold stars in kindergarten. (Name) was chosen for the top (type) team and was a high achiever.

Our family has been blessed with (number) new kids/grandkids all happy and healthy.

We had the most wonderful vacation in (place) where the weather was perfect the whole time and the scenery/food/staff was just the very best.

(Name) Was promoted at work to associate senior vice-president.

We hope you too are similarly blessed in 2021!!

On Google I can't find a direct link to Parler. What I can find is continuous hate propaganda against it like this link to Wikipedia.

Parler (/pɑːrlər/PAR-ler) is an American microblogging and social networking service launched in August 2018. Parler has a significant user base of Donald Trump supportersconservativesconspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists.[5][6][7][8] Posts on the service often contain far-right content,[13] antisemitism,[20] and conspiracy theories like QAnon.[24] Journalists have described Parler as an alternative to Twitter, and the service is popular among people who have been banned from mainstream social networks or oppose their moderation policies.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Those with such skills may wish to add in some alternative facts including how Twitter censors anything against Dems and allows commending of Antifa tweets.

The attacks are endless e.g. 

Toxic talk: Agents’ use of social media app Parler stirs concerns

“To know their broker is advertising on a site that has extremists may call into question their judgment”

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Brevities #6 Leftist Paranoia Over "Tea Party Trumpist Secession"/Redheads Galore/NY Post Simply The Best


"Trump Gains With Hispanic Voters Nothing Short of Startling"

And (NY Post) with Black voters;

"Kanye-Trump bromance shows how GOP should keep courting black voters"


 Impossible for them; but a good salutary read.

"Woke-Lash: Should the Cultural Left Check its Privilege? | Opinion

How Woke Culture Fuels Trump.

Actually we reached peak woke "culture" in 2018 with this imbecility and we are simply plateauing.

"Radio stations are banning ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ after being dubbed ‘manipulative and wrong’"