Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 2nd Is My Birthday-Looking Foward To 60+10 Presents (All Palin Crafted)

My birthday party will run well into the early morning of November 3rd as I watch the 'presents' of at least 60 House and 10 Senate seats be delivered. All will be gift wrapped, metaphorically, from Sarah Palin, who has made the result possible.Some will contain bottled liberal tears-special vintage 2010 pressed from the grapes of wrath.

To all other conservatives, especially Palin supporters who share the same birth date-best wishes and enjoy a great evening !

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jews-This Admin Wishes Holocaust Denier "Happy Birthday". It's Time To Vote GOP

As Charles Krauthammer has pointed out the Obama administrations no friend of Israel "This from a president who won't even use "enemies" to describe an Iranian regime that is helping kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.."  Now a State Department official has sent a "happy birthday President Ahmadinejad " message to a person who has called for the destruction of Israel and who is an holocaust denier.

 This gross faux pas was called out by the true friend of Israel Sarah Palin;
"Happy B'day Ahmadinejad wish sent by US Govt. Mind boggling foreign policy: kowtow (and) coddle enemies; snub allies. Obama Doctrine is nonsense," Whether the State Department's congratulations was, as the later spin had it, ironic or an attempt to free hostages by unorthodox means the fact that it was done shows a state of mind which would even conceive of such bowing to an enemy of America at worst and a total lack of professionalism at best.

The Jews of America have had a long loyalty to the Democratic party for a number of historic reasons but surely the time has now come to examine this loyalty which is totally out of date, especially in respect of supporting Israel.There are many Jewish voices who have recognized the new scenario and recognize too that Sarah Palin is the one politician whose support the can totally depend on-can they say that about President Obama?

Link: Jews For Sarah

Friday, October 29, 2010

Alaska/W.Virginia/Washington/ Vote For Soft Liberals Or Republicans Who'll Stand Up To Islamic Terrorists

Once again, as was the case in 2004 with the choice between Bush or Kerry, a major issue in the campaign if 2010 is "which political party will best defend America against radical Islamic terrorism"?

 Late in the campaign, then and now, the issue arose because of overt acts from radical Islamic forces. In 2004 it was Bin Laden issuing a recording where he directly interfered in the election by naming Kerry. This time with a tape from Bin Laden (threatening France) and today a direct threat with explosive material from AQ in Yemen targeting American soil-pointedly, in Chicago-so much for the outreach to the Middle East.

This throws the issue-keeping America safe from terrorism-straight back in the campaign. It has been through sheer dumb luck that the previous plots failed,the Times Square and "Underwear" bombers for example.That the authorities did well with this latest plot is commendable of course, but the bottom line is that the plotters are still active and our luck may not hold out forever.

In front of the voters is the question-which party is stronger on terrorism and will keep you and your family and your fellow citizens as safe as possible? Which party supporters agree with the building of Mosque near the 9/11 site? Did President Bush keep America safe during the whole of his second term? Can we trust the Democratic party to be as strong as the Republicans? Which party will take the strongest line against Iran becoming a nuclear power, will support our allies in Iraq ?

The voters of Alaska (who have a  decorated military hero to choose from amongst the candidates),Washington State, Pennsylvania,West Virginia,Wisconsin, Nevada, California and Colorado can, by choosing Republicans for their senators this election, not only put America back on the right economic course but ensure that the ever present danger from America's enemies in radical Islam are kept at bay.Their votes would ensure a Republican majority in the senate-calling for that result is a call for patriotism and security.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Palin At 49/50 Favorable-Unfavorable, Unmistakable Trendline Upwards

According to the table the average of the three most recent Likely Voters polls has Sarah Palin at 47% Favorable to 49% Unfavorable.The most recent poll has her at 49/50.

Likely Voters                                    Favorable       Unfavorable

10-13-18           846 LV                       49                      50

GWU/Politico (Lake/Tarrance)
9/19-22/10     1000 LV                        44                       49       

9/18-19/10     1000 LV                        48                       49

There are two major points here. Firstly her unfavorable ratings have dipped below the all important 50% mark. Secondly there is an unmistakable upwards trend line amongst likely voters.The average of the previous analysis of these three polls was favorable 44 unfavorable 50 (as set out in the Pollster table) with an 8 point jump upwards in the AP-GfK poll since August 2010.

If this seemingly inexorable trend continues Palin will be in favorable territory well before the 2012 presidential election. I have dealt with the, in some cases, ridiculously slanted "all Voters" television network polls previously.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Palin Derangement Syndrome Of The Year Award- "Seething Dominatrix Sexuality"

A strange person by the name of "Sarah Jones" at a harbor for nut cases called "Politiucsusa"  has taken PDS to unparalleled heights ! Even though the year is not out yet I have no compunction in issuing this screed the "PDS Of The Year" award as nothing, yes nothing, will top this one.

Jones has built on the Jonathan Martin nonsense in his Politico rubbish article where he did a hatchet job on Palin using the usual "anonymous sources". This has been totally discredited by the people he actually named, and by Palin herself, as being a crock of bull. However that doesn't daunt Jones who has made a mountain of ordure out of a molehill of it.

This "article" or ravings has the lot-woo hoo here we go;
 "narcissism, self-centred, chaotic, insurgent agitator, egomania, vicious smears, Nixon paranoia " and that's just for starters !

How about  "Seething dominatrix sexuality" (that's the best yet outside of an asylum). But the line that gives Jones the Gold medal in the Olympics of PDS is this immortal  one "Sitting in the dark corner of a DC bar is a Republican political operative who has the goods on Palin. He’s just waiting for his phone to ring with the word, “Go.” If Palin weren’t such a poisonous person, I’d almost feel sorry for her. She has no idea what’s coming her way."

This is the "Iceberg" (so beloved of the nutty "Trig Truther" Alaskan bloggers,) which has been heading Palin's way for at least two years now, but somehow never seems to hit the good ship Palin. The "Republican operative" must be getting a sore backside from sitting so long in his dark bar-I hope his family isn't worried about him. However "they" whomever they are, won't rely totally on him as "A whisper campaign will commence. Fliers will be left on cars."

It is unfair to pull out too many sentences as the whole article is the product of a mind which has many problems. It is worth a read-I am sure sensible readers will find much to chuckle about as it can't be taken seriously- as it is the ultimate tribute to how disjointed in the brain Palin has made the left.

They are in fact their own worst enemy, as the more they do this sort of thing the more the average person will see what the driving force behind the mentality of the liberal left is. It is nothing short of astonishing how one little lady,who holds no elective office, can turn their world upside down-which shows how fragile and built on sand it is.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Ideal Campaign Song For Palin For President 2012

The Internet never ceases to amaze for the hidden treasure trove that can be unearthed. This breezy, summery song "21st Century Blues" has a delightful lilt with a very catchy chorus. It is deceivingly complex with an interesting chord structure-note too how the final repeated chorus swells to a peak.

In my opinion it would make an great campaign song for Sarah Palin, should she choose to run in 2012, as its bright charm and positivity reinforces exactly those characteristics which mark Palin's persona and points to a bright future for America under her watch-a new summertime indeed.

21st century blues

The Wireless

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chris Matthews Is Correct.When Smoke Clears After November Democrats Will be Left With Only Their Coast Redoubts

Chris Matthews remarked on "Hardball" to the effect that after the coming tsunami the Dem's will basically be only a force on the East and West coasts-their "redoubts". Actually it is worse than that for them as Rossi may win in Washington  and of course the Republicans have Snowe and Collins and will have Ayotte as senators on the East Coast.

The East Coast redoubt will also have a bastion of Republican strength with Governor Christie in N.J. So effectively the Dem's strength in the electoral college will be composed of the New England states, New York (which is at 29 electoral votes-the same as Florida- a shadow of its former dominance) and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania and especially Ohio (also dropping in electoral votes down to only 18 as the population shifts to Republican states) can't be included in a "redoubt". Delaware, Maryland and D.C. round out the last strength for the Dem's.

Out West only California, Oregon and Washington are safe, which added to Illinois Minnesota and Michigan, round out the Dem's electoral base for  the foreseeable future. I have covered this off in an analysis of Palin's path to electoral college victory which mirrors, nearly exactly, Matthews premise at the end of this clip;

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CNN Correspondent Discusses Palin Interview-Gets So Excited Can't Count Up To Four

Brooke Baldwin CNN Correspondent got so excited that one of CNN's reporters got a "great get"-an interview with Sarah Palin, that he lost track of doing even a simple thing like counting her words;
"BALDWIN: Shannon, that was an awesome interview, very raw Sarah Palin. And I wrote down those three words, as well, that "the GOP is through." Let's push forward and just what do you make of that?"

There is so much that is sad and laughable in this article.The LSM in a tizzy that one of their people managed to get in a few words with Palin, that the reporter Shannon Travis could not think of one positive thing to ask her-every question was a negative designed to elicit some dramatic, damaging response.

What is clear is that  CNN is preparing a hit piece on the Tea Party timed right before the election. You can just tell by the title " that we'll be airing called "Boiling Point: Inside the Tea Party Movement." that it will be totally biased and negative. The funny aspect is the two reporters being so hesitant in actually saying that Palin has said there is a split in the Republican ranks "

"TRAVIS: Well, again, she says that she doesn't think that there will be a rift or a split within the Republican Party. And that if there possibly is, if -- if establishment type Republicans don't go along with a lot of Tea Party ideals, then they may be through. So I wouldn't -- we wouldn't -- we don't want to go so far as to say that she's saying that they're -- predicting that there will be a rift, because, clearly, she's saying that she -- she doesn't think that there will be."

It's hilarious-the stuttering lib's are so scared of Palin they are hesistant to  use or distort her words against her ! This is remarkable turnaround and payback for all the lies the liberal media have attacked her with-she is Teflon and powerful now-and don't they know it!  The other positive is that no matter how big a hatchet job CNN's documentary is-nobody will be watching.

Read more:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love-Then Final Path To Fulfillment- Sarah Palin.

If you have embarked on a journey of fulfillment. Begun a search for all that is best in life and have, inspired by the book/movie  "Eat,Pray, Love". Followed the path to epicurean, spiritual, and interpersonal devotional growth, have reached a new plateau as a new person, then there is one more path to rise to even greater heights.

That path leads to a fulfillment of your humanity and that is that of Christian love, "agape' for your fellows on the path.They may be at different stretches on the road and some may be going in the wrong direction but your transcendent love will cover them all. How you choose to express this, perhaps through works of charity, through fellowship, whatever way you choose, is in your hands.

One way of expressing your universal love would be to have your government put in place policies which are "humanity" centered. To create a climate where people look out for each other, where industry is allowed to do what it is best at doing, creating work-which is the surest way for people to advance themselves. A government which is people and life centered, which has a "servant's heart".

Your journey has now brought you out of yourself to look outward towards the light. As you do so you will see the light of love for humanity and the servant's heart is shining on and centered in Sarah Palin. Support her, work for her, and you will be at the culmination of your life's journey and your love for humanity will find its total expression.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Palin-Harbinger Of Joy, Renewer Of America's Spirit.Reid,Tired face Of Failed Liberalism

1har·bin·ger noun \ˈhär-bən-jər\

Definition of HARBINGER

1a : one that pioneers in or initiates a major change : precursor b : one that presages or foreshadows what is to come


Two images from today paint the sharpest possible contrast as to where we are as a country now and where we can be.The first is the face of Harry Reid, which represents the old tired liberalism and the failed policies of the mask of the liberal agenda-the Obama administration. This out of date,failed agenda was exposed for all to see during the debate between Reid and Sharon Angle.Reid, having to defend the indefensible, his state having one of the highest unemployment rates in America was reduced to trying to paint his opponent as "extreme".Angle dealt with that,the economic and social situation more than adequately and would have put to rest any qualms voters might have have regarding her capabilities.

But the contents of the debate formed a background to the larger picture which is the terrible deflation of the American spirit after two years of living in the misery of the inept, increasingly isolated Obama administration which is making Carter's "malaise' look like a fun ride.

Look at the second image-the trailer for Palin's new television series "Sarah Palin's Alaska" which  represents a dynamism, a joy of life, an unstoppable optimism that transmits itself to her family, and all who come into contact with this free spirit. Her recently announced message of "Renew and restore" shines through  and is exactly the tonic that America needs and which exactly mirrors the cheerful optimism that Ronald Reagan brought when America was also in the depths of Democratic party induced despair. Can anyone image that President Obama, after the exposure of  "hope and change" as as hollow as the Styrofoam columns of the backdrop to his convention speech, could bring the joy and renewal that this remarkable women can and will?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leftist Women Stand Between Palin And The Presidency.

In a previous analysis based on data provided by a major polling firm GWU, Sarah Palin had the following favorable/unfavorable ratings:

Republican Women: Favorable 76%

Democratic Women: Favorable 11% Unfavorable 82%
All Women: Favorable 38% Unfavorable 54%
Her overall ratings based on (excluding network polls) were;
Favorable 40.4/Unfavorable 50.0%  and importantly, her ratings with independents was 42/45 .

Conservatives4Palin has presented a new poll which further confirms the trends GWU polling showed. It is important to understand the forces at play so they can be addressed. It does no good whatsoever to ignore them as turning a blind eye to reality is otiose-especially with so much at stake. If Palin's latest poll percentages-currently at 46/49 can be moved only slightly then Palin has every chance of gaining the presidency in 2012.
In a poll conducted by Sienna college of  the New York State Congressional District 19, the following responses were given to the question " Do you have a favorable opinion or an unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin"
(Favorable/Unfavorable/Don't Know/No Opinion)

Overall 40/51/9         Men 46/43/11              Women 33/60/7

If we look deeper into the figures; Democratic 14/81/5    Republican 63/29/8  Independent 43/45/12

Her overall ratings mirror-almost exactly the result so it can be taken as a good guide to her nationwide standing at this point in time.The position with all women (the poll does not breakdown the response by party) mirrors the GWU poll but since the Sienna poll was taken in liberal NY it can explain the further shift into unfavorable territory amongst the women polled. Palin's ratings amongst non-Catholic/Protestants was 22/73/5. We can assume a large proportion of these would be (since in NY) Jewish, which would further move the figures against her.

Thus Palin's average of the two polls with all women is 36 favorable to 57 unfavorable. At 76% favorable with Republican women there is not much more that can be reaped from that field. Thus for Palin to gain the extra overall support she needs to move across the 50% level, she has to increase her ratings with the 13% of independents in the "don't know' category, and make inroads into the 82% of Democratic women who oppose her.

What to do?  Firstly is her position on abortion the overarching reason for such opposition? Palin polls 49/41/10 with Catholics so her position obviously resonates but at 40/49 /11 with Protestants it does not appear to be the deal breaker. Is it because she is a woman? Did what happened to Hillary Clinton and the substantial support that Obama received from women show that leftist women prefer a male candidate?
Palin's huge support from conservative women proves it is not an attitude, if that is the case, all women have, rather only leftist women. But if that is the case-then why is it so if it is not totally dependent on the abortion issue?

This question-the attitude of women on the left to Palin is I believe the single most important matter (there is no problem with the right which would preclude a run for the nomination) for the Palin team to consider and address if they wish to make a run for the presidency in 2012.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Palin Endorses Arizona Candidate-Lib's Panic And Wet Their Pants

Sarah Palin included in her latest list of endorsements Ruth McClung a Congressional candidate in Arizona who is running against ultra-lib Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva. This has set off alarm bells on the far left and has them panicked and desperate.

The biggest laugh is that these same people have spent the last two years obsessing about and decrying everything Palin, and saying she was a nobody with no influence.Well look whose laughing, and look whose panicking now ! There is no more enjoyable sight than seeing the lib's chickens coming home to roost-if they had spent more time fighting Palin over policy instead of snickering they would not now find themselves in the position they are. One of the best comments are along the lines of  "what were we thinking of in 2008" as even the left of the left now sees that Obama was the empty suit the right warned he was.

The Dem's firewall is now stretched so thin they are having to pour money and resources into defending a candidate who would normally have a very safe seat. However, to be running in an anti-Obama year after having called for a boycott against his own state leaves (over Gov. Brewer stopping immigration) Gijalva vulnerable to the dynamic that is the Palin enhanced tsunami.

Politico describes the pickle the libs are in as the race moves to McClung and "the tidal wave of money that Palin's endorsement will bring".

One has to laugh

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rick Moran States "Hard Being A Lonely Fool"-Next Admission Is RINO And Then Lib

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House (I know, I know, I said I would never read him again but it is hard not being drawn to a slow motion train wreck) is going through an existential crisis.Wondering why his conservative friends are deserting him, calling him a RINO, and appears to wonder whether his blog is worth writing in depth at all (that's easy-it isn't).

Moran is clearly moving to RINO status which is the first step to his eventual declaration that he is a lib. The catalyst for that step will be if Sarah Palin gets the nomination, perhaps Huckabee also might do the trick. As he intimates, in his latest cri de ceour, the fault will be with a GOP which will have moved to the crazy extreme right in his mind. When, or if It moves to the center left subsequently, he will be nowhere to be found having undergone his apotheosis to full fledged Obama supporting "mainstream" liberal Democrat.

Here is his assessment of the current GOP " It’s lonely being a fool. As I have struggled to find a way to reconcile a robust, philosophically coherent, and consistent conservatism that has meaning for America in the 21st century with the riot of conceits, resentments, paranoia, and narrow mindedness that much of the right has become,...

Great-the "mainstream" conservatism he expounds was soundly rejected in 2008 and the return to genuine conservatism, which he characterizes as a "riot of paranoia", is being embraced by Republicans and independents in possibly unprecedented numbers which will show itself this November. Who then will be out of the mainstream-the Obamaites and Mr.Moran and his, admitted, dwindling band of followers. Why anyone actually likes his acerbic style and his massive intolerance for dissent by those who comment on his screeds is beyond me.

RINO!” they scream at me incoherently as they disappear into the maw of history" We will  shortly see who it is who will  be disappearing in three weeks. Hopefully, it will also include Rick Moran who advised he doesn't write much anymore- which is the best sentence in his whole article, and that "The parade is passing me by and I have fallen out of step with most of my conservative friends". That parade has long since faded into the far distance leaving Moran a sad, isolated figure on the sidewalk as the dust of history builds up at his feet.

Lib's Attack;" Whilst Thousands Lose Jobs,Republicans Golf,Taste Wine,Vacation In Sun" Surely They Mean "The Obama's"?

Yes they actually say that "While thousands lose jobs, Republicans golf, taste wine, vacation in sun "

Such is the desperation of the left as they thrash about in their death throes ahead of the November tsunami. They attack The Chamber of Commerce, Ad agency comments in  making a promo advert for a West Virginia GOP candidate, clips of O'Donnell from an old television show-in fact anything they can dredge up to divert from their failed policies.

But to accuse a Republican candidate of the sins of exactly what the Obama's have been attacked for, the expensive holiday in Spain, the 52 days of golf, the hedonistic lifestyle whilst millions are on food stamps shows an incredible desperation and poor memory.

Only a few weeks to go until the madness and fear ends and the ship starts to turn course to a better harbor.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Palin at 22% Favorable? Give Me A Break-Proper Polls Average Is 46/49 list the four most recent polls regarding Sarah Palin's Favorable/Unfavorable ratings. The two from the Lame Stream Media networks are idiotic-unless you are biased leftwards or work for other LSM- as they reinforce your prejudices. However just a moments glance will show how ridiculous they are.

How can Palin be "the most polarizing politician" and at the same time have a 29% undecided  response (CBS) or a 19% "Neutral" plus 3% undecided response (NBC)?  Further, the network polls are amongst "all voters". If we look at the proper polling organizations, GWU and Rasmussen, who review a likely voter model, the "undecided" vote is reduced and the average of the two polls is 46 Unfavorable/49 Favorable. Interestingly Rasmussen has improved from previous 46/49 to current 48/49.

Pollster Dates               N/Pop         Favorable Unfavorable Neutral Undecided Not Heard Enough Refused

CBS 10/1-5/10             1129 All          22                48                         29 

NBC/WSJ 9/22-26/10  1000 All          30                48         19             3 

GWU/Politico (Lake/Tarrance)
                                     1000 LV         44                49                          2                5
Rasmussen 9/18-19/10 1000 LV          48               49                           3

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kos Site Shows GOP Leads In 51 Senate Seats.Kos Kids Form Circular Firing Squad

Bitter and twisted doesn't do justice to the reaction of the Kos Kids to their own polling analysis which shows the Republicans ahead in 51 senate seats-a majority.
Who to blame? The person who created the poll analysis of course, the dumb voters, Blue Dog Dem's, idiotic Republican supporters, stay at homes-in fact everyone except President Obama. No doubt too the fault lies with the Dem's "not being progressive enough." Indeed, if the Obama administration had only pressed on with an even more leftist agenda the Dem's would not only not lose the senate but would actually win even more seats in the house.

Desperate Dem Days-Kos himself is pushing for the Dem in Florida to pull out and Dem's to vote for Crist-there's loyalty for you. Anyway-the site and the comments are enjoyable reading-it is great to see them squirm-they give no quarter and don't deserve any.

The percentage of each past president's cabinet who'd worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment

The percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is... a real life business, not a government job. Here are the percentages.

T. Roosevelt........ 38%


Wilson ................52%


Coolidge.............. 48%

Hoover................. 42%

F. Roosevelt......... 50%


Eisenhower........... 57%

Kennedy.............. 30%


Nixon................... 53%

Ford..................... 42%

Carter.................. 32%


GH Bush................. 51%

Clinton ................. 39%

GW Bush................ 55% And the winner of the Chicken Dinner is: Obama ............. 8%

This alone can explain the incompetence of this administration....! ! ! !! 8 %

 That's right! Only Eight Percent!!!.. the least by far of the last 19 presidents!! And these people are trying to tell our big corporations how to run their business? They know what's best for GM...Chrysler... Wall Street... and you and me?

How can the president of a major nation and society...the one with the most successful economic system in world history...
stand and talk about business when he's never worked for one?.. or about jobs when he has never really had one??! And neither has 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers! They've spent most of their time in academia, government and/or non-profit jobs....or as "community organizers" when they should have been in an employment line.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Major Polling Site Shows Dramatic Map With GOP Winning Senate/ And RCP Has Split At 50/50

The left leaning political analysis site; who I think very highly of as a source for poll results and analysis, (but disagree with their more partisan views from time to time) have put up a map which shows, for the first time, the Republicans in the lead  50-49 with 1 tie-for the senate.

Their individual race analysis explains why they have given the various states in play to either party, and is good news of course, for Republicans. Currently shown as a "tie" Washington state is the key, if this map holds on election day, and would give control to the Republicans. Even more so if Lieberman decided to caucus with them.

However even without Washington if Lieberman decides to caucus with the GOP then they would have the majority to determine committee chairpersons and, even though the VP would have a tie casting vote the reality would be that they could set the agenda and have the moral imperative in their favor.
UPDATE;RCP has it at 50/50

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sullivan Goes Into Surreal Palin PDS Mode "Fear Her Followers And Acolytes"

This latest and greatest example of Sullivan's PDS in full flight.

"This woman commands forces out there that are truly terrifying and violent. If you want to know why so much about her is still unknown, you do not understand the fear her followers and acolytes command in her native Alaska. That fear is real; and it is not without reason."

Perhaps Sullivan has been seeing to many vampire movies or has been imbibing at the O'Donnell witchypoo ravings to have come up with that sentence. It certainly has a Gothic ring about it, perhaps too he has been reading to much of the "people in Alaska walk in fear of Palin, when I try and talk to them about her they turn away trembling" hilariousness that certain "writers" and "reporters" have been peddling.

The filthy mouthed liberals at Wonkette have been enjoying the sight of Palin being harassed by an obviously disturbed person-to the extent that the comment that she and her family (the breeding pair and the litter) should be taken out with a better weapon than a shotgun. Sullivan is so gracious that he actually accords her no "direct" responsibility for Palin's supporters allegedly taking umbrage.

Sullivan advises that the person who has made implied threats against Palin, to the extent that she had to have a restraining order taken out against, him mentions he also made threats against "many other public figures".
What he doesn't say is that this same person has made threats against President Obama. If he did then he, by the same weird reasoning,would have to also advise that with Obama  "this story does reveal some of the virulence and anger and violence that lies beneath what has become a political cult." and that "This woman man  commands forces out there that are truly terrifying and violent."

But of course logic doesn't come into the twisted world view of PDS (and other diseases) sufferers.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gaining Support Of Center/Left Women Key To Palin's Success.Outreach By Policy Is Her Main Chance

According to a Politico/GWU poll  Sarah Palin's ratings with women are;

Republican Women:    Favorable 76%
Democratic Women:   Favorable 11%  Unfavorable 82%
All Women:                 Favorable 38%  Unfavorable 54%

As discussed previously her Favorable/Unfavorable rating is gradually improving with the
analysis by showing her overall rating currently at : Favorable 40.4/Unfavorable 50.0%

Her overall ratings with independents is 42/45 so that is looking promising. Clearly the biggest problem for Palin is with non-Republican women, particularly of course Democratic women. Nobody would expect the latter group to move anywhere near parity of course, but can anything be done to swing say 20% to her ? This would, along with further positive movement from independents, put her overall ratings near or at the 50% mark which could be a launching pad for the 2012 presidential elections.

 Palin's current ratings are not because of any universal dislike of her by all women-obviously that is far from the case given her ratings with Republican women. Nor is her problem with independent women where she is near parity, so there is no "gender divide" per se. Clearly the problem is with women who hold a left-wing viewpoint. For this exercise we can discount those across all three areas of the political spectrum who are totally of the "a woman's right to choose" mindset who would oppose any person, male or female of any political party, who held to a "right to life" position.

We can exclude hard-core feminists, a large number of whom would most likely have the "choose" mindset anyway, and would be leftists by inclination as well. There would remain a number of women voters who would run the spectrum from independent to center-left, who are open minded on abortion, or who would not consider totally opposing a candidate who held a position dissimilar to theirs. Their current non-support of Palin would be "soft" and might be based on a number of factors which might be addressed.

These might range from simple aspects of personality e.g.Palin being perceived as too "folksy" or her education not being elite enough, or provincial background ,or even how she looks, dresses or the tone of her voice. These may seem trivial but if they resonate with enough people, a potential pool of voters, then they matter. I believe the problem lies with non-defined policies and, should Palin decide to run, it is exactly this area which will need to be addressed immediate upon announcement of candidacy, and which has the most potential to garner her the biggest uptick in support.

I believe Palin needs to define her positions beyond the current "restoring America, lower tax, support for small business, common sense policies" statements which are fine for her current candidate support and commentator role. If she can present a clearly thought out, sharp and concise, set of policy solutions to the very real problems confronting America, with particular emphasis on those which are of major concern to women, she will be in a very strong position to win the nomination. This, by bringing into her body of support, those women who are tractable. The minor concerns, like appearance etc, will disappear with a presentation of Palin the thinker and solution provider.

(Update; Comment Scrubbed) Lib Site Wonkette Re;Palin's Stalker "rethink your firepower. An AR15 ought to do the trick."

Update; The comment below has been scrubbed on the Wonkette site-But of course it's to late as the original screen capture evidence is here.They can run from their disgusting filth but they can't hide

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Sarah Palin, fearing for the life of her family and her own life has had a restraining order put in place against a clearly disturbed stalker. The liberal web sites e.g. Huffington Post and Wonkette lost no time in having a "fun" article in place and giving their disgusting readers a chance to make fun of the whole situation and in some cases to encourage violence against Palin.

They are the lowest scum in America and the editors who allow these comments are equally as bad.

Here is how the liberal mind works. The execrable site "Wonkette" hits the lowest of the low. It is not only the comment, but the fact that the site allows this and similar to go on the site. They, who obviously have no morals, set the tone and incite their audience of liberals.

Read more at Wonkette: Palin Gets Restraining Order Against Pennsylvania Teen With Shotgun

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

"A Romney vs. Palin primary would be out-and-out class warfare." When Blind Prejudice Makes Good Sites Go Bad

At for example, a site which I have found very useful and informative as it presents a thorough analysis of polling. The site has substantial historical references and up to date maps. Although it, self admittedly, slants left  (and to his credit the blogger suggests an alternative site for those who slant right) his analysis has generally been more straightforward number crunching and descriptive than overtly partisan.

However, in a phenomenon I have seen increasingly apparent, for many on the left, who have only known a run of positive election results throughout the latter Bush years, there appears to be a confusion as how to handle the sudden and dramatic turn in fortunes for the Democrats. One aspect of this confusion, bordering on despair in some quarters, is to turn their frustration at the Obama administrations failure to deliver the unicorns, into a sharp stridency-particularly from those on the intellectual left.

This is rather sad to see, but is instructive to view human failings from an ascendancy on ones side of the spectrum, and to hope that when the wheel turns one does not descend into the intellectual and moral abyss that some are delivering themselves into-it is not a pretty sight.

One example of this stridency turning into irrationality is this latest posting on;

"A closer analysis of Thursday's Gallup poll of Republicans about the 2012 GOP presidential nomination reveals a striking class division. Overall, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney leads former Alaska governor Sarah Palin 19% over 16%. However, among Republicans with postgraduate degrees, Romney leads Palin 3 to 1. Among Republicans with a bachelors' degree he leads over 2 to 1. But among those Republicans without a college degree, they run about even. It has been clear for a long time--and apparently continues to be true--that much of Palin's support comes from poorly educated voters who resent various elites running their lives. Romney's supporters come from those elites. A Romney vs. Palin primary would be out-and-out class warfare."

During the latter Bush years I would believe that this paragraph would have ended at "poorly educated voters". I would find much to disagree with even at that conclusion-for example are all who have not attended college "poorly educated'? That is a statement which I do indeed find elitist . How can he conclude that all of what he describes as poorly educated voters (some of whom may be accomplished autodidacts) "resent various elites running their lives." They may be unhappy with the moral direction of the country, with abortion, with unemployment, and ascribe those aspects of their concern to the Democratic Party as a whole and not to some amorphous "elite'. Again, he is taking an elitist stance in ascribing feelings and emotions to a great mass of individuals.

That the left has historically had a class warfare mindset is beyond any denying-the whole socialist structure going back to the founding fathers of Marx, Lenin, The Fabian Society etc, is based categorically on class warfare and redistribution. It is no accident that a liberal mindset would  pit different  groups in the Republican Party against each other in some sort of  Götterdämmerung  primary battle. That there is absolutely no discussion of this Wagnerian scenario amongst any commentators on the right seems to have escaped the liberals who anticipate it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Healing America's Wounds Post Obama.President Palin Could Institute A Collegiate Of Former Presidents And VP's.

Should Sarah Palin run for, and achieve the presidency in 2012, it would be presumed that President Obama, being at that point a one term president, had left office with the country in a depressed state.
Depressed both economically and in spirit. This is generally the case with one term presidents-under this scenario Obama would have been the fifth (Taft/Hoover/Carter/Bush Snr./Obama) to leave office with the county in difficult economic or morale environment in the previous 100 years.

President Palin would be faced with challenges on both fronts, the economic and the spiritual. One way of bringing the country along with her, to face and accept the hard choices that would have to be made to right the economy, would be a measure of bipartisanship. This could be done, as has been traditional across many presidencies, by calling on the talents of members of the Democratic Party to serve in a high ranking cabinet posts.

This would immediately signal, given the position or positions were significant, that Palin was serious about reaching out to heal the country and was above base partisanship in that endeavour. This would assist her in taking whatever actions were needed to present a remedial economic program to Congress.

An even more significant action would be to institute a college of former presidents and vice presidents in a formal advisory body. This could meet on a regular basis, ( with an alternating chairperson) in a totally non-partisan environment, and review the state of the country, the economic and social programs needed to address economic, military and other problems of  importance. Their recommendations, which would not be binding on the sitting president, would carry much moral strength and, if seen to be genuinely impartial would assist the president in putting through a program based in part on the result of their deliberations.

Surely a formal body of advisers, comprised of ten wise men and true-Presidents Obama, Bush Snr. and Jnr, Carter and Clinton and Vice Presidents Mondale, Gore, Cheney, Quayle and Biden would add inestimable value to any sitting presidents plans and aspirations and would assist greatly in restoring America. Such an action, immediate upon achieving office, would mark out Palin for greatness and would reflect on what is obvious in her character now-self above country

Friday, October 1, 2010

2012 Presidency For Palin Hinges On Just Three States

At this point in time the red states on this map appear a lock. If the 2010 elections confirm this then the 2012 presidential election hinges on Virginia/Ohio/Iowa which gives the Republicans, as things now stand, a very good chance of winning. It doesn't matter how much of President Obama's anti-Palin base turns out in massively in California, and even more so in New York, whose electoral votes are declining rapidly and is now balanced out by Florida.

The biggest question will be if his Black and liberal support in Virginia will hold as it did in 2008-however the loss of Virginia to the Dem's could be overcome by winning Colorado and Nevada.

The map below is updated by Texas 38   Florida 29  New York 29   Missouri 10 . The totals for the Republicans are 272 electoral votes (270 required)

I Saw And Heard JFK And Believe Me President Obama-You're No JFK

Jon Stewart absolutely excoriates the Democrats with a critique from the thinking left. As an example of his concerns he runs clips from President Obama's speech in Madison Wisconsin. I don't think that he meant to criticise the speech itself as a speech, rather he was ridiculing the contents.
However, I quite frankly, found the presidents performance during his car metaphor passages to be excruciatingly embarrassing (in fact cringe inducing). I appreciate this was an audience comprised of university students in the main, but his mannerisms, descriptive language, and tone of  voice were absolutely un-presidential in my opinion. It is a mystery as to what has happened to the Obama we saw during the 2008 election campaign.We are seeing at one hand an apparently unsympathetic bureaucrat, and on the other a second rate stump speaker.

If we had seen this persona in 2008 I would imagine President Obama would now be still Senator Obama.
I had the privilege of seeing and hearing President Kennedy on a number of occasions. One at the Columbus Circle Exhibition Center (I have a video of that which is a prized possession) and in Harlem with Eleanor Roosevelt. I could not ever imaging JFK delivering a speech in a manner as disconnected as Obama seems to be or, absolutely, as appallingly as Obama did in Madison. JFK could certainly be humorous, and even playful at times, but the man had an incredible sense of dignity and a connection with his audience and the concerns of the public .Here is the link to President Obama's "car in the dirt' exhortation
Here is President Kennedy extolling (sans teleprompter) the benefits of tax cuts to get the economy going. Viewing both speeches it is instantly recognized that one is a great man the other is not. It is perhaps even unfair to compare the two but I would happily compare Clinton (actually both Clintons) and they would more than hold their own. America is in a sad place now and we look in hope to someone like Sarah Palin to once again revive the spirit of the country in 2012-sadly there are a long two years ahead.