Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unprecedented Images Of "The War On Women; Palin Hate And The Left's Hypocrisy

In all presidential elections in American history I can find,after extensive research, only 13 campaign buttons attacking a vice-presidential candidate. The earliest images date from 1968 with two attacking Nixon's running mate Spiro Agnew. 

It would appear that from George Washington to Lyndon Johnson no VP candidate was considered worth attacking and in this manner, and since LBJ, only about a dozen attack buttons were reproduced-that is until Sarah Palin was picked as John McCain's running mate in 2008.

I reproduce below the, so far fifty five 2008 buttons attacking Governor Palin-four times the number of buttons attacking every VP candidate in the entire history of presidential campaigns on the evidence too date. There have been a considerable further items produced in 2012 simply for the possibility she might run for the presidency in that year.

The left, the Democrat party and their supporters in the main stream media, blogs and journals have been relentlessly pushing the supposed "Republican war on women" meme which is gathering momentum in view of the presumed presidential run by Hillary Clinton and some extreme statements by a small minority of GOP candidates. That such a campaign is the height of utter hypocrisy is clearly seen by the unprecedented war on Governor Palin by all those aspects of the left. Howe such blatant hypocrisy can be presented to the public is a mystery which can only be solved by viewing the lefts adherence to the truth as something of a myth.

A glance at the vehemence, hatred and frankly disgusting misogynism at play in these campaign images would be enough by itself to explode the leftist Alinskyite campaign. If the left shouts "Republican war on women" then the simple counter is "Democrats five year war on Palin" and referring them to these images. 

These images are of course only a tiny part of the massive campaign that was, and still is, waged against Palin. Apart from buttons there have been disgusting T-shirts, costumes banners, pornographic videos, poster against her and her family.

There can be only one reason for this campaign of hate against someone the left calls "irrelevant" whilst waging unrelenting hatred against her and that is, surely, that she is seen as a threat. The media was massively invested in Barack Obama, and the shock of Palin's 2008 vice-presidential nomination speech at the GOP convention set the left off in a frenzy never seen before in the history of a presidential campaign.

The images below, which range from a mad Palin baying at the moon, to a button so biased (a recent "Whities" button reproduced below) that it was only done in a limited edition with examples selling at auction for $261.

Palin is depicted, variously, as a vampire, a madwoman, a cannibal, a "cougar" and a pig amongst numerous other aspects of the fevered leftist imagination. Here is the true imagery of the "war on women" and it is a collection of hatred which should shame any decent Democrat and shows the feminist left, who did nothing to stop it, in their true, biased light.

"This 4 inch celluloid by Brian Campbell has stirred up some controversy. One of just 27 made."

Final Bid(Includes Buyers Premium):$261.8


The 13 campaign buttons attacking other V P candidates