Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Fed Rules The World-And You Are Stuffed


"The next year or so will show if there is, or ever was, "the laws of economics" or if a new paradigm is in place and the textbooks have to be tossed aside.

We shall see how the laws of economics hold up against US$2trillion of Reserve Bank created money on top of the trillion already spent and the 2 trillion of infrastructure spending to come, all this at a time when the economy is recovering anyway as Covid winds down. 

We shall see, as orthodoxy advises, if the massive circulation of money equals inflation, whether there actually is a "low level of unemployment that will cause inflation" and if there actually is no level of deficit spending and money creation that will cause inflation anymore when the creator of money is also the world's reserve currency-so far inflation, at a level to cause economic disruption, is utterly dead."

I said that we shall find out if classic economics has been upended-the answer has come sooner than I expected. The massive Fed money printing has fed through into inflation. Corn, a basic staple, is up 50% and the crazy situation is a massive labor shortage causing supply chain bottlenecks (as people are, rightly, happy to earn more in handouts than they can get in low paying jobs) with a rise in the unemployment rate! 

When this feeds into mortgages the pain will be severe for those who have borrowed so heavily against the crazy rise in house prices. The Fed rules the world, when they get it wrong everyone suffers.

I can understand financial ignorance and financial greed but can't comprehend how, as attached, numerous professional financial advisors can, over and over, pursue "14% p.a. continuous returns year after year from "Master of the Universe" and take down "high net worth individuals who have blocked their names" as well as establishments all of whom should know better and have endless examples going back to Bernie Madoff.

Managed funds  and one's own home are, over time, the best- for those who can invest.

This latest and surely most comprehensive research might interest as it gives an apparent final figure on stock market returns.

"The stock market’s has produced an inflation-adjusted total return of 6.0% annualized since 1793, according to research conducted by Edward McQuarrie, a professor emeritus at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.

Monday, May 10, 2021

The Meaning Of Life

 Having a child then having the child marry are the first two steps to mellow. On becoming a grandparent, although one is aware of the cycle of life after the first two steps the full dawning comes when one actually becomes a grandparent.

 At that point psychologically one becomes fully aware with a depth that is unobtainable prior (of course when young there is barely any recognition except in moments of health problems but that is diminished as one is focused on one's own situation).

 A feeling of having done one's job genetically and parenting comes in and it is very very satisfying. One becomes an observer rather than a full participant in life and the trials, tribulations and foibles of one's offspring is viewed avuncularly.


In my experience if one can get through life with a bit of dignity intact and has a loving family then that's the best one can do. When young of course there is the struggle and challenge of suitable employment, finding a partner and striving to achieve as whatever societies current mores and striving dictate.


The reality is that achieving a degree of financial comfort and if possible job satisfaction while maintaining key relationships is all that matters (with faith as an adjunct). 


If Bill Gates and Bezos with all their billions and worldly success can't maintain their relationships that's all you need to know about the pursuit of wealth and fame-it's a chimera.


Friday, May 7, 2021

Woke Tide is Turning At Last

Coming to all countries in due course-people have had enough;

 UK Labour Crushed

"Criticising Sir Keir Starmer for failing to listen to voters, Mr Mahmood said: "A London-based bourgeoisie, with the support of brigades of woke social media warriors, has effectively captured the party.

"They mean well, of course, but their politics – obsessed with identity, division and even tech utopianism – have more in common with those of Californian high society than the kind of people who voted in Hartlepool yesterday.

"The loudest voices in the Labour movement over the past year, in particular, have focused more on pulling down Churchill’s statue than they have on helping people pull themselves up in the world..

Monday, March 1, 2021

The Solution To "Racist" Math-Urban And Rural Math

You may have seen the, surely insane, woke answer to racist math;

"The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages "ethnomathematics" and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer."

I won't attempt to parody this madness, those much better qualified for that sort of thing have done that;

John Hoge has a question:

I wonder how many of the education bureaucrats who are promoting the course would object to the calculations on their paychecks being done on the basis of 2 + 2 = 3.

and, frankly, it is beyond parody being utterly pathetic.

But, believe it or not the concept has found a defender in one Lance Cummings PhD;

"But how we teach math can support the racist structures within a society that has been geared towards a particular race and culture for centuries."

"White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when the focus is getting the “right” answer. The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so."

You can read the rest of his remarkable essay HERE

But I will quote one of his remarkable solutions to removing white superiority racism in math which is, apparently, to address the math curriculum regionally.

For the suburbs-thusly;

"A food truck sells salads for $6.50 each and drinks $2.00 each. The food truck’s revenue from selling a total of 209 salads and drinks in one day was $836.50. How many salads were sold that day?


For the white rural community-thusly; 

"Wyatt can husk at least 12 dozen ears of corn per hour. Based on this information, what is a possible amount of time, in hours, that it could take Wyatt to husk 72 dozen ears of corn.

As a Midwesterner who grew up in a rural, mostly white community, these word problems seem perfectly natural. But an urban youth might not even know about corn husks. Or an indigenous student might come from a community that functions on a bartering system. These problems make assumptions about the “right way” of doing things with math that are invisible to most privileged persons in the United States."

And for the Black urban majority community thusly;

"Most people don’t know that the Black Panthers started the first free-lunch program in the US. Though J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI tried to sabotage these efforts, President Nixon increased funding and extended it to all youth. What if we translated one of the above word problems with this alternate context?

Pretend you are running the Black Panthers’ free-lunch program. Each meal costs $1.50 and drinks are $.50. You’ve received $2000 from President Nixon’s free lunch grant. How many students can you feed?

Now the word problem isn’t about making money; it is about helping people … and the context potentially teaches us something new about an underrepresented history."

Problem solved!

Rabid Foaming At Mouth leftist @mattyglesias Wants "Grand Compromise Now. He Can get Stuffed

 And yes, he blocked me of course;

A Grand Bargain on Wages and Immigration?

If Democrats want to raise the federal minimum wage, they’re going to have to work with Republicans 


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Kristi Noem For President?-For Humanity's Sake No


It's about three years before any meaningful analysis of who the next, realistic, GOP presidential candidates might be but of course the media and especially the conservative blogs, as per below examples, are setting out their favorites now.

That in the real world this has probably little meaning is by the by. Remember "Jeb is a lock for 2016" and countless other examples. Of course nobody knows what the political, economic and social situation will look like in early 2024 or who will be the president that year-Harris or Biden.

But a word on Governor Kristi Noem. I don't have a dog in the hunt except to advise that if President Donald Grover Cleveland Trump is renominated I would support him fully. 

As for Noem's proposed candidacy I would caution against it for common humanity's sake and for realistic political reasons.

Presuming Kamala Harris is the Dem's nominee running a white women from a 3 Electoral vote state is electorally sub-optimal. 

Every statement she would make, every policy proposal would be run through the MSM entirely through the prism of "Racism." The near total lock on Black female voters would be adamantine and the, crucial, overall black vote shift to the GOP from 2008's nadir would be halted if not reversed.

As for common humanity I would fear for Noem, or any female Republican candidate for president.

 The examples of how the media and the hate blogosphere used every mechanism, no matter how false, degrading and disgusting to attack Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann (and currently Marjorie Taylor Green) would not, for her and her family's sake, make a run worthwhile in the long term for her personal well being.

In my opinion, apart from Trump, the GOP's best choice on purely Electoral College considerations, would be Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina (with the added benefit of keeping "Nikki" Haley off of the ticket as two candidates from the same state can't run together. 

Scott cancels the race card and might increase Black male support while winning Georgia and keeping Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in play. Noem for VP? Sure, why not, it's a well balanced ticket in all respects

John Hinderaker at Powerline


Featured imageEarlier today, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke at CPAC. Regular readers know that I am a fan of hers. She grew up on a farm near my home town and has become an intellectual leader of the conservative movement. In a year when pretty much everyone knuckled under to authoritarianism in the face of an alleged emergency, she stood tall for freedom.

And at Twitchy

‘What I did is tell my people the TRUTH’: Gov. Kristi Noem DROPS Dr. Fauci for accusing her of ignoring medical advice and it’s GLORIOUS

OANN top headline;

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Bye Nikki And Good Riddance "She’s TOAST: Nikki Haley tries patching things up with Trump after she crapped on him in January and he ain’t havin’ any of it"

Via Twitchy  Nikki stabbed the wrong person in the back

"This editor used to adore Nikki Haley.

True story. Tough as nails, direct, fearless at the UN … but then she tried to save her own skin and dumped on Trump in January. And hey, we get it, a lot of people were jumping ship when the Left was working overtime to paint Trump as some sort of evil authoritarian inspiring an insurrection but trying to wiggle her way back in?


Not a great idea, Nikki."

Scoop: Nikki Haley tried to get a meeting with Trump yesterday but he turned her down, even despite her apparent attempt to patch things up through a @WSJ op-ed yesterday

Monday, February 15, 2021

Rebecca Schoenkopf's @Wonkette "Tim Scott Will Be Remembered As A Self-Hating Black Man."

 On February 9th I wrote;

"The Most Sensible Man To Run In 2024; "Senator Tim Scott: "

I included among a number of reasons why Senator Scott would be an ideal GOP 20204 candidate "Impossible for the Dems' to use the race card."

Clearly I did not account for the loathsome scum who inhabit Rebecca Schoenkop's @commiegirl1 loathsome "Wonkette" for whom the race card, in reverse, is a method of attack against an honorable person. 

There are, clearly, no depths to which they will not sink in pursuit of the "progressive" agenda.

So, true to form, they presented a major column attacking Scott, who they rightly perceive as a threat, and Hispanic Ted Cruz. 

"Tim Scott enabled and protected the twice-impeached thug at every opportunity. He's an embarrassment, and only a complete fool would think Scott deserves a special shout out during Black History Month.

 Enter Ted Cruz, esteemed Black Person Expert. Cruz apparently can't grasp why Black people might celebrate Stacey Abrams more than Scott. 

Why, she hasn't been elected statewide! Trust me, I don't think that comes up a lot at the beauty parlor.

 Abrams — like the late Rep. John Lewis, who also never won a statewide election — has devoted her life to removing barriers erected to keep Black people from voting. Scott voted to confirm Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Coretta Scott King denounced for having used his office to suppress minority voting rights. He didn't even object when Republicans posthumously attacked Mrs. King"

"Tim Scott is on his own."

That was just the preamble-the loathsome scum in the comments section didn't hold back as this small sample advises:

"I keep getting Tim Scott mixed up with Dred Scott. Wonder why."

"Tim Scott will be remembered as a self-hating Black man. 

Because the only reason you can be a minority and be a member of the Rethuglian party is if you hate yourself or you believe that somehow these racists will look past the color of your skin. Rethuglians are all about their white selves. 

They will never consider minorities as equals."

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Redundant Headline "Liberals Losing Their Minds On Social Media" (Over Trump Acquittal This Time)

 The rest of the lib loons Tweets at REDSTATE

All the usual suspects.

Democrats had a lot of issues from the start: a snap impeachment without a hearing, no witnesses or evidence produced so no record for the House Managers to really work from, the question of whether it was even constitutional at all to proceed against a former president no longer in office and the failure of the facts to support the “incitement to insurrection” charge that was a massive overreach of a charge.

Liberals are now furious at what they feel was a cave at the last minute by the Democrats when they could have dragged it out and called witnesses. The reaction was glorious.

Of Seven; 5 As*holes (Palin-Do Your Duty) 1 Of Expedience 1 Of Conscience;

The seven GOP senators who joined with all Democrats in finding Trump guilty were: 

Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Romney and Sasse should be primaried to Hell. Toomey and Burr retiring had the opportunity to spit their hatred.

Cassidy voted his conscience whether one agrees with him or not

Collins as always had the opportunity of a safe vote for her in a challenging state and is irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

Murkowski has to go-Palin made it clear she could run against her previously she should make that concrete and start her campaign now.

As for Manchin and Sinema "Democrats of the center" there is no such thing, they have to go.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sarah Palin-Nikki Haley. For The Record (Never Forget)

Update;  now she is back on the Trump train. Lol

Quote Tweet
Nikki Haley
Having multiple vaccines developed in less than a year by the Trump administration and the private sector is hardly starting from scratch.

Never Haley 

"Nikki Haley says Trump has no future in GOP"

Via Vanity Fair

When Palin started picking favorites in GOP primaries during the 2010 midterms, she instantly became the most coveted endorsement of the election cycle. 

With her small-staffed political outfit, SarahPAC, Palin didn’t bring much of a political machine to the table, but a single social media post could generate enough media coverage and fundraising dollars to flip the direction of a primary overnight. 

In May 2010, when Palin endorsed Nikki Haley just before South Carolina’s four-way gubernatorial primary and appeared with her at a rally in Columbia, Haley was left for dead in last place.

 A few weeks later she was the Republican nominee. Former Haley adviser Rob Godfrey, who was then working for a rival candidate, told me at the time that Palin’s endorsement was “an earned media blowtorch.” 


S.C. Governor Haley: I Don't Owe Palin in 2012

Sunday, 27 February 2011 12:08 PM

Sarah Palin helped Nikki Haley win the South Carolina gubernatorial nikki,haley,sarah,palinelection with a timely endorsement, but Haley's not quite ready to return the favor, Politico reports.

Appearing Sunday on "This Week," Haley insisted that it's far too early for her to be endorsing anybody in advance of the 2012 presidential campaign.

“I have not in any way endorsed, plan on endorsing, at this point in time, at all,” she said. “When the right time comes I will endorse. But there is no one that I feel like I owe at this time.”