Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kos Kids Krying Sounds Like A Celestial Chorus When Filtered Through Rightists Ears

I wrote that after 8 years of Bush bashing the radical left,many of whom would have know no other political environment, have been thrown back on their haunches now that they are on the receiving end of a dysfunctional administration and caustic political environment.

Sadly for them things are going from bad to worse.The publication of a Gallup poll showing the Republicans in an unprecedented lead with only two months to go has produced another session of wailing and gnashing of teeth. These sounds are, after having listened to eight years of self important, vindictive and cocky rants from the radical left, the sounds of an angelic choir-filtered through the rightist ear of common sense of course.

It is to be expected that even in their thrashing about in self pity and setting up their circular firing squad they still can't bring themselves to accept they may be at fault. "We're losing to.... a bunch of numbskulls!" is a perfect example of arrogance whilst falling off a cliff-quite a feat whilst "This is what a train wreck looks like" blames all their problems on "wingnuts" setting the dynamic

They are frankly pathetic in their self flagellation combined with lashing out at others  and not accepting blame for their own mistakes.A sorry, but frankly enjoyable spectacle.

Monday, August 30, 2010

42,000 Poor In Housing Desperation Whilst Media/Administration Ignores Them To America's Shame

Up to 20,000 delinquent homeowners are expected to attend an advice and assistance seminar,which will run 24/7 for five days in Palm Beach Florida.to get help holding on to their homes.

"Welcome to America's biggest jamboree of delinquent borrowers. For five days, the Neighbourhood Assistance Corporation of America (Naca), a not-for-profit organisation, is working round the clock to help homeowners hang on to their houses. More than 12,000 people have signed up in advance and more than 20,000 are expected to turn up, travelling from as far afield as California, Georgia and Maryland".

This tragedy follows shortly on from the 30,000 people in Atlanta Georgia who congregated in sweltering heat in what was described as "Mob scene chaos" desperately trying to get housing subsidy assistance.

Is the main stream media so tied to the Obama administration that these cries of anguish, this human misery, is so glossed over that one has to search The Drudge Report or worse, The Guardian in the U.K. to see coverage? This is the human face of the unemployment rate, of the bank failures of the housing crisis-in short of the failures of the Obama administration.

Where is the peddler of  "Hope and Change" of  "Yes we can"? Why is he not addressing this American tragedy instead of vacationing/golfing? Sadly even if the Republicans gain control of both the House and Senate it would not be enough, given President Obama's veto power, to turn the country around.

Two more years is a long time to wait measured in the suffering masses despair, but when it comes it will put the finish to liberalism as exemplified by the "progressive left", for the foreseeable future. A terrible price to pay for such deliverance but perhaps it will have been worth it in the long run.

We Don't Need No Stinkin Intellectuals-Reflections on The Beck/Palin Gathering

Firstly a reflection on the weekends event from the intellectual, superior left (via Wonkette);

"These people spend their days in a perpetual state of outrage. Glenn Beck tells them they're victims and that's why they have to live in a dirty trailer drinking cheap beer and saving up for their next hit of meth. It's 'cause of Hilary/Pelosi/Reid/Obama. Beck has discovered something about us that we don't like to admit. there's a very large segment of the population that should probably be put to sleep. If they were just stupid, we could live with that but they meet other stupid people and eventually reproduce, After a generation or two, stupdity spreads across the country like a brushfire. This is great news for Glenn Beck, his audience gets larger and dumber with every passing day but it sucks for the rest of us."

The great mass of "The plain folks that Lincoln so loved" as William Jennings Bryan described them, have had enough. Enough of being talked down to, of being disrespected, of having their values scoffed at "clinging to their guns and religion".

As befits and reflects the innate dignity of middle America they gathered in their hundreds of thousands to celebrate, with respect to the historic context of the date of the event, all that is good and great in America.

What is coming in November is exactly what happened in the election of 1972 when the great mass of the "silent majority" went to the ballot box and peacefully expressed their utter distaste for the supposed superiority of the intellectual element of the
McGovernite Democratic party and its juvenile followers and produced one of the most massive election defeats for "progressives" in American history.

That Nixon sullied this result did not reflect at all on the impulses which created it, and which came to full fruition in the Reagan years. And which is set for being repeated in 2012,
hopefully with Sarah Palin.

A study of the attitude of historians*, especially of the patrician sort, to the "crass democracy' which had produced, in combination with the new Jacksonian style politics, the Presidency of Andrew Jackson (and had ousted their upper middle class strata from that leadership role in society) has a firm resonance with the attitude to Sarah Palin by the historians and pundits from the right and left who inhabit that same strata today.

Those from this class on the right express the same ambivalence to popular democracy as exemplified by James Parton the Jacksonian historian whose 1860 "The Life of Andrew Jackson" is considered one of the finest biographies of our 7th President.

If we take the overview of Parton's work included in Charles G. Seller's Jr. "Andrew Jackson versus the Historians" Mississippi Valley Historical Review, XLIV (March 1958) and where we have "Parton" substitute "Brooks" and for Jackson substitute "Palin" we can see there is nothing new under the sun.

The elite will always show their true colors-with their nose in the air in the case of the liberal left-and with utter confusion in the case of the right-in fact the more conservative the pundit the more this confusion is expressed, as it is a battle against their inner nature, whereas with the liberals it is an excuse to vent their inner anger.

Or as Sellers stated it " For Parton's view of democracy is essentially ambivalent. Like many intellectuals, Parton will, at one moment, excoriate the masses for their ignorance and for vulgarizing American life; but at the next moment he will turn around and extol democracy as the mark of an enlightened society.

Periodically in the Jackson (biography), Parton will rail against the vicious mob who could " feel, but not think; listen to stump orations but not read...who could be wheedled, and flattered, and drilled by any man who was quite devoid of public spirit, principle and shame, but could be influenced by no man of honor unless he were a man of genius."

Then, a little while later he will announce that the "instinctive preferences of the people must be right" and that the "truly helpful men and women of this Republic have oftenest sprung from the cabin.... and worked their way up to their rightful places as leaders of the people, by the strength of their own arm, brain, and resolution".

That Jackson overcame this instinctive class based hatred and ridicule to become recognized as one of the greatest of presidents should be succour to the Palin supporters who, from time to time, wilt under the ongoing onslaught-especially when it comes from the right.

It is my "instinctive preference" to consider that in due course Palin will prove to these "lettered betters" that she can claim the mantle of Jackson . In doing so there is no doubt that some future historian of our present period will make the same comparison to the commentators of our day as set out here regarding the, mistaken then as ours are now, historians of 150 years ago.

*James Parton "The Presidency of Andrew Jackson" from Volume 111 of the "Life of Andrew Jackson" Edited by Robert V. Remini. Harper 1965

Crists Amazing Disappearing Palin Endorsement-Now Supports " Sarahs that Live In Florida"

Ed Henry-substituting  for Candy Crowley on her program 'STATE OF THE UNION WITH CANDY CROWLEY'  had the dubious pleasure of interviewing previous Republican now Independent Governor of Florida Charlie Crist about his positions as he campaigns to be elected Senator this November.

Crist's back flips "Political amnesia" according to his opponentKendrick Meek, regarding President Obama's health care bill have got  lot of attention for their astounding contradictions, as has his being obscurely non-commital as regards who he would caucus with if elected.

Frankly the Delphic Oracle is stunningly clear and precise compared to Crist.

His position on the health care plan and who he would caucus with if elected are matters of much import, but his position on his erstwhile attitude to the capabilities of Sarah Palin as a possible president are not so vital. They have descended into farce and deserve to be viewed widely.

As stated, not because they matter a whit in themselves but because they give an indication of the character of the would be Senator from Florida.Whilst Sarah Palin will be unsure of his support, all the women named Sarah in Florida can be assured of it, in case they are considering a run for the presidency-that is unless Crist changes his support position from Sarah to all women named Janet or Angela .

HENRY: Now I want to ask you finally about Sarah Palin. You were out on the campaign trail with her in 2008, you did a little bus tour with her, and someone else sent me a note on Twitter saying, quote, "Crist once said Palin would do a great job as president." Do you still feel that way? And we checked the tape, and in fact 13 days before Election Day in 2008, you said this on CNN.


CRIST: I think she would do a great job. I mean, realize that she really is the only executive that is running.


HENRY: Now that you are an independent, do you still think Sarah Palin would be a good president?

CRIST: Doesn't really matter. You know, what does matter is I am trying to be a United States senator and represent the people of Florida, and it is a tough campaign, it's going to be close in my estimation, I believe that I will win, and really what matter is not somebody from Alaska, but my fellow Floridians, and that's what I'm focused on.

HENRY: But governor, you were willing to comment in 2008. It certainly seemed like a Sarah Palin fan. Should I take from this, you are no longer a supporter of Sarah Palin?

CRIST: I am not going to issue a statement on Sarah. What is important to me are the Sarahs that live in Florida, the people of my home state. I respect anybody who puts themselves in the public arena, and she certainly has done that and is to be admired for working very, very hard in doing so. But my issue is about Florida. I care about my fellow Floridians, and what is important to me is doing what is right for them, first and foremost every single day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Top Ten Dem Candidates For New York Times Search For "A Palin of Our Own" ( Rosie O'Donnell to Barney Frank)

The New York Times has run a wonderfully funny op-ed by Anna Holmes and Rebecca Traister (apparently it takes two leftist women to carry the political heft that is required to analyze the appeal of a feisty right wing woman) calling for the left to find someone as clever, active, engaging and appealing to a new generation (Hillary is out of the running).

If good looking could be tossed in the mix without offending lib sensitivities that would no doubt be useful. Nothing new here of course the left has been moaning their lack of an inspiring woman for a long time.

Not on the shopping list but mentioned elsewhere the candidate would have to somehow be ballsy without running the risk of being called a dyke. Palin escapes this because she is obviously fecund whilst still being able to gut a moose and has a 'real man" husband.

The authors are in a real quandary as they can't see anyone on the horizon who can appeal to those with traditional values-home and hearth- without being seen as anti-feminist. Basically they are hoist on their own petard.

That being the case the Dem's will have to fall back  on some retreads-certainly they fit in the ballsy category but home and hearth (and in some cases dykinesss) are a problem. However spin is everything and if no one else shows up here are the top ten candidates for "A Palin of our own" (with a hat tip to the comment posters at Mediaite).

1.  Rosie O’Donnell
2.  Janeane Garofalo
3.  Nancy Pelosi
4.  Helen Thomas
5.  Sandra Bernhard
6.  Joy Behar
7.  Janet Napolitano
8.  Ellen DeGeneres
9.  Maxine Waters
10.Barney Frank

Rule 5 Seekers-Link Here If You Missed It On "The Other McCain's" Site (and have a look around)


I'm too staid for this sort of stuff- but enjoy !

Whilst you are here please have a look at some of the postings and if a culture buff  I'm sure you will enjoy the Russian photographs.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beck/Palin Rally Destroys Dem's Only Campaign Theme "Republican Candidates Are Extremist Tea Partiers"

Groans of disappointment across the leftist blogosphere (and probably the MSM) that the Glen Beck organized "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. was peaceful, massively attended, non-political, with morals based non-inflammatory speeches, no anti-Obama signs and horrors, no instances of violence or racism.

All they could find to criticize was that they thought the rally 
"Dishonored MLK" being run on the same day as his historic speech, that the numbers attending were not as large as President Obama's inauguration, that the speeches were boring, and that there was a preponderance of white people.

 Oh, they did find fault, quelle horreur, with children cooling off in the fountains (which  the children of the radical left would never do being the epitome of manner) and that public money was being used to clean up afterwards-"My hard earned tax money". When it was pointed out that the Tea Party organizers had volunteer squads to clean up the complaint was that taxpayers money would have to be used to empty the bins!

So much for the infantile left, venting (and letting the cat out of the bag by asking "why can't the left organize our own rally like Beck's?) at the usual suspects blog sites Kos/Crooks and
Liars/Wonkette/Gawker. The more important problem for the left following on from the rally  is how it affects the mid-terms.

What are the Democrats to do? It is obvious to everyone that the Dem's have a major problem-they are the "in" party in a very much "out" year. There is little they can point to, take try and turn the coming tsunami of voter resentment and anger, in the way of accomplishments.

Certainly the successes, from their point of view, that they have had-ramming the health care and the stimulus through Congress are "successes" that don't resonate with voters-they clearly turn them off.

Even worse for the Dem's these very successes appear so watered down to the left that they are contributing to the "enthusiasm gap". Meaning the angry right and independents are determined to vote, and the disappointed left are determined to stay at home to teach the Dem leadership a lesson.

Then came the primaries and a glimmer of hope, or at least a message, that the left could spin to try and stave off the worst effect of the sad economy (after all it is "The economy stupid' which is the bedrock of voters anger). That message was the success of the Tea Party in getting some of its supported candidates on the ballot for November.

"We may not yet have turned things around yet but we will and, in the meantime, would you put your trust in the hands of these extremist radical Tea Party candidates? " is the theme the DNC have hit on-a desperate ploy but at least it was something for them to hang their hat on.

But the Restoring Honor rally has blasted that theme to bits. What the public saw was hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans (from all races) who look and talk just like them behaving in a peaceful, constructive, warm, neighborly manner.They saw no evidence of carpet chewing speakers, racist signs or language. There were no acts of violence or confrontation (even when Al Sharpton's marchers hove into view-much to the disappointment of the media no doubt).

The millions of television viewers would have heard constructive, non-political speeches (the Republican Party was nowhere to be seen which added greatly to the non-partisanship of the event) calling on a renewal of faith in America and faith in God. They would have seen a genuinely emotional, in his faith and patriotism, Glen Beck and a calm, intelligent Sarah Palin-not the "fascist or moron" the left has painted them to be. This coming face to face with reality will further inflame the great mass of common folks who can see they have been misled by the leftist supporting main stream media.

The Dem's last chance of having a theme to counter voter anger -that of creating doubt about the beliefs of the Republican candidates has been blasted to bits-their day of reckoning draws ever closer with no relief in site.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Left Dumps "Useful Idiot" Crist Now that Kendrick Meek Looks Viable To Them

As soon as Kendrick Meek easily won the Democratic primary for Senator from Florida  and started to get the ensuing profile and poll result lift the left dumped their erstwhile hero Governor Crist like a hot potato.

Their first reaction to the Florida race, when Meek was way down in the polls;

June:     Rubio 37%./Crist 37%/Meek15%
August: Rubio 40%/ Crist30% /Meek21%

and seemed to have no chance whatsoever, was to pump for Crist to do an Arlen Spector. With numerous advice columns calling on Crist to jump ship to the Dem's telling him that this was his best chance of election as he stood no chance of winning the Republican primary.

The Kossite left was perfectly willing at this time to dump on Meek in a gross display of crass opportunism. That they have no values beyond whatever benefits their radical agenda is shown by the fact that this is hardly the first example of expedience. The Kossite left were perfectly happy to see William Jefferson lose to Joseph Cao in Louisiana-not because of the corruption issue but that Cao "A useful idiot" according to them, would get rid of an embarrassment and act a placeholder until the next election when they could get one of their own in the seat again-or as Kos suggests Cao,  like Crist switches. Dem's are great ones for looking for Republicans to switch but if one of their own e.g. Lieberman does, they scream like babies.

When, acceding in part to their advice, Crist jumped ship to run as an independent, the left was perfectly happy to see the Republican split and, since Meek was still way out of the polling picture, to keep supporting Crist as a possible win for the Obama administration as they counselled him to caucus with the Dem's after November.

All this has changed after Meek good showing poll, energy, and profile wise. The left has now discovered Meek as one of their own and can visualize him coming through the middle. The immediate result of this is that Crist has become no longer useful to their plans and they have seized on his flip flopping on the health care issue ( a 6th flip flop according to Rubio) to denigrate their once upon a time hero-including Halperin at Time Magazine.

The DNC has a problem on their hands because for them Crist is the better bet because in reality Meek stands no chance. If the DNC does not fund and campaign for Meek they will further alienate the radical left not only in Florida but wherever the leftist blogosphere reaches. That's for the moment however-the lib's hypocrisy knows no bounds or loyalty and they will make a decision on whether or not to "abandon the Democrat in October

Letterman Finally Turns On Obama-Time Is Ripe For Palin To Do A Guest Spot.

I have written on a number of occasions that I thought it would be very positive for Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on Letterman's show.

I mentioned previously that subsequent to his initial burst of anti-Palin "jokes" which included the famous poor taste one regarding Palin's daughter Letterman had changed tack. He apologized, sincerely I believe, for any distress his crudeness had caused and invited Palin on the show. He has continued to make Palin wisecracks from time to time but that is all in the game and, apart from the negativity, it is nothing to be too worried about I believe for Palin or her supporters.

Since the election Letterman has very much been a water carrier for president Obama with the now and then light hearted banter about the White House. This in contrast to Jay Leno, who for some months now has had his finger on the pulse of the national mood, and has had some really sharp digs at Obama. Not having been as invested in Obama as much as Letterman has it has been easier for Leno to have made that transition.

However, a few weeks ago, when discussing an item about President Obama's early days in New York City and where he was living at that time, Letterman put up a satirical visual of the purported apartment block which had a sign "ONE TERM APARTMENTS".

This was the first real satire on Obama and the state of the country. Certainly Letterman has criticized the economic situation but he has not previously made the transition from the state of the country to blaming the president.

Letterman has finally crossed the Rubicon and made "has Letterman ever looked sadder" the first out and out attack on Obama advising that the president would have "plenty of time for vacations after he finished his one term".

With Letterman now joining Walter Cronkite as the person whom, when you lose them you have lost the country, and Letterman having seriously reduced his anti-Palin jokes to a now and then basis I believe it is time for Palin to go on his show.

As stated previously it could only put her in a good light as a person who forgives and forgets and doesn't bear grudges. It could give her a massive audience as millions would tune into see what would happen (the great reconciliation) and I believe  Letterman, grateful for the ratings boost, would be positive towards her in future routines.

Life Enhancing Color (not handpainted) Photo's from Russia Circa 1910

One of the stunning color photographs from the Library of Congress collection
Once in a while an exhibition reveals treasures so stunning they drill themselves deep into ones psyche. Items or images so breathtaking that they become part of your soul and persona and something which dwells  with and rewards you throughout life. In my life I think of the Tutankhamen in New York, the Renoir  at  the Tate in London, and most recently the Deutsche Expressionisten I was privileged  to view at the Leopold in Vienna

The Boston Globe, to their eternal credit, has posted a series of photographs from the Library of Congress taken in the early years of the 20th century. They depict mainly provincial and rural scenes in the generally Muslim  area 0of the Russian Empire.They capture a time in history, before WW1 and the Russian Revolution which shows a world gone by. It is a world of peasants, the early industrial revolution, ethnic groups in colorful dress and so many visual delights.

To me the most amazing aspect is that these photographs were created using a painstaking process of taking the same image through different color filters.The end result is as near to reality as could be expected, much more so than hand colored photographs from the period and a tribute to the patience of the sitters who had to keep their pose for as long as it took to get the final result.

I do trust you will find these images as delightful as I have found them.

Gallup Poll On Iraq is America's Shame- Palin/McCains Honor

Having written a series of articles stating my strongly held belief that it would be immoral for the Obama administration to leave Iraq basically defenceless against the very enemies the US forces were originally committed to fight against, it makes depressing reading to see the latest Gallup poll on this question

When asked if they were in favor of renewing combat operation in Iraq if Iraqi forces were unable to maintain order 63% said they were not in favor. Republicans polled were on the side of our better angels with 53% being in favor.However this was swamped by Democratic and independents opposing by 79% and 63% respectively.

Even though the majority of Republicans have supported the idea of not leaving Iraqi's to be murdered  by the Taliban, most Republican politicians are deadly silent on the issue. It seems that even they are satisfied with the surge having worked, but also happy to cut and run-even though an earlier Gallup poll found  61% believe the Iraqi security forces won't be able to cope

I wonder what the poll result would have been if the question had be phrased as it should be in reality;
"Do you favor leaving the Iraqi people to be killed by bombs and guns by the Taliban, Iraqi women returned to the customs of middle ages, or alternately the country subject to a new Saddam which will be the result of the Iraqi army not being able to maintain security.

In all modestly, realising the comparison is grossly presumptive, I feel as Churchill must have felt in the wilderness years when he was amongst the minority in warning, over and over, of the Nazi peril. It is a small comfort to be proven right by history when the end result of the cataclysm one has been warning about is mass death and destruction.

To repeat, those who, should it happen, are responsible for the ensuing cataclysm resulting from the end of the realistic American commitment to Iraq will be arraigned at the bar of the court of history-which will be cold comfort to the Iraqi people.

Those not appearing would be Palin and McCain who bravely have stood up for "As long as it takes".

30,000 In Mob Scene Chaos for Housing Vouchers-America's Shame. Lib TV Media Ignore It

By chance I came across this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from August 11th. I post the highlights (or rather lowlights) from a shameful episode in current American life. Shameful on so many levels;

  • That three quarters of the population of an area turns out in such awful conditions pushing and shoving and trampling in frustration on the off chance they will get subsidised housing vouchers.

  • That local Housing Authority  officials are so out of touch with the urgent needs of their population that they would be so taken by surprise by the turnout
  • That waiting lists have been closed since September 2008

  • That the liberal MSM ignores this story-the plight of those on low incomes, the desperate middle class adding to the homeless, the growing numbers of unemployed desperate for housing. None of what happened in Atlanta entered the consciousness of the liberal elite and the Democratic party who are supposed to be the guardians of the working class.

What happened in Atlanta is America's shame. Now more than ever we need a whole new political class as typified by Sarah Palin-a class of and from the great mass of common sense folks who will work for them not the vested interests in Washington.


"Thirty thousand people turned out in East Point on Wednesday seeking applications for government-subsidized housing, and their confusion and frustration, combined with the summer heat, led to a chaotic mob scene that left 62 people injured.

At the Tri-Cities Plaza Shopping Center, emergency vehicles passed each other, transporting 20 people to hospitals. Medical and police command posts were set up on scene. East Point police wore riot gear. Officers from four other agencies supported them. .All of this resulted from people attempting to obtain Section 8 housing applications and, against long odds, later securing vouchers for affordable residences. Some waited in line for two days for the applications.

Offering applications for the first time since 2002, East Point Housing Authority officials had triple the crowd they anticipated, and one that was three-fourths of the 40,000 population of the south Fulton city. Things got out of hand when people started cutting into lines and authorities attempted to move groups to different areas.

Felecia McGhee, who came in search of her own Section 8 assistance, saw two small children trampled when people rushed the building that held the applications. When a group of people who had been waiting hours in a line were told to move to another line, people started pushing, shoving and cursing, witnesses said.

People collapsed in the heat. Emergency personnel drove up in a pickup truck and handed out bottled water. People were carried off on stretchers. A baby went into a seizure and was taken

Wednesday's deluge of people seeking low-income vouchers in East Point demonstrated just how desperate the need for affordable housing has become in metro Atlanta, officials said. Some 15,000 Georgians currently are accommodated with Section 8 housing, with thousands more on waiting lists. Housing openings have been difficult to find anywhere, including rural areas."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Year Lib Blogger's Open Letter To Dem Leaders"Chickenshit Bastards Conceding the F***** Game"

J D Rhoades, along time lib blogger has posted  "An Open Letter to the Democratic Leadership" castigating Dem officials for expressing fears that the party may well lose, not only the House but also the Senate this November.

Expressing, in typical lib language filled with expletives, rants and frustration, Rhoades rails against the "anonymous officials' who are, as he puts it in a sports metaphor, "conceding the fucking game."  He advises them  that "The dumbest assistant coach of the most hapless junior college team in the NCAA knows better than to tell reporters “yeah, jeez, it looks pretty bad, I think we’re going to get our asses kicked this season.” If he did, he’d be out of a fucking job, and good riddance."

Basically Rhoades is telling his fellow Dem's that even if they know they are on to a hiding the should try and bluff it out. Given that deception comes so easily to party strategists, for them to be so low on morale that they can't even get up the energy to put on a false front shows just how much they realize the tsunami coming their way is unstoppable.

Nowhere in the posting is any listing of anything positive the "anonymous officials" might say to the country at large about the success (sic) of the administration to turn around the coming rout rather it is just an admonition to stop depressing the troops further than they are.

Rhoades also rails about being upbraided by the "Mouth breeding red neck assholes' amongst whom he lives for not supporting Sarah Palin.This shows, of course it hardly needs to be stated actually, that the Dem's pretend to be the party of the common man but in reality turn up their noses when confronted with the common man in person. This elitism is personified by the growing public perception of President Obama (which he does nothing to expel by holidaying in Martha's Vineyard by the way).

This rant against his own party is yet another example that the left, who have had an eight year run of Bush hating and anti-administration blogging, have, now that their party controls all aspects of government, no idea what to do or say as the administration lurches from one calamity to the other.

The gloom on the left who don't know what has hit them, is palpable-the Daily Kos site is now an echo chamber of false hopes,recrimination and disappointment.The "enthusiasm gap" and the radical left who's support of Obama's candidacy is splitting the party apart stay at home vote will ensure a massive shock wave is coming.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dysfunctional Iraq Should Bring Impeachment Of The Obama Admin At The Senate Of The Civilized World

I wrote recently-looking in fear and trepidation at the US's rundown of troop levels in Iraq;

"In looking at the Iraq situation, the massive dislocation, loss of life, both Iraqi and American (and allies) the destruction of infrastructure and the lack of a political structure to govern the country, it appeared to me be be immoral for America to even consider abandoning the Iraqi people to an unknown fate."

The immoral decision has been taken-to assuage the administrations supporters on the left.This is politics at the very lowest Machiavellian level, to hand over a whole nation to the spectre of death and destruction to shore up a political base in an election year.

I feared that with the decline in troop strength it was only a matter of time before the insurgents and sectarians would institute a mass campaign of dislocation and death. But even I did not want to believe that this would start the very first day after the official announcement that the pullout of US combat troops had left fewer than 50,000 remaining

Two dozen coordinated attacks leaving 56 dead.This is just the start because as soon as the forces of destruction see that the Iraqi army and government are dysfunctional and unable to stop them the stage will be set for chaos.

The stage will be set for the return of a Iraqi "strong man', another Saddam. When this happens what will have been the worth of all the spending blood and treasure?

The Bush decision to invade Iraq was questionable, the Bush decision to use the surge was correct.The surge-never forget, was opposed by Obama and it is he who bears total responsibility for the pullout of combat troops, for the level of  "advisers" remaining and-God forbid, the possible destruction of Iraq.

If this happens it will not be a "high crime and misdemeanors"  i.e. an impeachable offense under the constitution. What it should be if that remedy is not available, is a cause for resignation and impeachment of all responsible at the court of world opinion.

In the meantime the first 35 are dead, how many more are to follow?

Of All The Wrong Articles About Palin/Miller, Alexandra Gutierrez Wrote The Most Hilariously Bad

The American Prospect's sub headed "Liberal Intelligence" (sic) writer Alexandra Gutierrez is getting a royal pasting across the blogosphere for her impossibly bad prognostications about Sarah Palin and Palin's effects on the Alaskan Republican primary.

Not content to make a fool out of herself at AP she doubled down at Slate the comments are hilarious

This is the end result of PDS which is very  much like cancer as it starts in a primary area-the bowels and then metastasizes to the brain destroying all clear thinking.

Gutierrez's American Thinker article has so many laughable paragraphs it is unfair to pick and choose-you do so and... Enjoy !

Miller Election Night Victory Update-All Booths In- His Lead increases

The Alaska Secretary of State official election returns website reports all 438 booths have now been counted.

Joe Miller's final, unofficial, vote total is 47,027 (50.90%)  and Murkowski's 45,359 (49.10%).The returns from the last two booths have shown an increase of a few hundred votes for Miller which is a promising sign as they may have come from very rural areas which might have been expected to have gone for Murkowski.

Another encouraging sign is that a number of the postal ballots to come, which will determine the final result, will be military votes and with Miller being a decorated war veteran he might get the edge with those.

Win or lose however,the fact that miller did so incredibly well is in a major part,as he acknowledged, to the endorsement of Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Palin,written off by the left wing media, bloggers and all the pollsters as having the "kiss of death' endorsement capacity has, once again and against all the odds,turned the political world and all the experts on their heads. Five endorsements-and what a result !

Florida, Arizona and the crowning glory of Miller, in the lead when counting stopped, against all the odds in Alaska capped a night of triumph which will surely send Sarah on the path to the nomination.

All the Republican leading candidates endorsed McCollom in Florida and got it wrong whereas Palin's endorsed/Supported candidates Rubio,West and Bondi (for AG) won easily.

McCain and Gosar in Arizona were easy winners and, in Alaska...it is so wonderful, Governor Parnell won re-selection, and Miller achieved against all the pundits predictions.Who comes from being 45% behind ? The answer is someone who is, as Charles Krauthammer sagely advised,  "Kick started by Palin".

Whatever the future brings this is a glorious night to remember for all involved and I daresay the army of Palin bloggers who worked tirelessly and assiduously.

Another Lib meme (they are running out of them one by one)"Palin's endorsements are the kiss of death" bites the dust forever.

God bless you all.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hidden Cause Of The Psychopathology That Is Liberalism-Sexual Repression

That liberalism is a mental aberration is clearly understood and documented by the medical profession.

Liberalism is presented in Freudian terms as being an expression of  transference neurosis  i.e. infantile
feelings and conflicts which having been repressed  (often because of their, unsuitable to the conscious mind, sexual perversions)  which, seeking release, manifest themselves as neuroses.

It is long understood in the Freudian Psychoanalytic method that repressed sexual desire is a substantial contributor  to neurotic symptoms.That being the case it becomes clearly obvious why so many of the activists on the radical left are young males.

It is exactly at the peak testosterone driven hormonal time of a young mans life when he often has little outlet for this sexual drive-especially if he is shy and or unattractive to women.

This sexual frustration is of course not limited to males. 
On the distaff side it is obvious to all that many leading exponents of radical feminism are sadly lacking in attractiveness-there have been widely noted comments regarding the difference in appearance between liberal and conservative candidates and media personalities recently which is of course no surprise

It is now clear why the left wing blogs are replete with hate filled rants and gross sexual references to women-especially those on the right, like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter, which if addressed by rightists against the First Lady would cause a volcano of indignation. These blogs, like Gawker, Huffington Post Big News Sarah Palin, and the vile Wonkette pander to and clearly attract a massive audience of sexual frustrates who find sad release in their onanism enabling media.

It was the time honored concept that "If you are not a socialist at twenty you have no heart, if you are still a socialist at forty you have no head". The thinking behind that wise saw was that age brings maturity of thought. We can now see, with the help of modern psychiatry, that the transition from radical left winger to thoughtful, mature conservative is not only because of having lived and learned but also because of a lowered, fulfilled libido.The mature man is more than likely to be married and have normal sexual outlet which enables him to have a balanced mind and body.

We are indebted further to the psychiatric profession as it enables right thinking people to achieve further balance in their lives, because instead of getting angry with the often violent actions and words of left wing activists, and their supporters in the blogs and main stream liberal media, they can be viewed as objects of pity.

It is the duty  of the right-especially the media to, when debating with or describing the activities of leftists to say to them-"I understand that what you are saying in such virulent and distorted terms is not the "real you' but sadly, an expression of your inner torment. Please try and understand the root cause and seek help. In the meantime here are some rational economic and political ideas to dwell on".

If such a dialogue can be instituted then there is hope for the well being of America. Those on the right carry the burden of civil, intelligent discourse, but they have to be even more broad shouldered now to carry their afflicted brothers and sisters on the left to the gentler streams of rationality.

Anti-Palin Blogs/Comments Are Now Utterly Boring-Beyond Pitying Or Caring About

I have to admit that up until recently I failed to take my own advice (even when it was supported by the inestimable  "The Other McCain" site) and just ignore anti-Palin commentators bloggers. I was commenting on a supposedly conservative site which was taking a negative stand against Palin and took the opportunity of advising that all such sites and especially the leftists ones are simply best ignored-especially for ones blood pressure.

 "Simply ignore these blogs. It is tempting to want to check in with them from time to time, especially when a major crisis arises, to see how they react. Morbid curiosity tempts too (like a visit to Bedlam) but these impulses should be resisted. Note, ignore not ban-they mustn't be given the chance to shout "undemocratic impulses on the right".

No more views too of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Wonkette, Gawker. Huffington Post Big Palin News. Let them froth and gibber in their echo chamber. We have better viewing and more importantly better work to do. It may be satisfying to fire off a rebuttal to a ridiculous statement but you are just feeding the beast. Sarah Palin represents the New Person, lets make an aspect of that an always positive, always constructive state of mind. One path to this state of mind is to free it from all negativity-and ignoring hostile bloggers is one of the steps."

However I am only human and in looking at the compilation sites e.g. "Memeorandum" "Addictomatic" (Sarah Palin) and "Sarah Storm" for articles on Palin and general news there are always a number of leftist sites with Anti-Palin headlines.

Some of these are so childish they are easily left alone but some are such blatant lies and distortion that my every instinct is to tear into them. I long ago realized that this is an utter waste of time as if one leaves  comments-no matter how true and well thought out/presented-one is instantly attacked in the most vicious manner.

However recently the leftist blogs/commentators have descended into such a rut of the same tired old cliche's
"She is dumb/a quitter/a hick"  that even I am able to ignore them completely. The memes have been so thrashed to so little effect that the public would not  give them a thought-clearly the left has shot every arrow in their quiver and all have missed the mark or at most caused a few flesh wounds which have well healed.

They are now, forlornly, trotting out "Racist, kiss of death  endorsement loser, media star not a poltician anymore" and "I hope Palin gets the nomination as Obama will destroy her in the debates" (which is a backhanded compliment in a way as it grudgingly admits she may get the nomination) but there is no sting to that tale/tail.

Certainly the sewer dwellers at Wonkette keep pushing their filth but no one except their drug addled smug readers takes any notice and the insane "Trig Truther" sites are folding-"Palin's Deceptions" and "Bree Palin", both the repository of unimaginable neuroses having bit the dust.

According to Conservatives4Palin  two of the most vicious of the
ad hominem sites Palingates and Mudflats (I wouldn't sully this page by linking to them not having the strong stomach that the folks at C4P have)  have recently had a massive drop in viewership-they have actually "imploded" according to C4P. This again is another confirming sign that even the most vicious anti-Palin elements are giving up.

All this is good news-those of us on the right can get on with presenting positivity and constructive policies without wasting our time reading and "debating", if such a thing were possible, with the idiot left. It also shows that they have shot their bolt and if any damage has been done to Palin's poll ratings then this is the worst level they can be at and the only way is up.

"Old Country" Jewish Humor Is Simply The Best

The "Old Country" Jewish humor is the best humor. Although the 19th century Eastern European Jews have died out they have left a legacy of wry, ironic, clever and above all self-deprecating humor which is a treasure trove.They also live on in the hundreds of top class Jewish humorists, writers, actors-on stage in the movies
and of course television.

The list is endless-Berle, Kovacs, Seinfeld, David, Jerry Lewis, Jack Benny and on and on seemingly endlessly including right up to date with the likes of Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler
 all of whom have a debt to a parent or grandparent with some European heritage.

Below is one of my favorite examples. It is not funny in the slapstick or instant punchline Henny Youngman way, (although it builds up to a carefully constructed laid back punchline which is perfect) but it covers a number of bases-the Jewish tradition and love of reasoning, and of course story telling-enjoy!

NB.It has a double plus for us moderns/baseball fans as it explains how both Ernie Kovacs and Sandy Koufax had unusual-not specifically Jewish names and "what they were before ". NNB. A Talmud scholar is a biblical scholar.
I apologize for the poor presentation but I have not mastered the copying from a printer technique. Click on the "first page" to see it whole.

The Apples Of Childhood Are Always the Sweetest "A la recherche du temps perdu"

I was watching the British version of "Who Do You think You Are" which show traces the family history of various well known personalities. It usually uncovers a good number of skeletons in various cupboards and is interesting viewing.

The guest was Rick Stein the well know chef and during the course of the program he went to one of the family homes in the English countryside and met the family housekeeper. It was a classic rambling English country house replete with spacious garden and as Klein was walking through it he said to the housekeeper "I remember that apple tree-they were particularly lovely apples"

All first apple tree are particularly lovely to young boys  (I can't speak for young ladies but somehow I don't believe there is the same magic-especially as young boys tend to climb up in the trees or pick up apples which may have been on the ground for some time etc) and I am no different from Rick Stein in my first apple experience.

I remember finding a long neglected orchard some distance off from the boarding school in Westchester New York I attended and making acquaintance with a thick, rough skinned brown apple the likes of which I had never seen before (which turned out to be a Russet I found out in later life).The first bite of this tempting oddity was-well all men who remember their first tree picked apple will know exactly what it tasted like-it was wonderful and exotic. I also made acquaintance with the Red Delicious type apple which are particularly sweet and glossy and the orchard became a hidden place of many trips and treasures.

Watching Klein and his apple memory shows that  in addition to Proust's "A la recherche du temps perdu"
episode of the madeleine the awakening of involuntary memory by a physical object the same came happen with the visual and vocally created imagery of a television program-I am sure both Stein and I could taste that first apple in our minds taste buds !

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Hidden Saints Of Palin's Israel Odyssey

Sarah Palin has expressed, not only through her words but her actions, the strongest support for Israel, the settlements and the right of return. In an interview she stated that the population of Israel would grow as more and more Jews seek to return to the land of their historic birthright stretching back thousands of years.

There have been many heroes facilitating this exodus including "Righteous Christians" who by their incredibly unselfish actions- often at great risk to themselves saved thousands of Jews from Nazi persecution and execution.

One of the saddest aspects of these great persons actions is that they were not honored until after their passing or very late in their lives. The world now knows of Oskar Schindler and Raoul Wallennberg, but who knows of the incredible stories, documented in the amazing book 'The Fugu Plan', of Mitsugi Shibata, honored one year before his passing, who saved thousands of Jews in Shanghai during WW2? Or Senpo Sugihara who issued 6000 exit visas to Curacao via Japan to Lithuanian Jews who otherwise would have ended up in death camps?

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to publicize the  ongoing deeply felt commitment, in this case to the return of an incredible 120,000 Jews, by latter day heroes who also have faced strong challenges in assisting Jews to return. I came across an announcement in a small local paper of a public meeting which set out to describe and honor this ongoing work. It is doubly delightful to see Christians actively involved in presenting the struggles of Jews and that unsung "Righteous Christians" are still continuing this, surely sacred, work;

AN American with a passion for Jews is speaking at venues between  about the return of the Jewish people to Israel. Roger Wolcott, is spiritual advisor to Ebenezer Emergency Fund International’s board,
Mr Wolcott is also discussing how the Fund assists in the process of the repatriation of the Jews to Israel.

The representative for Ebenezer Emergency Fund, Branson Hopkins, said the organisation “was established by Gustav Scheller and his wife after their experience of being under rocket-fire in Israel. They established a shipping line from the Ukraine city of Odessa to Haifa in Israel, for the purpose of carrying Jewish people from the former Soviet Union.

“In subsequent years, using sea and air routes, more than 120,000 people have been repatriated to Israel by the Mission. There have been many exciting events associated with the Mission, and volunteers from all around the world have become associated with the work, determined to love and help the Jewish people besides distributing humanitarian aid wherever they go. ‘Operation Exodus’, as the Mission is named, has continued to grow.

“Mr Wolcott will give an informed message of how the return of the Jewish people will continue and how Ebenezer Emergency Fund assists in that process,” said Mr Scheller.

Mr Wolcott met Mr Scheller in Israel in 1987, and in January 1991 at the International Prayer Conference in Jerusalem, when Gustav got the vision to bring the Jewish people back to Israel from the Soviet Union.

Palin's support for these returnees and her expression of the strongest possible support for Israel which is recognized as obvious in Jerusalem and slowly but surely sinking into the consciousness of American Jewry-the scales are dropping even from the most blinded of Jewish supporters of Obama-excepting the left-wingers of the JStreet.