Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bizarre Palin Deranged World Of Washington Posts' Karen Tumulty

Here's a hint to acquaintances of  The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty-if you invite her to a function tell her its the day before as she, clearly, arrives late for the party-very late. This can be determined by her having writing a "column" actually a cut and paste screed (do they actually pay for that sort of thing nowadays?) about Palin in Iowa. This after all the heavyweights from the left and GOP Establishment had been sicked on to Palin, then the various vultures and jackals descended on the metaphoric carcass and snuck out a bone or cartilage-Tumulty being in the latter category of course.

In a Valley Girl piece of headline juvenilia "Palin and her one time fans on the right:it's so over" (God that is so pathetic in its petty snark) Tumulty joins the six year long queue of commentators who have advised that Palin is "over". She hits all the prescribed talking points right on target; "Odd rambling speech/Influential voices saying "it's over"/devastating critiques" and more tawdry hatchet job writing than I care to reproduce. Masochists or students of hackery can amuse or abuse themselves at the link.

What, obviously, begs the question is why? Why would there be such a massive array of firepower from left and right be directed at Palin over one speech? Before I address this in the wider view, perhaps there are some clues, nuggets amongst the Tumulty crap, to paraphrase Jon Stewart when he lampooned an earlier effort to kill off Palin-the notorious "Palin email hunt.".

First it is interesting to note Tumulty's either ignorance, or, perhaps worse, deliberate misdirection, in lampooning Palin's "ride your back" comment. That was a direct quote from Martin Luther King Jr. as so many idiotic Tweeters found out when they were ridiculed for attacking her (they shut up almost  immediately in their equally choreographed retreat.) For Tumulty to still not mention where the quote came from shows how needful she is to denigrate Palin, which of course ended up with her denigrating herself and her profession.

She then goes on to quote Bill Kristol;" “The name Sarah Palin hasn’t come up in the past three to six months." Five minutes research would have led her to Kristol's tweet about my American Thinker article "Palin Achiever of the Year" (which received massive coverage) "Nice tribute to Sarah Palin: … )
"I'm adding her to my list of 26 (now 27) GOP 2016 possibilities. …

Tumulty quotes Byron York's hatchet job on Palin, but fails to mention one of the "GOP insiders" he quotes, Sam Clovis, was defeated by Palin's endorsed candidate, Joni Ernst, for senate from Iowa. Neither does a moments research or half-hearted attempt at any balance, lead her to mention that Palin, who is supposedly written off and of limited influence, had a 91% success rate with her mid-terms endorsements (which left Hillary in the dust). 

Nor the fact that for all the media's best efforts she is slowly but surely populating Congress with her endorsees. Ernst, like Cruz, Fischer, Sasse and so many others owe their elections directly to her support-as so many others will in the future.

Anyway, enough with picking apart, (it's like shooting rotten fish in a barrel) her pathetic hatchet job driven either by her editor's demand for more red meat to the WashPost's leftist audience, or her concern for being last rank cab off the rank, as it is of import to try and understand why such a mass of venomous vitriol should escape from the left and right at this time.

There are a couple of things which strike one after the dross has been cleared off. "There is also a tone of soul-searching and even repentance in some of the commentary, as pundits on the right reconsider their own role in stoking the Palin phenomenon." This is of course preposterous vainglorious posing. These various pundits have the mistaken belief that anyone, outside their mutual admiration society, gives a rats ass whether they are "repentant or they are searching their souls. The same media that has ripped her to shreds for six years is terribly mistaken if they think she is done for because they are ripping her a new one now.

The media also has their memes mixed up-which is not surprising when Palin derangement is in play. For years the cry was "Palin is playing the victim" and now 'The media was destructive of her from the start." This sort of jumble just illustrates further that what is going on is a deliberate attempt to destroy Palin by any and all means possible. 

So blatant is this that the various players believe they can change their memes at will with nobody noticing. Let me assure them that those days are well over as the Palin supporters,who are legion no matter what Tumulty believes, agree with Palin "this is war" and fight back with grim determination.

So what is going on? The exact same thing that went on before the 2012 election when the forces of left and right, who would be destroyed if Palin ran and were elected, went into attack. The garbage fantasy "Game Change" was trotted out as the primary season began, the most scurrilous "book" about her and her purported private life was published by the lowest of muckrakers and every word and action of Palin and her family was parsed and scrutinized.

That there is jostling amongst possible GOP candidates for the 2016 nomination is of course one reason for the ludicrous attacks on Palin over one speech. More importantly the various media supporters of these other than Palin candidates have taken the opportunity to not only attack Palin as the obvious threat to their chosen ones but to also unleash years of  bottled up hatred towards her.

In an article where I reviewed ('Media Losing All Credibility With Their Palin Madness') the blatherings and hypocrisy of another Palin Derangement sufferer L.A.Times'  Abcarian, I wrote" It is as if a dam, the size of Boulder, of hatred and resentment cracked and burst spilling a reservoir of venom from a million rattlesnakes cascading down a river of leftist and Establishment loathing."

All those who in recent days have written Palin off, expressed heartfelt mea culpa's for ever having said a kind word about her, will find themselves in the exact same position of all those who, when her contract was terminated at Fox, said exactly the same thing and had to eat crow shortly after. 

How ludicrous they are, and Tumulty is symptomatic, was summed up by another "journalist" (Laura Ashburn at The Hill) who boldly wrote; Mark my words. She's not running. And if she does, well, I never wrote this column.. Such is the blatant hatred, pandering and idiocy of the leftist media today that they even qualify their memes in the same sentence.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Conservatives Are Forbidden From Viewing These Alleged Conservative Media/Pundits

Young people and, perhaps, older people who have decided to become politically active may not be aware that some media pundits portray themselves as conservatives but in actuality are far from being so.

To help new people avoid the pitfalls of wasting their time, and receiving leftist propaganda hidden under a conservative masthead, listed below are some of the most notorious of spurious conservative sites and individuals. The list will be added to from time to time so it may be worthwhile for the novice to check in occasionally.

I have banned these alleged conservative sites for conservatives to view because of their crimes against conservatism, and their blatant promotion of GOP establishment candidates and policies.

As Governor Palin stated "we are at war" and there is no room for the 
faint-hearted, the lily livered, the backstabbers, the falsehood purveyors and the overt and covert supporters of center-ism. 

In this war you are either on the side, totally, of conservatism and conservative candidates, or you are with the left-"there ain't no middle ground." Terribly saddened to have to add Ace of Spades HQ to the proscribed list but desertion is a capital offence.

Any conservative viewing these sites, after my clear injunction not to, is aiding and abetting the enemy and will have to deal with their conscience. Viewing them to "rebut" their arguments is simply aiding them financially by page clicks-do not be tempted.

Ace of Spades HQ
Hot Air
Right Wing Nut House
Real Clear Politics
Tammy Bruce
Bloomberg Politics
Outside The Beltway
Ann Coulter
Bill O'Reilly Fox News
Race 4  2016

Monday, January 26, 2015

Media Losing All Credibility With Their Palin Madness.

Time for a senior journalist to call a stop for the sake of the profession

Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian took time out from her usual stock in trade Palin bashing for her leftist audience to actually make a sensible statement "Liberals: She can't hurt you anymore. It's time to get over her. "

Clearly the left can't "get over her" and such is the depth of  Palin derangement, that you have to make a choice of causes (or include the lot):

Fear, hatred, madness, jealousy, repressed lust, radical homosexual/feminist/atheist angst (again choose one or all) blatant partisanship, GOP establishment/competitor sneakiness, or just plain insanity. It is clear that these elements are so deeply ingrained in the left that Abcarian, affected by at least one of the preceding ailments, forgot her own stricture and went straight into Palin derangement syndrome (PDS) attack mode just months later.

After Governor Palin's address to the Iowa Freedom event the media, which had been somewhat, for them, quiescent as far as Palin was concerned, went into utter raving bonkers attack mode. 

The concept of "balanced" journalism, of ethical reporting, of cogent analysis of any pretense whatsoever to be anything other than a leftist or a GOP Establishment mouthpiece, was utterly discarded. 

How these supposed journalists can put themselves in front of the public in any manner, except the most partisan, after such a shabby and shambolic effort is a mystery-but of course they will make the attempt.

The really odd thing is that these same denizens of the media keep advising that Palin is "diminished" to quote Robert Costa, is ineffectual, and has no chance of getting elected and yet they turned their entire venom on her (Trump doesn't count of course as he just gets a dollop of sarcasm now and then). 

It is as if a dam, the size of Boulder, of hatred and resentment cracked and burst spilling a reservoir of venom from a million rattlesnakes cascading down a river of leftist and Establishment loathing.

Such massive resentment can only be the product of stored up hatred at being called out, over and over, by Palin  for the MSM's duplicity in the "JournOlist" conspiracy to bring down her, and McCain of course, to elevate Obama. 

The exposing, that nothing stood in the way of such a campaign, including the unbelievable attempt to deny that Palin's own son was hers, the call from major newspapers for "readers" to go through every line of her correspondence, and other such madness may have, deep down, created a feeling of guilt.

This repressed guilt over being less than their calling should make them, a bottled up self-loathing is, I believe, the real root cause of such irrationality from seemingly educated and sensible people. 

It can't be, from people who happily tolerate 'good old Joe" Biden's inanities, such nonsense as "saving America from Palin " who is supposed to be hapless anyway-no, such levels of rancor have never been seen in American political life, for such a long period against a person who has not been a candidate for over six years. Madness from guilt, there can be no other explanation.

Now that a few days have passed, as has the bile, it is important to put on record in one place, so a mosaic of madness can be properly grasped in its astounding volume, just some of the best efforts of supposed leading journalists. The headlines are just a taste of the sarcasm, ridicule and gross bias the articles contain. It is tawdry, gross reading, but that is what they subjected the public to.

Kimberly Atkins Boston Herald: "as absurd as a Palin candidacy sounds"
David Knowles Bloomberg "Reliving Palin's 'painful' petty' 'incoherent'speech"
Kerry Sullivan National Monitor Palin;“Obviously, we got to stand with our North Korean allies."
Byron York Washington Examiner "As 2016 race begins, GOP faces its Palin problem"
Chris Cillizza Washington Post; "No, Sarah Palin isn't seriously interested in running for president
James Hohmann Politico "She's definitely interested in people thinking she's interested"
Charles C W Cooke National Review "Sarah Palin slips into self-parody"
Adam Edelman New York Daily News; Sarah Palin dishes out  bizarre rant in Iowa as teleprompter breaks"
Laura Ashburn The Hill (with an hilarious "she's hot running typo" ) "A Palin run in 2016? Not happening"
Marcus Hondo Digital Journal (in genuinely bizarre article which ran a still from a telemovie) "Not again!"

These are just some of the well known, to lesser lights, who mounted an avalanche of bile towards Palin. There were also the usual suspects-the venomous Ana Marie Cox, the irascible Rebecca Schoenkopf at Wonkette, and the harpies at "The View". 

Also chiming in , of course, were the talking heads e.g. Scarborough and Jon Stewart (who literally begged Palin to be on his show previously) and the utterly raving mad at the progressive' blogs like PoliticusUSA/DailyKos/ Raw Story and Daily Beast of course raved and gibbered.

Clearly Palin is an Ebola virus  to the left that has crossed their respective blood brain barriers and, along with the Freudian repressed guilt has driven them over the edge. 

This is a terrible problem. America needs proper journalistic reporting that can be seen as "fair and balanced" not unfair and unbalanced. It is time for a senior and highly respected journalist, Jake Tapper perhaps, to call his fellow professionals (the bloggers are a hopeless case) to order before they, in their growing and now clearly set loose irrationality, destroy what little credibility the media has left.

Palin in the meantime is still standing after 6 years of their best efforts-she had an incredible 91% success rate with her mid-term endorsements and is slowly but surely populating Congress with people who support her conservatism. 

That the media can't see this through the scales still stuck to their eyes is a sad indictment on a once respected profession.

 Its time for them to grow up, treat Palin  (and other conservative women e.g Joni Ernst a new victim ) with impartiality, and do their jobs in a manner which Cronkite would appreciate-what he would think of the state of his profession today is unimaginable.

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Update:14 Inescapable Reasons Why Palin Is Running For President

Update:14 Inescapable Reasons Why Palin Is Running For President.


Her Mother, Sally Heath, clearly wants her to run (unlike Jeb's Mother who said no, then possibly, and Mitts wife who seems against the idea). For Mrs. Heath to post this so near to the "declaring season" surely must have some family background. 

If not, then psychologically as Governor Palin weighs everything up knowing that she has family support is a tick in the "run" box. For Governor Palin to post it in her widely followed Facebook page is something.if she had not posted it that would be something else.

Ha! Believe it or not I received this from... my mom!


 Palin's schedule for January includes Iowa this week at what is considered the first"cattle call' for prospective 2016 candidates. Palin will be the headliner

Iowa! Can't wait to be back next weekend. We looked back at pictures of our many fun, diverse adventures in the Hawkeye State over the years and wanted to share some here. 

Thank you to Citizens United and your courageous, selfless Congressman Steve King for putting together this awesome Freedom Summit. I look forward to joining you and our new and old Iowa friends to forge the future path – bright and successful – of our party and more importantly our country! If you can't make it to Iowa, you can watch the Freedom Summit live here:


 A serious grassroots campaign group "The Earthquake Group" (The Political Earthquake PAC) has set up a website at Facebook is fundraising and has put up a significant billboards for Governor Palin's Iowa visit. 

The website for the Political EarthquakePAC is website with information about Sarah is

Would they do this without some indication, from somewhere, that their efforts will not be in vain? Either way, the fact that grassroots organizations are in place or ready to go might be taken on board by Palin as she look s to the immediate future.


The key primary Palmetto state South Carolina received a lot of Palin's attention.

And although she couldn't' make the Tea Party event in Myrtle Beach South Carolina she made a highly professional video which was shown there and she indicated she will be in the state

"Sold Out in South Carolina! Overflow crowds of independent tea party Americans packed Myrtle Beach, SC today to gather, prepare and look forward to 2016. Thank you to the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition for your invite. I bet it was much warmer there than it was here in Alaska! Congratulations on a great convention and I hope to see you soon!
- Sarah Palin "


 Governor Palin's immediate schedule allows for venues where a momentous announcement could be made. At the very least, at the end of this immediate schedule, her profile will be even higher than it is now(which seems hardly possible given the massive media interest in her visit to Las Vegas)

especially after her being invited to address to Cambridge University (schedule conflict precluded)

MARCH 2, 2015



FEBRUARY 25, 2015



FEBRUARY 12, 2015



FEBRUARY 12, 2015



JANUARY 24, 2015

Governor Sarah Palin Headed to Iowa


JANUARY 22, 2015



Time is running out. 

As I wrote in  LINK

"Palin To Put Supporters And Haters Out Of "Will She Run" Misery By July?"

The first debates are scheduled for August. If Palin has not declared by then it would seem unlikely that,as the declared candidates debate on nationwide TV, she could declare after that date.

# 7 

CPAC (Feb 25-28). 

 Governor Palin being invited set off another media frenzy and,a she did in 2008 she delivered an outstandign speech which destroyed the media's meme.


She didn't say yes-she didn't say no she didn't say stop she didn't say she'd go.

In nearly every interview in the last month Governor Palin has not ruled out running.

"Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, indicated she might run for president in a conversation with an ABC News reporter at a soup kitchen on Thursday.
“Yeah, I mean, of course, when you have a servant’s heart, when you know that there is opportunity to do all you can to put yourself forward in the name of offering service, anybody would be interested,” Palin said."

advises the Washington Post's Robert Costa (no friend of Palin's "She struggles on diminished" he wrote last year)

“You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested,” Palin said, when asked to clarify her thinking about a possible presidential bid."
Palin said, 

“It is a significant step, of course, for anyone to publicly announce that they’re interested. Who wouldn’t be interested? Who wouldn’t be interested when they have been blessed with opportunities to speak about what is important to this country and for this country?”

#9. No third party run.

After considerable speculation, after Speaker Boehner was reflected which many on the right saw a a "betrayal of the mid-terms mandate that Governor Palin might head a third party she has shown no interest whatsoever recently-quite the contrary in fact 


The subtle sign?

Whilst continuing to "go rogue" and hold the GOP to account if they stray from the 2014 mid term mandate e.g. 

"Sarah Palin on New GOP Majority: ‘It’s Not Just the New England Patriots Who Are Dealing with Deflated Balls’"

It is noticeable that she has taken pains on a number of occasions to include herself in the "big tent"-giving kudos to the GOP Establishment. This could be a strong signal that if she did run she would stay within bounds whilst keeping to her "rogue" nature. To me this is the strongest signal of any that she will run.

“That GOP leadership, that establishment, they've got to get their stuff together. I love what they believe in, I believe in it too."


 Do these 14 points lead to the conclusion that Palin will run for president? The weight of them leads me to conclude she will-we shall see, and shall see soon (see point #6)

#14; Governor Palin is wearing the red war dress from 2008 campaign for the Palin TV presentations

# 13. This tweet to the Iowa power broker Chuck Grassley;

Palin Tweeted. great talking w/u last night - look fwd to hitting the trail" 

#12 From Gov.Palin's Facebook page-pretty much seals the deal?

Iowa Freedom Summit:"Take that sign off the Oval Office, no women allowed".


#11. The 2008 key people are still in place plus some new advisers of note:

(Costa Reports Washington Post)
"Palin arrived in Iowa Friday alongside Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), one of her closest political allies, and Jason Recher, one of Palin’s longtime political advisers."

Which elicited this comment

"Jason Recher, FP expert who helped prep Sarah Palin for VP debates in 2008. Hmmm, seems like she has retained a few key people in her circles"

N.B. If Palin chooses not to run in 2016 but endorses a candidate enthusiastically then, in that person 
"Palinism in the presidency" comes into effect. Thus, in effect, Palin herself is the candidate and can be said to be running.