Thursday, October 18, 2012

George McGovern Passing Without The Deaths Of Americans And Millions Of Vietnamese/Cambodians/ Laotians On His Conscience

There are reports that former Senator and presidential candidate George McGovern is near the time of his passing.

If that is the case Senator McGovern can go to his rest without the deaths of millions in South East Asia on his conscience.

Resolutely opposed to the continuation of the Vietnam war, and excoriated for his position by the Establishment, history has shown McGovern to have been right.

58 thousand Americans, plus allied troops were killed in that ill conceived and fruitless exercise which, at the end of his life,Defense Secretary McNamara admitted he ( 'wrong, terribly wrong.") was wrong. Not only were their needless deaths, and life disabling injuries amongst the over 150,000 casualties  but the fabric of American society was ripped apart.

Not only does history show that McGovern was correct but that in the end he was a better human than LBJ, Nixon, McNamara, Kissinger and all the other enablers.

Added to that list should be Thomas Eagleton who, by not disclosing his medical history when being considered for McGovern's running mate, doomed whatever chance McGovern had.

Rest in peace Mr. McGovern

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