Wednesday, March 6, 2013

With President Obama Polling At 43% What Price The "Permanent Democratic Majority"? 2014 Mid-Terms Would Be A Dem Disaster

Down it goes: Reuters today 43%

Two days ago President Obama's approval rating, was at its lowest level Gallup 3 day average.since his re-election  with an approval rating  of 46%"

All the post-election guff about the GOP being forever out of power and the emerging Democratic majority based on Hispanics/demographics will go out the window if this trend continues to the mid-terms which will then make 2010 look like a close race. 

With the GOP running the senate and house and governorships and state houses and Supreme Court what Democratic majority then? President Obama would spend the last two "legacy years" as the lamest of lame ducks.

The opportunity, in 2016 for a "New Reagan" a genuinely conservative GOP candidate/president will be the best  since 1988

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