Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finally-A Sensible, Intellectual, Insightful New Blog From The Center-Left; "The Sheppard Post"

Highly Recommended "The Sheppard Post"

There is,at last, a center-left site of intellect and in-depth analysis, everything that Ezra Klein's newish "Vox" set out to be but failed because of overt partisanship.

There is here much food for thought that even conservatives can mull over e.g. the article on "What would a Rand Paul presidency look like"-an unexamined question by anyone in the media that I am aware of, and a question of much import.

the current generation of leftist commentators are either umbilical cord attached to President Obama, Weigel, Klein etc etc and are forever JournOlist conspiracy condemned to be so.Or,they are stuck in the Bush years of ultra-partisanship and irrational hate to anything not deemed "progressive.

Examples  such as Daily Kos, have "progressed" beyond Obama worship to the outer fringes of radical leftism as for example has Firedoglake. The mad sites such as Gawker, and the execrable Wonkette, are beyond any sort of intellectual reckoning as are the supposed hipster sites like New York Magazine and Esquire Politics where Charles P. Pierce rants and raves.

The Sheppard Post represents the voice of an unencumbered new generation on the left who can see things without the fog of "Hope and Change" still clouding their eyes, and such dispassionate,albeit center-left viewpoint can attract conservatives who can agree to disagree in the battle of idea and ideals.

A warm welcome to the team at The Sheppard Post and let the battle begin! LINK

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