Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lock Away Your Children;Communist Imagery At Youth Site "Wonkette"

The far left site "Wonkette" that poses as a "satire" site is in fact an insidious poisoner of young minds.
Apart from its usual helping of cursing, scatological references and imagery there is a none to subtle attempt to enslave young minds int the realm of outright communism.

That leftism is a psychological disease beyond doubt, usually the result of  youthful sexual frustration in its inception and the natural urge to 'rebel' against authority. Traditional outlets have been comics like "Mad Magazine" with its lampooning of society and as youth matures "progressive" blogs like 'Daily Kos" or Firedoglake" and the like.

For most they are a passing phase of young adulthood and once mortgages, children and entry into society as an adult takes place they are discarded and the traditional path from radicalism to conservatism is set out on. 

Unfortunately for some who are in perhaps of a sensitive and trusting nature or come from an unfortunate family background the possibility of being permanently radicalized is open through genuinely distorted outlets like Wonkette.

Wonkette uses its come on of the usual ranting against religion (especially) conservatism and all aspects of traditional society that rebellious youth find so attractive-especially when laced with generous helping of lampooning cartoons and voyeurism. 

It then adds the spice of outright communist imagery from the old Soviet Union drawing on the same appeal to unworldly youth.The message is the same as under Stalin but, presented on a "satire" site, the underlying message is that it's all just fun. That may be the case for some, but for the vulnerable the damage may be permanent.

The site's editor makes no attempt to hide her own background,  An admitted "socialist" from a family steeped in communism  And who knows what shadowy demons drive the Wonkette staff, all of whom are radicalized. 

Here is a shocking photo, proudly posted by Wonkette's editor, of a meeting of Democrat's in Oklahoma who live near the family and have been touched with the disease of leftism. These were once healthy, slim people and now look at them. PARENTS-DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOUR CHILDREN?

That there may be tortured psyches among the Wonkette cabal is a matter for such an individual so afflicted to seek assistance. What is not right is that such propaganda be allowed to go unremarked upon whilst youth in development-perhaps your sons or daughters-might be dragged into the shadowy world of ultra-leftist activity.

Below are some of the images which are seen regularly on Wonkette. Taken in sum, and out of the modifying "satire" sections, a moments glance shows the invidious and insidious nature of what is being conveyed and attempted. Any adult who finds their children perusing the site would be well warned to ensure it is blocked at all costs


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