Friday, November 14, 2014

New English Language Words;"Gruberism/Gruberistic/Grubersonian" Definitions Sought

As Governor Palin advised, English is a growing, ever changing language-which nobody could refudiate.

Jonathan ("the voters are stupid" LINK) Gruber has, surely, lent his name to the following new words;

Gruberism (which could be defined as defining the Obama administration)




I'm afraid for Mr Gruber his entering the lexicon will not be on the same level as e.g. "Jeffersonian" and to be immortalized in such a fashion is perhaps not a "consummation devoutly to be wished" to quote another noted creator of new words but such is the price of elitist hubris.

I am not a grammarian nor lexicographer and will leave the definitions of these new words to others and welcome readers input.

Update:I see the amazing Iowahawk has a further Gruberisitic word seeking defining;
Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action. Four times is a Gruber.

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