Saturday, March 25, 2017

Black Activists Go Jill Stein Green; Major Danger For Dem's

Black activists express vehement support for Jill Stein and the Greens. These election day broadcasts, and the callers into the programs, not only castigated the DNC and the Clinton's in terms stronger than I have heard from conservatives, but appear to have completely moved from the Democratic Party.

If the breach with a growing segment of the Black community is, as it seems, irreparable and the DNC runs another centrist in 2020 (Hillary!) I would firmly believe the Democrats will be in serious danger of becoming a permanent east and west coast rump party and the Greens a significant force.

The Green's commitment to Black activism/activists was signaled with Stein's choice of vice-presidential candidate;

Jill Stein Selects Human Rights Activist Ajamu Baraka as Vice-Presidential Running Mate

p_Ajamu_Baraka.jpgGreen Party presumptive Presidential nominee Jill Stein has offered her vice-presidential bid to international human rights scholar and activist Ajamu Baraka.
 "I am honored and excited to announce that my running mate in the 2016 presidential election will be Ajamu Baraka, activist, writer, intellectual and organizer with a powerful voice, vision, and lifelong commitment to building true political revolution,” Stein announced.
 "Ajamu Baraka is a powerful, eloquent spokesperson for the transformative, radical agenda whose time has come - an agenda of economic, social, racial, gender, climate, indigenous and immigrant justice. Ajamu’s life’s work has embodied the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," Stein continued. "In this hour of unprecedented crisis, we are honored to lift up a unified movement for justice in the only national political party that is not held hostage by corporate money, lobbyists and super-PACs. We look forward to bringing this agenda for justice to the American people in the exciting race ahead Stein said she also discussed the position with author Chris Hedges, single payer healthcare activist and US Senate candidate Dr. Margaret Flowers (Green - Maryland), economic justice advocate and TPP opponent Kevin Zeese of, and Green Party activist and former Black Panther Party leader, Aaron Dixon. There had been earlier speculation that Stein would offer the spot to ex-Sanders surrogate and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, who had been unfairly spurned at last week’s Democratic National Convention for her principled criticism of the DNC and Hillary Clinton. 
Tim Black TBTV AT THIS LINK (Not the picture)

Yvette Carnell "Breaking Brown"

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