Thursday, September 28, 2017

Astounding Effect "Take The Knee" Had On Trump's Approval Rating

With all the MSM coverage of President Trump's strong condemnation of athletes "taking the knee" during the national anthem his "Get those SOB's off the field" and prominent, mostly Black athletes also attacking him, it might well be expected there would be a massive hit to his approval ratings.

Further, sports fans might be enraged by the seemingly overt politicization and disruption to their favorite winter game and this would also hit Trump's approval.

So what actually happened to Trump's statistics over the height of the controversy, did he experience a sharp and humiliating drop in approval from already historically low levels? 

Well, actually nothing happened and, if anything, Trump's approval rating ticked up a bit.

 The polls, Reuters and Quinnipiac which include part of Sunday and Monday the 25-26th the height of the controversy Trump is an aggregate 37%. These two polls however always give Trump a much lower number than do the majority of others.

The four polls which have larger influence of directly involved events;Economist/Fox/Gallup/Rasmussen
have an aggregate of 40.2%.They include Gallup which also gives a far lower rating than others and which ticked down a point from its previous poll but Rasmussen ticked up one.

What all this appears to show is that Trump's base is with him "even if he shot a man on 5th Avenue" the Black vote will go massively to the Democratic party with perhaps a small bit of growth to the GOP as in 2016 as economic conditions for Blacks improve.

And it shows the MSM for all its antipathy and dramatic images of mass kneeling and endless talking head shrieking, has just about zero effect on public opinion to Trump, and, to their chagrin, perhaps on anything else they get so exercised about.

New Fox Poll: "In general, do you think kneeling during the national anthem is an appropriate (41%) or inappropriate (55%) form of protest?


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