Sunday, November 22, 2020

Let's Be Realistic

 Realism note 1.

Anything that's written or said before the age of, say, 28 should be ignored by persons with mature understanding of life and of course should not held against the writer/speaker when they are older.

Realism note 2.

President Trump's "Stolen Election" campaign is of course theater with no chance whatsoever of succeeding. That's not to say it is invalid in of itself-far from it.

The campaign serves, with great value, to give those who believe in it a bone to chew on for four years and solidifies the core base. It is unprovable either way and any tidbit such as the discovery of a few thousand votes in sum here and there which were miscounted or not counted until well after the election only serves to reinforce the opinions of those who hold to the concept.

It is also valuable as a mechanism to delegitimize the Biden administration  in exactly the same way that the "Russia/Putin stole the election from Hillary/P tape" nonsense was used by the Dems/MSM against Trump.

Republicans like Toomey and Christie who are attacking Trump over this, while well knowing why it is being done, are just using it as a way of getting back at Trump for perceived slights and simple jealousy. They have no political future beyond where they are now because of their disingenuous actions.

It would be too easy to condemn Twitter activists and bloggers who are holding out hope to their followers that Trump will succeed as playing on the naivety of their, mostly young who believe such fantasies, audience for page clicks and to build up their following. 

But, to be totally cynical in the context of what is a fight to the death against the forces of leftism anything that keeps conservatives motivated is of value no matter how cynical and self-serving the methods used to reach that goal are.


smitty1e said...

> no chance whatsoever of succeeding

There may be clarity within the week on these hefty allegations.

Some of the language in use had me saying: "Oh, my."

LWil2k5 said...

Trump will be re-elected... this race was stolen. It’s too obvious.