Monday, May 10, 2021

The Meaning Of Life

 Having a child then having the child marry are the first two steps to mellow. On becoming a grandparent, although one is aware of the cycle of life after the first two steps the full dawning comes when one actually becomes a grandparent.

 At that point psychologically one becomes fully aware with a depth that is unobtainable prior (of course when young there is barely any recognition except in moments of health problems but that is diminished as one is focused on one's own situation).

 A feeling of having done one's job genetically and parenting comes in and it is very very satisfying. One becomes an observer rather than a full participant in life and the trials, tribulations and foibles of one's offspring is viewed avuncularly.


In my experience if one can get through life with a bit of dignity intact and has a loving family then that's the best one can do. When young of course there is the struggle and challenge of suitable employment, finding a partner and striving to achieve as whatever societies current mores and striving dictate.


The reality is that achieving a degree of financial comfort and if possible job satisfaction while maintaining key relationships is all that matters (with faith as an adjunct). 


If Bill Gates and Bezos with all their billions and worldly success can't maintain their relationships that's all you need to know about the pursuit of wealth and fame-it's a chimera.


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