Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Liberals, Sarah Palin And Bowling-They Just Don't Get It (More Fools They)

The folks who run the International Bowling Expo 2010 have enthusiastically enounced that Sarah Palin will be a guest speaker.This has of course been met with howls of derision from left wing commentators with The Huffington Post jumping straight in.

Posters comments along the lines of when you think of bowling you think of "cheese fries and Miller" i.e. bowling halls filled with the great unwashed common people.Certainly not only would Obama not be so undignified to address such a convention of the ordinary the fact that he can't bowl is taken as a badge of honor.

The Democrats are suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome.The Jacksonian party of and for the people had leaders who were in the main clearly connected with the great mass of common folk which strain ran through Johnson,Humphrey up to Clinton.The party of Kerry and Obama in contrast has created a massive disconnect to mainstream America amongst the activist wing who viewed George W. Bush as a yokel.

The thought of Sarah Palin as President is to them,if it were possible,
an even lower potential occupant of the oval office and they have lost all sense of rationality.For the seeming elite they appear incapable of discussing without sarcasm anything to do with her and are reduced to finding flaws real and imaginary,witness the latest ridiculous attacks on her mode of travel on her book tour.

What they don't get is that Palin is going about the business of rebuilding the Reagan coalition of mainstream Republicans and mainstream
Democrats-the sort that can be found by the millions bowling,drinking Miller and eating fries across America and one day going to the polls.

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