Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sarah Palin Is Not "Tiger Woods"

Frank Rich has an excellent opinion piece in The New York Times (of all places which is an indication how the Obama worship tide is going out) "Tiger Woods,person Of the Year". Buyers remorse statements are starting to appear-first a trickle and soon the flood-the latest being Michael Goodwin's piece in the New York Post "Dreading Our Future" which includes this heartfelt statement "President Obama for whom I a profound disappointment".

Rich's premise,as I read it, is that Woods is an indication,in fact the preeminent one in his opinion,of how the public has been deceived, blinded, mocked and basically taken for a sucker during the past decade.

He cites this degredation,for such it is, with examples from business (Enron/Wall Street/Bernanke) sports (Woods of course),and politics (name your poison) with Obama,or rather his creators/enablers being the eye-puller-overs in chief.

The only reason why Obama was not given the dubious honor of being Rich's person of the year was, I believe, he has only had a year or so at it whereas Woods has had a good long run.Have no fear however,Obama has plenty of time to continue with the style over substance sleight of hand.

It is a sad article and it must be admitted that in many cases the victims were willing accomplices.When the stock market manipulators were pushing up the value of portfolios, when the public bought celebrity endorsed products,voted for "hope" and avidly bought tittle tattle magazines they were compliant to a degree.But compliance is a world away from being manipulative deceivers.

What is missing from Rich and Goodwin's articles is the striking of a positive note.Rich ends despairingly,continuing with the Tiger Woods analogy "it is the country,sad to say, that is left mired in a sand trap with no obvious way out"

However,there is a way both out and forwards.This is of course Sarah Palin.Whatever ones view of her it would be impossible to include her in Rich's list of the "Tiger Woods" deceivers of the year/decade.Her pro-life attitude,in fact her having lived her pro-life beliefs with the birth of her Downs Syndrome son,immediately sets her apart.

It would also be impossible to believe that if it were nearly a year into her presidency there would be buyers remorse based on a lack of fulfillment of promises, a bitterly divided nation, profilgacy with taxpayers money and a lack of support for our moral obligations overseas.

The fact is that the very same forces which created the current administration have relentlessly, to an unprecedented degree attacked, besmirched and picked apart every word and nuance she says and writes. Her every action is subject to a scrutiny (witness the ridiculous "visorgate" nonesense) that no one else is subject to. All this attention is proof positive that she stands apart from and is a threat to the dishonest forces which have so played with the great mass of down to earth citizens.

The great mass of Americans are wakeing up-the Tea Party rallies were the first harbinger of dramatic change which is coming (2010 will be an avalanche). The person whom tens of thousands waited for in bitter cold, many overnight, to have even a few seconds with, will through stark contrast with the machinations of the soon to tumble down old order, spearhead honest change.

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