Saturday, October 5, 2013

Radical Left Stewart/Schoenkopf Call Out Media-Say "Ratchet It Down" Now Tea Party Not Implemented In Violence

No doubt much to their despair leftists have seen violent incident after violent incidence come and go without any direct connection to the Tea Party or rightist groups-at all. 

Every time there has been a mass shooting, or an incidence of violence committed by an individual, the likes of Daily Kos and the commentators at Wonkette and a multitude of leftist radical sites immediately blame "right wing extremists."

Without of course knowing any of the details of who actually caused the violence and when it turns out there are no "right wing extremists" involved they shut up until the next opportunity to dwell in their alternate reality of hate.

Lets look at the high profile cases;

Gabby Gifford's shot-Kos Moulitsas of the "progressive "Daily Kos" site Tweets "mission accomplished Sarah Palin." mass shootings in Denver, a Connecticut school, an army base, a naval base, a bombing in Boston and now a car incident in DC.

In every case the leftist blogs and in many cases the main stream media all jumped right in and either directly accused the right of being involved or intimated that "such events bear the hallmark of right wing extremists." 

The facts are that in every single case there was absolutely no involvement of rightists of any shape or form. The latest incident in Washington involved a Black women in an expensive car and didn't even involve a gun-much to the chagrin of the left who were thwarted in not being able to attack the NRA/"racists."

The left, as they have to in the face of the clear facts, have now started on a new tack-once they have finished the initial knee-jerk reactions and Tea Party blame. They advise that all incidents are the result of a failed mental health system-failed because of Republican stinginess when it comes to government support of institutions etc. That the Fort Hood and Boston massacres were caused by Muslim extremists, and are not "mental health issues" seems to have utterly escaped them.

Faced with the utter loss of any shred of credibility they may have had the left is now "eating their own." Jon Stewart has mounted a devastating attack on the MSM-especially CNN for their utter incompetence, rumor spreading and spreading disinformation. A site notorious for its attacks on conservatives, Wonkette has had its editor call for an end to such responses by its readers "ratchet it down" (after calling Rand Paul's attempt at national unity a "dumb bipartisan" act) when tragic incidents take place.

All well and good, but could anyone imagine for one second that such media criticism, such call for restraint, would have been issued if the catalogue of violence had actually been caused by Tea Party adherents? Not a snowballs chance in hell. If even one of the above disasters had been perpetrated by a conservative the left, and their main stream media outlets would, in concert, be baying for blood.

The left is the repository of of hate, distortion and with their calls for civility and clarity, the repository of utter hypocrisy.

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