Friday, October 18, 2013

Tea Party Won 'Shutdown" As Big Spending Ethos In D.C. Has Been Destroyed

Whether the conservative forces "lost', as determined by the leftist media the most recent government shut-down is an argument over the results of a skirmish. 

The actual result of the skirmish are of course still to be determined once the dust settles but even if there was a minor set-back for the "good guys" as Governor Palin rightly characterizes them it is of little import in the greater scheme of things.

The conservatives in congress, and especially in the House of course where they hold a majority, won the battle in 2010 when the country, overwhelmingly signalled it was utterly fed up with big government, big spending state-ism and produced a massive House changeover to the right. W

What that produced was a chipping away at big spending, at least in the budget even if the reserve bank is still going berserk with it's insane money printing.

As this chart so graphically illustrates the government's budget deficit started to shrink as soon as, as Palin titles them, "common sense conservatives" were able to put the brakes on. Even though the shut-down was seen as a set-back the facts are that the budget following the agreement is 7% less that President Obama asked for.

    What is perfectly clear is that the culture of pork (soon to be primaried McConnell notwithstanding) has been
    been blown away by the Tea Party ascendancy, as has big spending-big deficits. 

This is why conservatives must stay the course in the face of temporary set-backs and media hate. The very solvency of the country is what is at stake and the fact that some elements of big
business are allying themselves with the big spending Dem's shows the true nature
of the two-party (sic) crony capitalism that Palin warned against.

Make no mistake what is in play is the very nature of the governmental and political process. If, as 
Palin stated the establishment wishes to leave the common folks behind in their alliance with the left and crony-capitalists then a third party is the option.

    After Tea Party victory 2010 Debt as a percentage of GDP was 9.8% 
    Year 2012 (est.) 3.9% 

  1. Debt as a percentage of GDP year 2008 was 39.3% and in 2013 it is 73% (est.)

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