Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Writing On The Wall For Christie's 2016 Prospects After NBC Poll/ Palin's Comment Today?

UPDATE; Now a major post at The American Thinker (LINK)

If there were any clearer indications at this point in time that a presidential run by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would be quixotic to say the least, it is the double whammy aimed at him today.

Firstly a NBC poll shows that in a head to head match-up with presumed Democrat 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton, Christie would trail by ten points.

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could face a strong challenge not only from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if he seeks the presidency in 2016 but also from his own party, a new NBC News poll reveals.

The survey of 1,003 adults released Tuesday, shows Clinton with 44 percent support, while Christie trails at 34 percent".

The polls analysis highlights divisions in the GOP in respect of a putative Christie candidacy with conservatives,Tea Party members, and party members in the regions outside of the Northeast, either poorly disposed or outright hostile to him.

This poll result, after Governor Christie's landslide reelection victory as Governor of New Jersey must be sobering reading for him and his team. It should also be sobering reading to the GOP Establishment, in party and media, who keep pushing the "electability" bandwagon (even after the Dole/McCain/Romney disasters). 

And it is a blow to those who support the view that the GOP must commence an "outreach to Blacks" and should commence support of a program of illegal immigrant legalization. This poll result points rather in the direction of the total mobilization of the conservative vote, and the attraction of the previously stay at home Perot voters.

"Clinton, meanwhile, would likely benefit from many of the same demographics that helped put President Barack Obama twice. The NBC poll, for example, revealed that Clinton would beat Christie by a huge margin among African Americans, 83 percent to 4 percent. Young 18 to 29-year-old voters also chose her by a margin of 45 percent to 31 percent, while Latinos favored her over Christie by 44 percent to 33 percent.

Time, and the usual American story of Blacks and (legal) immigrants becoming prosperous and thus conservative in their voting habits will be the best 'outreach' to the Black and Hispanic communities, along with attractive Hispanic candidates such as Senator Cruz and Governor Martinez. In the short term the NBC poll destroys the current Establishment fantasies.

The second, and perhaps even more devastating hit to any Christie/Establishment hopes is Governor Palin building on her comments of the previous day when asked about Governor Christie's 2016 prospects. After advising that it was the better of two choices that Governor Christie, a Republican, was elected than any Democrat Palin stated:

"On Fox News's Hannity Monday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's record on Second Amendment issues was going to be "tough" to overcome with conservatives. She said Christie was "flirtin' with disaster" when it comes to "trying to win over Constitutionalists regarding the Second Amendment."

Tony Lee, columnist at Breitbart ran a column LINK covering off Governor Palin's statement and, which surely must be the writing on the wall for Christie, Palin did a Facebook post commending her supporters to read Lee's article. The message to all conservatives regarding Governor Christie and 2016 is stark.

His supposed appeal to minorities and women is limited to his area stronghold and especially New Jersey where his brand of hard-nosed politics appeals. Governor Palin has made her feelings regarding Christie's "conservatism" quite clear.

"Supporters of commonsense conservatism (& also critics) should read this. Tony Lee hits the nail on the head"


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