Friday, November 22, 2013

An Open Letter To Governor Palin; Accepting Bashir's Apology; A Legacy Moment To Create A New Civility

God bless her: "Who am I not to accept offer of (Bashir's) apology? Everyone must humble themselves" and accept that offer of apology".

The 'Orlando Sentinel' announces that Governor Palin will be appearing on Fox television this Sunday.

"Former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, talks to "Fox News Sunday" at 10 a.m. on WOFL-Channel 35. She will discuss MSNBC host Martin Bashir's slam against her as "America's resident dunce" and her decision to cancel an interview with NBC's "Today." 

As is the wont of the media which can't give Palin credit for anything, even presenting the reason why she could express herself with righteous indignation, the report of her upcoming Chris Wallace interview presents her as seemingly only dealing with a childish bit of name calling.

As everyone knows, which makes the Sentinel's report even more disingenuous, Bashir launched a tirade of scatological filth at Palin, for which he, some days afterwards and in the light of a massive reaction (not from women's groups, MSNBC/NBC or the liberal media in general) delivered an abject apology.

Governor Palin, who would have had every right to have reacted angrily, kept a dignified silence and let others, including some exceptional voices in the media such as Howard Kurtz, express their shock and indignation. This dignified silence had the added benefit of shutting down the usual leftist hate mob who take every opportunity to chant, in co-ordinated unison, "Palin is playing the victim again" which would have taken the spotlight off of Bashir.

Now, from of all places, the home of leftist media, the Los Angeles Times has a column up by Robin Abcarian LINK where she enjoins her readers ;

"A simple request: Please stop calling Sarah Palin names.
If you find her politics repellant and her intellectual gifts lacking, fine. Just say so. But stop with the verbal abuse and the debased revenge fantasies.

Unlike the "feminists" at NOW, Shakesville, Wonkette and other leftist sites  and organizations Abcarian, as a woman as well as possessing innate dignity in political matters, even if her article still can't help containing most of the leftist talking points towards Palin, has clearly had enough. Sadly by perusing the comments section to her post it is clear that her readers (it is Los Angeles after all)  have disregarded her strictures and continue with the Palin bashing. 

But Abcarian's column is important just for having happened in its time and place and message. Perhaps, and perhaps it is a fond hope, the tide of hate and invective against conservatives and conservative women, Palin in particular, is ebbing?

If by his revolting actions Bashir has opened eyes and caused, at least a pause in the flow of bile in the political discourse, then, in a strange way, he may have done everyone a favor. Not least would be, as he put it in his apology, giving those who hate a chance to reflect on not only what poison they are spreading, but what it is doing to themselves as a person-to their very soul in fact.

In my opinion the stars are aligned for Governor Palin to make a major contribution, perhaps a legacy one to, to paraphrase Bashir,  the great American discourse. Should she, in her interview with Chris Wallace, advise that yes Bashir's words were hateful but in the spirit of forgiveness, perhaps in the Christian spirit which both she and Bashir share, she accepts his apology as sincere and that it s now time for the nation to move on to the genuine civility that President Obama called for but which went unheeded by the left.

To Governor Palin I  ask, with the greatest of respect and from one who has been a dedicated supporter, please consider grasping this moment in the light of Christian forgiveness. 

It would  most certainly be understandable and understood if instead you used the Wallace interview to condemn and attack-you have every right of course, and that would resolve the partisan issue. 

But with the wider issue, for faith and society, and the national discourse and, again, perhaps for your legacy, I ask that you consider accepting the apology and help to usher in a new era of good feeling under your moral and exemplary leadership and example.

M. Joseph Sheppard

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