Friday, May 2, 2014

Update:Palin Hails Brave Handel Who Falls Short By 3.6 Points:Georgia Senate Candidate Handel Surges 400% From Last To Virtual Tie After Palin Endorsement

As Governor Palin stated in her Facebook post comments on Karen Handel's brave run she did remarkably well as set out below-going from dead last on 5% prior to Palin's endorsement to just missing out on the run off by 3.6 points at 22% on election day. Handel was massively outspent and the conservative vote was, once again, split. Both Handel and Palin can be very proud of their efforts.

"A special thanks tonight to Georgia senate candidate Karen Handel for having the courage to jump into the ring and fight for what is right. Our nation becomes a better nation when good candidates like Karen come forward and offer to serve for the right reasons. The party of Lincoln and Reagan needs more strong, confident conservative women like her. Teddy Roosevelt's quote about the man – or woman – “in the arena” is applicable here: God bless the candidate “who strives valiantly,” and “if [she] fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that [her] place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Mirroring Governor Palin's previous endorsement success for Ben Sasse in Nebraska (LINK) and T W Shannon in Oklahoma, Georgia 2014 senate candidate Karen Handel's remarkable polling rise is yet another tribute to the "Power of Palin." 

Below is the remarkable, and undeniable history of Handel moving from a negative point position prior to Palin's endorsement, (which history I set out below) to, as of today, a virtual tie for the 16 lead-a point turnaround.

This is the next in a long line of "Palin effect" turnarounds coming fast on the heels of the almost miraculous 46 point! turnaround for Oklahoma senate candidate T W Shannon-you can read about it at this link;

What makes the latest episode in Palin power particularly salient, is that it comes at the exact moment the "Lame Stream Media is trying desperately to, once again, take her down. Over the last week there have been stories from well known political commentators along the lines of "Palin is "diminished" a spent force, doesn't attract the crowds like she used to and etc. 

The photo below, of Palin addressing a massive crowd of 1000 in Tulsa for T W Shannon, after having attended a sold out $500 a table dinner in Alabama, shows how ludicrous that line of propaganda is.The facts speak for themselves, the leftist media speaks with forked tongues.

Karen Handel was in last place on 5% and 12 points behind leader David Purdue on March 23rd (See RCP Poll compilation below)

March 27th 

Sarah Palin endorses Karen Handel for U.S. Senate LINK

April 3rd
Palin campaigns for Handel in Ga. Senate race LINK

April 16th Handel jumps to 13% now  in third place 
April 27th Handel Jumps to 15% still in  third place
April 29th Handel Jumps to 21% now in second place 1 point behind
May 7th    Handel at 21% Purdue at 23.1% LINK
If this continues Handel will make the runoff as she is 6 points clear of third place.


Outstanding photo, with appreciation and permission, by Rachel Brewer  @theanswerwoman 

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