Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update;Sasse wins by 27 Points:Palin Power;Endorsed Nebraska Candidate Sasse's 25 Point Turnaround Into Lead

Above is the final lot of polling for the Nebraska GOP senate nomination which does not include the Feb 28th poll which had Osborn 11 points ahead prior to Governor Palin's endorsement but it does include one with Osborn ahead. The remarkable turnaround for Sasse subsequent to her endorsement and her actively campaigning for him in Nebraska is set out in detail below.

What is also of significance is the early date of Palin's endorsement-which counters the left meme that "Palin only endorses late when the endorsee is sure of winning" which is of course nonsense.

NAME                  ENDORSEMENT DATE

SARAH PALIN                  MARCH 13
TED CRUZ                        APRIL     23
RICK SANTORUM          MAY          7
GARY BAUER                  MAY         8
PAT TOOMEY                  MAY          9

Mirroring Governor Palin's previous endorsement success in Nebraska-that of assisting to propel now Senator Deb Fischer in to the senate from  a lagging campaign prior to endorsement, Nebraska 2014 candidate Ben Sasse is yet another tribute to the "power of Palin."

Below is the remarkable, and undeniable history of Sasse's moving from a negative 9 point position prior to Palin's endorsment, (which history I set out below) to, as of today, a 6 point  lead- a 15 point turnaround.

This is the next in a long line of "Palin effect" turnarounds coming fast on the heels of the almost miraculous 46 point! turnaround for Oklahoma senate candidate TW Shannon-you can read about it at this link;

What makes the latest episode in Palin power particularly salient, is that it comes at the exact moment the "Lame Stream Media is trying desperately to, once again, take her down. Over the last week there have been stories from well known political commentators along the lines of "Palin is "diminished" a spent force, doesn't attract the crowds like she used to and etc. 

The photo below, of Palin addressing a massive crowd of 1000 in Tulsa for T W Shannon, after having attended a sold out $500 a table dinner in Alabama, shows how ludicrous that line of propaganda is. The facts speak for themselves, the leftist media speaks with forked tongues.

February 28th  TPC Polling;                              Shane Osborn                  Ben Sasse        Osborn +11
                                                                                     35%                            24%

March 13th Governor Palin announces 
she has endorsed Sasse.

April 17th Palin announces she will 
campaign for Sasse

April 26th 1000 attend a Palin Rally 
for Sasse in North Platte Nebraska
with substantial local and national
 media coverage

April 29th Ben Sasse takes a 6 point                   25%                             31%               Sasse+6
lead in the poll

May 10th Sasse takes a 14 point lead LINK  38% to 24%

 photo palin-at-sasse-rally_zps092c0ad1.jpg

Outstanding photo, with appreciation and permission, by Rachel Brewer  @theanswerwoman 

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