Friday, December 19, 2014

Bush And Palin 2016 A Historic Compromise? (And Three Questions For Jeb)

I wrote the article "Bush-Palin 2016 The GOP's Only Chance? which appeared,with much controversy, at American Thinker" in June 2013. With Jeb Bush all but certain to be a candidate. With his announcement of "actively" exploring a 2016 run the article becomes not only prescient, but the questions raised are of some major import in my opinion.

Nothing has changed in respect of the, to use the most moderate word I can, "caution" among conservatives about Bush and other Establishment figures e.g Christie and Romney. One thing has also not changed, if Governor Palin took an antipathetic attitude to Jeb to the point of advising her millions of followers not to vote for him (by name) or, even worse for his prospects went 3rd party, his chances would be diminished to say the least. 

On the other hand, if Palin did not run there is nothing Bush could do to affect her or her following so she holds a significant hand in the matter.

With that in mind there are three significant questions that could be raised with Governor Bush;

1."If Governor Palin does not run for president would you invite her to be a major guest speaker at the 2016 GOP convention?

    2.Would you see a major role-perhaps Energy Secretary- role for Governor Palin in your cabinet if elected?

    3. Would you put Governor Palin high on your list of possible running mates If she is not a candidate for president?

    Of course, if Governor Palin does mount a presidential campaign these questions would go on the back burner, but if Jeb won the nomination, then there is no escaping them, unless he wishes not to have her endorsement and her followers votes (and how did that work out for Romney?) 

    As a well known Palin supporter right from the start I stand by my call for a historic compromise. 
    But if Governor Palin is not on the ticket, and it is not iron clad certain that points 1/2/3 would be implemented, or she doesn't endorse the nominee early (unlike her late Romney “endorsement” of “anyone but Obama") I will sit out 2016 and am certain I would not be alone.

    On the other hand if  the 2016 ticket is any combination of Bush/Palin, or  Governor Bush answers questions 1-3 positively and Governor Palin doesn't run endorses him wholeheartedly, then I will vote for Bush (or whomever she may alternatively endorse) unhesitatingly.

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