Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another Look At Rudy Giuliani? (Run Rudy Run?)"

In the wake of the tragic shooting of two NYC policemen, whilst other politicians are totally silent, or wishy washy "both sides are to blame" or "only the shooter is to blame", former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is straight to the point as he sees matters. "Giuliani condemns anti-police 'propaganda' blame rests on “four months of propaganda,” which he said started with Obama, that everybody should hate the police."

Whether one agrees with "Hizzoner's" points, it can't help be noticed that he has a point of view, is lucid and frank in expressing it and his lucidity and frankness is the mark of the man. That aspect of his character alone sets him apart from e.g. President "we have to have a patient dialogue" Obama as a man of action. 

I would venture that many would agree that,  looking to the next president (which blessed event can't come quickly enough) a person of lucidity, candor, farsightedness and action would be welcome.

Mayor Giuliani is not without difficulties as far as a 'second look" is concerned it is obvious to say. His  attitudes to abortion, Gays and his colorful personal life might now, as in the past, render him a challenge for conservatives. 

However, if leadership is what the nation needs above all other considerations, and with the understanding  that the presidency "aint what it used to be" in respect of ability to shape social issues, Giuliani might come into a serious degree of reckoning should he choose to, or be persuaded to, run in 2016 (and why not, nearly everyone else imaginable is being touted-I count 23 "candidates" for the GOP nomination at this moment.)

Certainly it has to be admitted Giuliani ran a disastrous presidential campaign in 2008, not least by staying out of the early primaries where is liberal stances would have been a disadvantage, but there is a different path for him should he toss his hat in the ring.

If so many of the touted contenders do actually run then there is the possibility, quite a strong one in my opinion given the fractioning of support amongst conservatives, centrists and libertarians, that the convention will be one in which there will be many ballots.

 It is quite possible, should that happen, that no one candidate will get to the number of votes required to be nominated. At that point, if Giuliani is a declared candidate, he would be in the position of being drafted-particularly if he advised he would have a true conservative as his running mate. 

Such a scenario is hardly out of the bounds of consideration,in 1952 Adlai Stevenson was not a declared candidate nor had run in any primary but was drafted at the Dem's Chicago convention.

America could do worse, a lot worse in fact, and there would not be many who, through dint of executive experience, leadership and honesty could do better. The Giuliani from 9/11, from his outstanding 2008 convention speech, and his forthrightness over the police tragedy, is more than worth a second glance.

 "Run Rudy Run"?

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