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Redux:Hillary Endorsed By Hookers And Anti-Christ?

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21 APRIL 2015 @ 20:53


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has received, apparently, two “interesting” to say the least endorsements for her presidential quest.
The disgustingly scurrilous “satire” magazine ‘Wonkette’ known best (or rather worst known) for its disastrous “humorous” attack on Governor Palin’s special needs child Trig has, via it’s Editor Rebecca Schoenkopf, given a ringing endorsement to Hillary Clinton for president.
The “Trig” disaster happened before Schoenkopf took over, but the tenor of the site has not improved one jot with Governor Palin being called “a c**t in the comments section on occasion amongst the other flowing sewer of filth the site creates and rolls in. But don’t take my word for the depth of degradation the site exists in-here are the sites own self-description on:​”​
And Twitter:


So from the site that admits it is the anti-Christ here is this ringing endorsement of Hillary by it’s editor with typical gratuitous filth:

Hillary Clinton Don’t Give A Sh*t

“I am now an actual full-fledged Hillary fan, Hillary ’16 and all that bullshit, YOU BETCHA.”
The second ringing endorsement appeared on Twitter recently and apparently these working girls like the values, morals and ethics that Hillary and Bill represent. Whether they speak for America remains to be seen.


Since Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has not refused these endorsements it is still an open question as to whether or not she welcomes them. Even more so as regards Bill Clinton’s welcoming of the latter group endorsement.
Even if these endorsements are rejected there is no doubt they are a reminder of the wisdom of the old adage “A person is known by the company they keep.” Or to be fair, they are know by the company that keeps them in their hearts. That Hillary is seen by Schoenkopf, and a bevy of self-proclaimed hookers, as the best person who meets their criteria and values as to who would be the best president for America speaks volumes.
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