Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jews To The Write Of Me, Jews To The Left Of Me, Stuck In The Middle With (Almost) No Jews

A disclaimer. Firstly this is "in the family"  (last time I look I was still circumcised) so forget the "you're an anti-Semite" rants. Secondly, I have been accused of being many things (including lacking married parents)  and often of being "an elitist narcissist" which I take as somewhat of a compliment (perhaps confirming the taunt) but 'self-hating" clearly not.

I set out what I consider to be the explanation as to why so many journalists are Jewish but also why they run the gamut from liberal to far left "progressive" and beyond (using Dana Milbank as an obvious example)

"Trump Is Dana Milbank's Yiddish Rant "Golem" Target And "Primal Scream" Therapy" LINK

Briefly I set out that a family background with "tales told on Granddad's knee"  of the very real history of persecution "in the old country" colors and cements a leftist state of mind. Damn the Czar for all that mishegash. This not limited to Jews of course, Armenian's have an abiding folk history of their persecution by the Turk's.

The list of Jewish leftist pundit's is seeming endless Milbank, "Stewart" Schoenkopf, Berman, Klein.E, Klein J, Bernstein, Krugman, Scherer, Silver, Goldberg, Levin and on and on the list goes (see at the link). Anyone who says the media is not biased left is blinkered or a blinkered fool.

But is their any hope for balance from any Jewish writers who have gone the Milton Friedman route and escaped off the reservation? Actually Friedman is not the best example of solace and a modicum of balance as he went so far to the other direction in his espousing of an almost anarchistic libertarianism.

So are there Jewish pundits who Trump voters can look to to find support for a populist center-right view (i.e. the majority Republican view in 2016)? Apparently not in any number.

The non-leftist Jewish pundits have gone off in to aping what they see as the Beltway white bread elite and turn their collective noses up at the ordinary flyover country Republican's who, as David Brooks freely admitted, they have no inter-action nor communication with, and who they don't understand.

So we have Brooks, Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Podhoretz, Krauthammer, Frum and the list goes on and on, (but very briefly in comparison to the lib's list) Trump and/or Palin haters all.

Jews as a group are slowly but surely leaving the captive arms of the Democratic party and hopefully, as memories of oppression fade and, as with all immigrant groups, age and prosperity will move American Jews to the center in political voting and punditry and the baleful influence of the "JournOlist" conspiracy will end.

In the meantime Trump supporters appear have only Michael Savage, Matt Drudge, 

Jackie Mason  (blessings be upon them) and, and here's that narcissism again, myself (and with apologies to any center-right Jew's I have not mentioned) for balance.