Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Two Memes Exploded In One Day. "Georgia In Play for Dem's" "Libertarian's Doom Trump"

The media continue on their path of being 100% wrong about Donald Trump's candidacy. Since his nomination was assured for them to continue on this path shows either utterly recalcitrant pique or slavish bending over for their paymasters.

In either case,shame on them, that is of course unless they are, in their entirety, utterly stupid which is a possibility.

One of the current memes is that Donald trump is so unpopular, so undetectable and so inferior to Hillary as a candidate that what were previously safe red states are now in play for Hillary's "50 state landslide"

One of these states the media pundits gleefully pointed to was Georgia whose "large Black vote,changing demographics as northerners move into the state and Hispanic opposition to Trump makes Georgia a prime target for Hillary."

So today we have a poll from the Democratic association pollster PPP Polling and it shows.....

Trump by 9 points ! In 2012 Romney won Georgia by 7.82 points  
Romney 53.30%Obama  45.48%
"Trump also leads 37/30 with independents, "

In Michigan a state that should be solid for Clinton she leads by only 4 points 43% to 39% in a state that President  Obama won by nearly 10 points over Romney in 2012 Clinton has declined 11 points from Obama's result Trump down 5 from Romney. Her unpopularity clearly exceeds hers.
Obama 54.21%Romney 44.71%
As far as the "Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will take enough votes from Trump to ensure Clinton wins in the key battleground states meme goes we see another story.

In the head to head Clinton/Trump polls Quinnipiac has Clinton by 4 points 45 to 41. If Gary Johnson (5) is added into the mix along with the Green's Jill Stein (3) it is Clinton 40 Trump 38 
Clinton by 4 points. So of the 8% allocated to Johnson/Stein (whom the anti-Trump media conveniently forget) Clinton loses 5 points and Trump 3.

In Georgia Trump loses 4 and Clinton 2 well within the margin or error but making no difference to the Trump victory. 

NB; PPP Polling can't help themselves. RCP reports their Georgia poll as Trump
49% Clinton 40% Trump + 9 but on PPP home page they report;

Most Recent PPP Poll
2012 Results
Trump +7 (45% Clinton 38%)
Romney +8