Thursday, December 5, 2013

Martin Bashir’s Unforgivable Sin-Destroying The Left’s Propaganda Themes

Martin Bashir departs MSNBC after falling on his sword the victim, not of some right-wing conspiracy or devious Palin hatched plot but, purely and simply, his own rashness. 

There is no need to go over what was said, the two apologies all of which have been hashed and rehashed or to convey any sort of gloating. As for the latter. Bashir’s exit transcends any sense of schadenfreude or gloating as the hit on the left has been so massive it transcend gloating.  

Rather, the end result of Bashir’s and MSNBC’s monumental disaster, and that is exactly that it is, has been a paradigm shift in the political ethos.

With one paragraph Bashir has, and it can fairly be said it wasn’t single handed as of course his Palin attack program was checked with MSNBC before being aired, destroyed the leftist memes that have been steadily built up the left leftist media and blogosphere for a decade.

The “right wing war on women.” gone in a flash as the leftist media’s unrelenting and at times horrific campaign against Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and Michele Bachmann et al has been undeniably exposed  for the crude, at times utterly filthy misogynist campaign that it has been with no comparison on the right.

Also destroyed has been the myth of "even handed feminist groups." The silence from NOW, leading feminist personalities, and, as perhaps an act of pure job saving cowardice, the female personalities at MSNBC has been notable-they are in fact utterly exploded for their utter bias.

“Fox news is full of hate and right wing propaganda”  Whilst it is undeniable Fox makes its appeal 
to conservatives, there is nothing like the bias and bile that Bashir  and those who proceeded him out the door has shown to be the driving force at MSNBC. Bashir has made the Fox claim of “Fair and Balanced” reporting be seen to have validity-at least as compared to MSNBC’s extremism.

“Sarah Palin is irrelevant.”  One of the most nonsensical of leftist memes which anyone with eyes to see (especially when she is on Fox) could determine was ludicrous. 

For someone supposedly ‘irrelevant (but somehow managing to get Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer et al in the Senate and other offices)  the left has obsessively chronicled her every move. From New York Magazine to the Los Angeles Times and of course the Washington Post in-between endless columns have been written about her supposed doleful influence the body politic.

MSNBC, Jon Stewart and other television outlets regularly bash her with Bashir of course being the ultimate example of the left’s obsession. 

If anything, the leftist blogosphere from Huffington Post, Wonkette to Gawker to Daily Kos exceed MSNBC in writing about Palin whilst their comment section is full of “why do we give this irrelevant person “Sarah who” any publicity? 

There are mad sites full of Palin conspiracy theorists who still persist with “Trig is not Sarah Palin’s son" and other such garbage which have hate for her as their sole reason for their sorry existence. 

Bashir has laid the ‘irrelevant”  the "war On Women" and the "Fox extremism” memes to rest, leaving the left naked, as ashamed as it is possible for them to be, and seething with resentment which simply further exposes them as the party of hate. For that Bashir can never be forgiven.

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