Sunday, December 1, 2013

Official Virginia Result Cements PPP (Daily Kos/D) Polling's Latest Poll Flop

PPP Polling the Democrat orientated pollster for ultra-leftist "Daily Kos" has, once again, fallen flat continuing a run which was particularly evident in their Ted Cruz polling disaster.

PPP had Democrat Terry McAulliffe way out in front in the Virginia campaign for governor against Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. This was their final  prediction on November 3rd:

"McAuliffe leads final poll by 7

PPP's final Virginia poll finds Democrats leading in all three statewide races. In the Governor's race Terry McAuliffe has the advantage with 50% to 43% for Ken Cuccinelli and 4% for Libertarian Robert Sarvis. +/- 3.3% margin of error"

And this is what the election day result was as reported by the New York Times;

Thus PPP's prediction of a 7 point blow out turned out to be a nail-biting 2.5 point squeaker outside the margin or error, so far out that there would seemingly be no justification for such a bad prediction.

But in answer to the critics who rightly rounded on their blog, PPP implied the result was not final and, who knows, they may be proved right or their prediction might get to the margin of error when the official results have been tabulated. In fact this is what they said:

Well the Commonwealth of Virginia's official election website LINK has now published the certified final results which are thus:

Sadly for PPP's hopes the change for McCauliffe's total was a reduction of 0.25 points and his winning margin was 2.52 points-not anywhere near PPP's prediction of 7 or the MOE. 

PPP is exposed, once again as the Democrat momentum pusher and poor performer. Why anyone would take any notice of their prognostications when  tea leaves are readily available and perhaps just as accurate is a mystery.

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