Monday, December 16, 2013

Rabelaisian, Dionysian Administration Goes Down Clinton Path Enabled By Feminists/NOW/Wonkette As Liberal Dream Expires

"Hope and Change has clearly morphed in to " "Grope and Change" as the liberal dream of 2008 has exploded in Obamacare, a five year recession, massive debt and now a Rabelaisian, Dionysian administration.

"President Obama has some ’splaining to do. To the woman he married. To his daughters. To the people of South Africa. And to the scandalized folks here at home.
He owes the world an apology."

"Flirty Obama owes us an apology"

"Vice President Joe Biden gropes White House reporter"

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It would appear that once safely back in office the horndog example of the Clinton second term is to be given free reign as the shocking "selfie' picture at Nelson Mandela's funeral and now Vice-president Biden's "grope" photo scandal.

time for the traditional birthday biker chick"Joe Biden, you are 71 years old today, God Love You. Here are some of the reasons you’re a Big Fucking Deal."


 This earlier picture above. from the rampantly macho/chauvinist enabling site "Wonkette" whose editor seems clearly obsessed with Biden as can be seen by this image, was a pointer to how things would go in the second term and all that it presaged has, tragically, come to pass.  The unsophisticated, easily led dreams of liberal youth  "Millennials Desert Obama" are dashed and they are deserting the Obama administration droves, not that the backers and enablers in the media care as they have their social agenda in place which is all they really cared about to begin with.

What is sad is that the rest of society has to pay for the dupliclity of the left whilst watching the ribald antics of the now 'free to play' macho-men in government. On the other hand what little credibility the feminists spokespeople, NOW, the media and especially Wonkette had has been well exploded, but that is too high a price to have paid to see the rent in the moral fabric of America being repaired commencing in 2014 and completed in 2016.

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