Monday, January 13, 2014

Per Christie;Those Whom The Gods Wish To Destroy They Give Landslide Electoral Victories To

To me there felt an eerie silence, politically metaphorically speaking of course, after Governor Christie's landslide re-election win. No doubt this "silence" was caused in large part by all the polls and the media expecting such a landslide but still it was remarkably quiet and had the feel of strange foreboding one can get when the air is ionization charged after a lightening storm.

Maybe that is just my impression but if it is, history, and a long involvement in politics, will prove that it was a right interpretation of the omens. It is in fact an easy interpretation to come to, as in my lifetime alone I have seen elected officials win massive landslides, often including control of both legislatures only to see their careers crash, or like Nixon, actually get totally destroyed from a seemingly impregnable position.

There has been no bigger presidential landslide than President Reagan's second term 49 state blitzing of Walter Mondale. And although "The Gipper" remains enshrined in blessed conservative memory, his second term was beset my huge problems, the 1987 stock market crash and, of course, the arms for hostages Iran
crisis which gave Reagan's credibility and legacy a tremendous hit.

Nixon's landslide second term win against the hapless Democrat George McGovern seemingly saw Nixon and the GOP riding a wave of massive electoral approval, yet all that remains of Nixon's second term is the image of him leaving the White House by helicopter heading off into ignominy and exile.

LBJ's landslide win over Goldwater saw him destroy the fabric of American society by his unceasing commitment to the mad Vietnam war. As is so often the case Johnson not only gave up any idea of running for re-election but could not appear at his own party's convention which descended into chaos over his failed policies.

FDR was re-elected in 1936 with a massive landslide win of 46 out of the then 48 states and then his ensuing hubris, which is of course the end result of landslides wins, saw him try and pack the supreme court in 1937 which effort was rebuffed with damage to his reputation.

History also shows that  it is on the cards that the GOP can win the presidency in 2016. If the economy has still not recovered then the possible win could be a landslide. That would bring much satisfaction and the  warm glow would last well past inauguration day but it may well be a case of beware what you wish for as you may well receive it.

Hubris gives the Gods more laughter than anything else we puny humans do and a squeaker win in the Electoral College in 2016 might not only keep the incoming administration on its toes but also out of the baleful glance of the jealous electoral dieties. 

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