Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Astounding, Unprecedented State Polls For Trump Indicate Landslide

NBC/Survey Monkey national poll today is excellent for Donald Trump as it shows him slowly but steadily erasing Hillary's once substantial leads not only head to head but also in the voters perception of who will win in November.

New NBC poll participants Dem's 33% GOP 28% Indies 37% .May 8th Hillary +5 May 29th +2 Trump closing.

NBC poll participants Dem's 33% GOP 28% Indies 37% Expectations "Who will win"May 9 Hillary+8 May 20 +1 Significant result "perception is reality"

But it in the state polls where the really striking results have come.Bear in mind to that state polls lag the nationwide ones so these results presage an even better one for Trump down the line.

5/13 - 5/22

996 Likely Voters 

                                               Clinton     Trump

Clinton +10

In 2012 Romney lost New Hampshire by 5.5 points       46%  to  52%  

                                 New Jersey                 18 points        40%  to   58%

                                 California                     23 points         37%  to    60%

                                 Oregon                        12 points        42%  to   54%

When the Oregon poll came out yesterday I thought it was an outlier but these three new polls confirm the trend, Obviously if these results hold in November Trump would be looking like a landslide winner in the electoral college as the marginal states like Florida/Ohio/Pennsylvania would fall to him easily. Polls in those states are looked to with much interest.

Franklin Pierce-Herald poll shows tight NH race, trouble for Clinton      LINK

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are deadlocked in the swing state of New Hampshire, , a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll reveals.

Clinton and Trump are both getting 44 percent of the vote in a general-election matchup yet just only a third of all voters have a favorable view of the two likely presidential nominees, according to the new poll.
The poll should cause some concern among Democrats who have counted on New Hampshire’s four electoral votes for the past three elections.

Clinton’s unpopularity in the Granite State is making the race a tossup in a state where Republicans now hold only one major statewide office.

Just 35 percent of likely New Hampshire voters rate the former secretary of state favorably while 61 percent say they have an unfavorable view of her, according to the Franklin Pierce-Herald poll.