Thursday, May 28, 2020

Black and Hispanic Polling Update 5/28/20

Katrina Umana

I'm a 37 year old Black Woman from Baltimore. I voted Gore, Kerry, Obama 2Xs, & Clinton. But come November I'm voting Trump

With Trump's polling with Blacks there may be a substantial decline for the next few months as happened when he was on a rise prior to the media driven/distorted "fine people on both sides" which went back to the aggregate norm when the controversy concluded.

Prior to to the Minneapolis rioting these are the latest polls of significance (2016 actual in parentheses)

Florida St.Pete's Polls Demographics D +R Even: 
Blacks; Trump 7.4% (8%) Biden 84.3% (84%)
Hispanics: Trump 40.3% (35%) Biden 51.5% ( 62%)

Registered Voters; Trump 46.7 (48.6%) Biden 47.5% (47.1%) Biden has a 3.5% edge with women. Overall with the MOE this is effectively no change from 2016 with undecideds and turnout the key for Trump.

Comment; A substantial decline in Dem support by Hispanics and moderate swing to Trump. No change in Black support.

McLaughlin Poll May 2020

Trump Approval; Blacks 19% Hispanics 36%
Trump Approval 47% -2 D+3 Registered Voters

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