Friday, July 3, 2020

Votes Not Polls; 7 GOP Mostly Landslide Wins During Coronavirus/Rioting

Despite the artificially enlarged Biden lead and artificialy lowered Trump approval by ridiculously Dem leaning pollsters (average lean over norm is over 7%)

the GOP base turned out and provided remarkable victories.

Yes, there were losses; surprisingly a Kentucky State Senate seat and two Massachusetts state seats (the latter marks the extinction of the GOP in that state but as expected except for the Governorship as even libs like a lid on spending)

New York's 27th Congressional District special election, 2020 June 23rd 2020

GOP 12 point comfortable In New York 27 Special Congressional Election. Won by disgraced Collins in 2018 by 0.3% and 35% by Collins in 2016


CA25 May 15th turned a Dem 8.8% 2018 win into a GOP 9.8% win

In 2016 GOP 53.1 DEM 46.1


California State Senate Seat SSD28 May 12th turned a 3.2% GOP win into a 10.8% win.



Minnesota Congressional District 7 Special May 12th GOP Win By 14.4%

"“Tonight was a win for President Trump and Tom Tiffany that demonstrates the enthusiasm behind our president across Wisconsin,” said Trump campaign spokeswoman Anna Kelly."


Massive GOP swing in Virginia May 25th; three GOP landslide wins;

"Following the 2019 'Blue Wave' in Virginia legislature elections, however, residents of Staunton, which is supported in large part by private liberal arts college Mary Baldwin, came out in droves to support Republicans this week. Three Democratic council members lost to their Republican challengers in an unprecedented sweep by the GOP with a voter turn out that smashed previous election cycles. 
More than 17,000 votes were cast in the in the election in which all four council members were vying to protect their seats. The last Staunton election for all four members was in 2016 in which fewer than 7,000 votes were cast. One Virginia political analyst, Chris Graham, of the Augusta Free Press described the results as "stunning almost beyond words."

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