Thursday, June 25, 2020

Polls Today;Huge Biden Leads-But Lets Look Behind The Dem Bias Curtain

Another slew of ridiculous "polls" but, fear not, all of them are listed in my just completed analysis of the massive Dem bias.

The average poll in the 538 and RCP aggregations has a 6.42% bias to the Dems and the 17 of 23 polls that provided demographic information have a 7.52% Dem bias.

With at in mind these figures are ridiculous;

Morning Consult Trump Approval  39% D+17?
They use a 2012 demographic; 

"2012 Vote: Barack Obama 578 38% 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney 322 21% 2012 Vote: Other 44 3% 2012 Vote: Didn’t Vote 565 37% N 1508" 

Trump Approval CNBC 39%  D+5

NYTimes/Sienna D+9; Wisconsin Biden +11 Florida Biden +6  Michigan Biden +11 Pennsylvania Biden +10  North Carolina Biden +9 Arizona Biden +7

In passing recent polls this week; PPD (Dem) North Carolina  Biden +2 

Quinnipiac Ohio Biden +1 
Trafalgar Michigan  Biden +1 
Gravis North Carolina  Trump +3 
Rasmussen  Trump Approval 47%


David said...

Why its D+5 on registration but plus 9 on party id?
Its my first election and i dont understand

M. Joseph Sheppard said...

Not sure which poll you mean