Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Ballad Of James Rosen

James Rosen
And thank you to all those who have expressed their good wishes. Deeply, deeply appreciated.


The Ballad Of James Rosen

"Chicago swells the surging throng.
We'll keep the red flag flying here"

Is James Rosen left or right?
Who gives a shite

He brought the termites to light
And gave them a fright so
They persecuted him out of spite

"The most open administration"
Undertook free press fenestration
And Tea Party Penetration
Subverting the foundations of the nation

Would Ike and Harry and Jimmy and Sarah
Pursue an agenda which saw all values
ethics and morals become a pariah?

Let Palin and Dowd together holdfast
and nail the constitution to the mast
right and left in spirit combine
to defeat the subverters design

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