Friday, May 24, 2013

Wonkette: Doing Heaven's Work-Or The Beast of The Apocalypse? Shocking Confirmation From The Cabala

At the usually stridently leftist site "Wonkette" the comparatively new editor, one Rebecca Schoenkopf, has an article up which cast some degree of a positive light on the new Pope, Pope Francis.


Here are a few statements written in the quirky, sophomoric style which seems to appeal to the sort of people who have moved up from "Mad" magazine at some recent point in their lives. 

"We here at Wonkette mostly luuuuurve our new pope, New Pope" "(Also, the billion-member Catholic Church isn’t going away anytime soon, so maybe stop being Naderites letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Lecture over? MAYBE.)"

And so on and so forth, mixed in with  attacks on some church doctrines, especially Gay marriage, which is to be expected of course.

What is not to be expected is any sort of support of the Catholic Church, which is one of the most conservative organizations in the world, at a Blog which usually does nothing else but attack anything to the right of Trotsky. There can be a number of reasons for this. Firstly the editor is a Catholic, and even though an admitted  "Commie Girl" a Catholic upbringing appears to be near impossibility to totally shed-even Hitler appeared to have some vestige of Catholicism.

Alternatively, Schoenkopf might be led by some innate niceness and has some vestigial spark of goodness which shines a feeble light amongst amongst the dross and sweepings of humanity that make up so much of the sites readership.

The exciting possibility is that she has bought the site to proselytize by stealth and is, step by step, bringing these otherwise lost souls to salvation. I would like to think that this is the case and if it is can only watch and applaud. No saint has ever faced such a daunting, task, no missionary has ever faced such challenges to their very soul. Wild beasts and cannibals are as nothing to the demonic forces at Wonkette which tear at the very soul  of the good, and if this is indeed Schoenkopf's strategy of salvation only the strongest armor and girding of the loins could see her through this trial of faith by fire.

But there is another, darker possibility. It may well be that the very forces of evil which are the very energising principle that fires the cauldron that is Wonkette are a harbinger of the "last days" and the site itself is the actual harbinger-The Beast Of The Apocalypse".

If we go to the expert on such matters, the scholarly James Finn Garner who wrote of such dark forces in "Apocalypse Wow" we can see how this supposed "satire" site might actually be the Beast  from Hell.

Nowhere in the Apocalypse does it say explicitly that  the Beast "the advance PR for the anti-Christ" as Garner describes it, is actually a person. It could be a repository for a group of "hell spawned" to quote Garner again, and doesn't that description fit the commentators at Wonkette perfectly? Garner describes the Beast as with "many heads and horns" again a description of a multitude "blowing their own horns"

But the key to the identity of the Beast is in the ancient Hebrew analysis of the scriptural texts as set out in the mystical Cabala where each letter has a numerical value. "The Beast" has a value of 666 and we can see that this fits exactly to Wonkette! In Hebrew the vowels are omitted in writing so we are only dealing with the consonants.

The letter W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. 2x3 is 6 then 2+3=5 plus the 1 for the single letter K gives another 6. Two final T's which are the 20th letter of the alphabet=40 from which we subtract the first two sixes multiples by each other (i.e. 36) which gives a 4 to which secretly the first two sixes as units are added and presto 4+2=6 and there it is with the aid of the secret mystical formulations of the ancient hidden knowledge.....666!

That such horrendous articles and comments which are directed against the great, the good and the moral like Sarah Palin can now exist must be considered as a sure and certain sign of the end times. One hopes, again, that secret proselytizing for the good is what is happening at Wonkette, but the ancient mystical rites are a powerful factor and we must be on our guard!

Por Miguel José Pastor uno de los grandes escritores satíricos de la época

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