Friday, May 10, 2013

"Well Known Liberal Journalist; Everyone Knows That Pregnancy (Palin's) Was Faked";Journalism At Its Nadir

The fact that a blog site for conspiracy minded neurotics exists to propound the ludicrous belief that Sarah Palin is not the birth mother of her son Trig is not all that unusual. 

There are of course various such sites serving the mentally disturbed across the political spectrum from "9/11 was an inside job" to various UFO conspiracies.

What is surprising, is to read that apparently mainstream media journalists share the Trig delusion. That Andrew Sullivan is a noted "Trig Truther is neither here nor there as Sullivan, whilst having a following, is considered on the fringes of the MSM, he is also considered, by many on the left and right, as being a flake.

However a premier "Trig Truther" site "Political Gates" makes the distrubing claim HERE that a mainstream journalist holds to their bizarre cult theory as follows from this extract:

"Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" with Trig: Revealing email exchanges with two liberal journalists

"I recently had email exchanges with two very well know liberal journalists about Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" with Trig. You all know these two journalists. I won't reveal their names or give any hints, and please do not start to guess in the comments. It is not the first time that I posted quotes from email conversations with a journalist about the pregnancy, without revealing the identity of the journalist.

The identities of these two journalists, who both are prominent and have a national audience, is not important, but the content of their messages is incredibly revealing indeed.
"Journalist No 2:"

Everybody knows that pregnancy was faked. 

That Salon story was RIDICULOUS.

Haha - I had to take a deep breath after I received this email!

"Journalist No 2" of course referred to the infamous "definite debunker", written by Justin Elliott, which appeared at "Salon" in 2011.

I then asked the journalist to clarify who "everybody" is.

"Journalist No 2" answered:"

Everyone *I know* knows that baby is not Palin's."

If, like so much of the anti-Palin derangement is a statement of fact, i.e. that a "prominent journalist with a national audience not only holds to the belief that Palin "faked her pregnancy"  and even worse that "everyone I know" holds to that belief then the public really needs to know who this person is.

If a supposed major journalist is so demented as to hold to an obviously mad theory then the public needs protection from his or her views being propounded in supposedly reputable forums. 

For the reputation of the journalist profession a genuinely reputable and sane professional should expose this colleague and shine a light on the cockroaches who propagate such asinine and dangerous concepts. 

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