Saturday, July 13, 2013

Did "Hispanic's Will Ensure Dem's Permanent Majority" Just Get Overturned Post Zimmerman?

During the months when the Gang of Eight's immigration bill was the subject of heated discussion the "common wisdom" was that whichever way it went-passed or not passed the GOP's doom was sealed because of Hispanic voting trends.

Either the immigration bill would enfranchise multi-millions of Hispanics, from which group of currently enfranchised  members 70% voted for Barack Obama in 2012 or if the bill failed supposedly enraged Hispanics would turn out in even larger numbers to vote for the next Democrat presidential candidates at a a level of Black support-i.e. over 90%.

The just concluded Zimmerman trial may have caused the deck to be reshuffled however.

Whatever ones views on the tragic incident and the trial itself one thing is certain, the racial element has been undeniably present. The left, via CNN/MSNBC and the blogosphere like Daily Kos and of course President Obama himself, have stridently brought race into this case. The Hispanic community has come under extraordinary strident comment and how the not guilty result will play out in ensuing days and weeks is to be seen.

The fact that the NAACP is challenging the verdict is a clear racial stance, should this further incite anti-Hispanic sentiment, or if there is anti-Hispanic violence then the entire premise of Hispanic solidarity with the left  may go out the window. 

This could be crucial in Florida which is an absolute essential state for the GOP and if racial tension between Blacks and Hispanics develops because of the Martin case then it could have a massive effect on the next presidential election. Hispanic voters could also swing Colorado and Nevada and even New Mexico back to the GOP almost certainly guaranteeing victory in 2016 if that eventuates.

In American politics race trumps class solidarity and is still the major factor in voting. The Zimmerman trial could, unexpectedly and "against the run of play" have massive ramifications beyond the local nature of the event itself. 

It brings into question the suitability of someone like Marco Rubio, from Florida, as a presidential candidate as his ethnicity might be now seen as too polarizing whereas, until the Zimmerman case, it was considered an asset.

This pundits who saw the growth of the Hispanic population as the final nail in the GOP's coffin by Texas going blue, with or without legislation on immigration, may have seen their plans and dreams recede into the distance because of an incident in Florida.

here's self-described "real liberal politics" PoliticusUSA:

"George Zimmerman’s Acquittal Attaches A Face To America’s New Racism".

Hispanics may have to decide if the Democratic party, and especially its ultra-leftist supporters, are the party for them.

CNN" Zimmerman free but may be marked man"; If Zimmerman harmed Dem's may kiss the Hispanic vote goodbye

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